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We are Texas’ premier pool financing partner! They say everything is bigger in Texas, and a sleep together of pools is no exception. According to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals ( APSP ), Texas ranked third base in in-ground and commercial pools in the United States swimming pool grocery store in 2015. With its sweltering desert heat, pools are decidedly a big region of the Lone Star life style and a bad investment. Luckily, Lyon Financial is here to help. Since 1979, Lyon Financial has proudly assisted more than 500,000 satisfied customers nationally in making their backyard dreams come true. Unlike typical banks and credit unions, we specialize entirely in swimming pool & home improvement finance solutions, allowing us to truly target a borrower ’ sulfur specific needs to ensure you get the best loan potential. With the lowest rates, terms up to 25 years, and an outstanding team of caring professionals glad to walk you through every pace of the process, what better way to beat the Texas heat than with your own backyard oasis ? And who better to collaborator with than Lyon Financial ?

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Health Benefits for Swimming Pool Owners

There ’ s a pretty obvious reason for having a backyard swimming pool installed in the Lone Star State : it can be a fortune of fun ! But however you plan to enjoy your swimming pool, you may not even be aware of the many health benefits that come with owning your own pond. Regardless of your current health and that of the others in your family, there ’ mho certain to be some add bonuses that you ’ ll be glad to experience .
Low-Impact Workouts That Are Easy on Your Body
Unlike other types of exert “ equipment, ” your swimming pool offers an enjoyable exert option that puts far less tense on your muscles and joints. Don ’ thymine think you need to have an official exercise regimen in order to benefit from your pool, either : plainly walking and moving approximately in the water will benefit your body. specially for those with health problems such as osteoporosis and arthritis, aquatic therapy is decidedly the room to go .
The argue why pool-based exercises put only ¼ the sum of puree on muscles and joints as do early forms of exercise ( such as jogging ) is due to the natural airiness of water. even those whose bodies are not healthy adequate for more traditional workouts can tolerate water-based workouts. As your torso is strengthened, and you become concern in a more challenge swimming pool exercise, you can add water system weights and weighted body wraps .
Uniquely Holistic Workouts
As a strengthening exercise, do you know what sets swimming apart from most other forms of exert ? swim is actually the most successful way to build overall muscular strength and stamen. Why ? It helps you strengthen all the muscles of your body, including both primary and secondary ones. And by including a diverseness of stroke types, you ’ ll be strengthening several muscle groups .
But swimming does more than strengthen your joints, muscles, and bones. It besides offers a great cardiovascular exercise ! Again, since it ’ s a low-impact exercise, it offers benefits without tense. With a very low risk of injury, you can build up your cardiovascular survival in a manner that ’ south both highly efficient and identical safe .
Your forcible health international relations and security network ’ t the only aspect of your life that owning a swimming pool will stand to benefit. Offering a multi-sensory determine, swim pools are a unusually potent force in relieving stress. The sense of lightness combines with the comfort motion of the water and its reflective ocular interest adenine well as its soothing sounds, offering the mind a natural pathway to peace. If your pool is outdoors, the total benefits of Vitamin D and early positive aspects of being out in nature can help you increase your happiness level a well .
Because Texas swimming pool owners are army for the liberation of rwanda more likely to get into the pool than those who must travel in holy order to do so, they ’ re besides more likely to enjoy the many physical and genial health benefits cited above. There ’ randomness no doubt about it : having a swimming pond installed in your backyard requires a significant fiscal investment. however, the effects of low-impact, stress-reducing workouts offered by your swimming pool merely can not be quantified but will, in all likelihood, pay dividends down the road .
View available swimming pool financing programs for Texas. Call Lyon Financial today at 877.754.5966 for the finance you need to make the memories you deserve !
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Common Mistakes Pool Owners Make: Failure to Keep Up with Maintenance

If you ’ re thinking about installing a swimming pool on your property, it ’ sulfur important to know precisely what to expect american samoa far as sustenance goes. Keeping up with maintenance is credibly the number one key to getting the most out of your pool ownership. If you take proper steps to care for your pool on an ongoing basis, you ’ ll probably prevent some of the costly problems that less careful pool owners tend to face. The longer you own your pool, the more you ’ ll memorize and the easier maintaining a clean, attractive pool should become. It all boils down to consistency. Find out what needs to be done to maintain your consortium, and then stick to a hard-and-fast schedule for making certain it gets done properly and at the right meter .
Figure Out Which Jobs You can Tackle, and Which Should Be Left to the Professionals
As a pool owner in hot Texas, you ’ ll besides need to learn what pool sustenance tasks you can get done on your own and which ones may require some adept aid. If you don ’ metric ton educate yourself from other people ’ randomness mistakes, the process tends to be based on test and error. Talking to other pool owners will prove to be of huge benefit when it comes to learning the basics of maintaining your backyard haven. You ’ ll have to learn the names of different chemicals and pieces of equipment .
Of course, if you have a huge pool care budget, you could constantly hire a professional pool service to take care of everything for you ; there are many pool service providers throughout Dallas, Forth Worth, Austin, San Antonio and Houston to select from. Since many pool owners don ’ t have that kind of cash lying about, they decide to do some of the basic sustenance jobs themselves. It ’ s truly not that complicated once you get the hang of doing it .
There are some things, however, that most pool owners discover are best left to the pros. For other jobs, you may want to ask a ally with more feel to come over and walk you through the procedure. If you lack experience with caring for a pool, then tackling sealed things on your own could lead to major problems and dearly-won repairs down the road. If you ’ re the type of person who sometimes has trouble remembering all the details while performing a newfangled task, you ’ ll want to get some serve with learning to maintain your new pool .
Don’t Get In Over Your Head!
In the rest of this serial of articles, we will take an in-depth count at some of the most common mistakes that pool owners make when it comes to caring for their pools. many of these mistakes have to do with pool owners biting off more than they can chew arsenic far as pool maintenance is concerned. early topics we ’ ll explore have to do with neglecting some of the simpleton pool maintenance tasks that need to be done on a regular basis. Whether you ’ re a modern pool owner or a more know pool owner looking for some aboveboard advice about improving your pool care skills, this should prove to be a helpful series for you .
View available swimming pool finance programs for Texas. Call Lyon Financial today at 877.754.5966 for the finance you need to make the memories you deserve !
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Common Mistakes Pool Owners Make: Not Fixing Minor Problems Before They Get Out of Control

properly maintaining a pool has a lot to do with staying on acme of the chemical symmetry. People who work with pools professionally have the opportunity to see the long-run effects of either poor, fairly, or excellent pool chemistry alimony on a unconstipated basis. They can testify to how a lot of an impact this view of pool care can make. It will affect everything from the condition of your pool equipment to how farseeing the pool line or the pool itself will concluding .
Diligently Maintain Your Pool Water’s Chemical Balance
As a consortium owner, you most probably know that there is an ideal range for each of your pool ’ south chemicals in order for them to be considered poise. Rather than guessimate based on water clarity, it ’ randomness imperative to regularly test your pool ’ randomness chemical levels. Did you realize that your pool ’ s fastball can be adversely affected if you allow the ph to get besides eminent or low ?
You besides need to pay close attention to the order in which your pool chemicals are added. Always follow the manufacturer instructions. Getting lazy in this one area could end up costing you a lot more money in chemical surrogate throughout the season. Read up on the accurate numbers you should see for the different chemicals you add to your pool, such as phosphates, cyanuric acid, total dissolved solids ( TDS ), detached chlorine, sum chlorine, entire alkalinity, calcium severity, and ph .
The better you strive to keep your pool ’ sulfur chemicals balanced, the less probable your equipment is going to require costly repairs or even successor. So breed up on test strips and be certain to test your pool urine frequently, even if it looks clear. If your test shows any sign of chemical asymmetry, address it immediately .
Always Make Needed Repairs Promptly

Pool equipment and structural repairs can be expensive. That may be the biggest reason why pool owners sometimes try to delay addressing minor problems that arise in the run of their pool possession. The risk of this park type of dilatoriness is that over time, small issues tend to turn into major disasters. As the problems get worse, the costs for correcting them rise dramatically .
Another reason people sometimes fail to fix their pools when something goes incorrect is that the price these apparently minor problems are causing international relations and security network ’ t visible. They ’ re happening underground, behind the pool walls. For example, consider a leaky plumbing line or a crack in the pool liner. When pool owners find out how much a repair for these apparently insignificant problems cost, they balk. then they wait until the small wisecrack becomes a large crack up, or the plumb leak leads to an hand brake, such as chemical damage to the pool ’ s alloy components, structural damage to the consortium itself, or even the creation of a sinkhole .
so how perform pool owners avoid these kinds of major problems ? The answer is simple : take manage of minor problems before they become major. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate fall into the enticement to try to get one more year out of a defective, malfunctioning patch of pool equipment. This means setting aside savings specifically designated for pool repairs. This fund should be a regular part of your pool budget .
It may mean putting off or foregoing some other pool-related frills, such as those cool water features you ’ ve been hoping to add. Or you may have to do without that fancy robotic pool cleaning vacuum. Along with keeping up with regular sustenance, taking care of repairs promptly should be a top priority when it comes to your pool .
In our next article, we ’ ll attend at an exemplar of a small animate that you can and should be sure to take concern of should the need arise. then we ’ ll consider another mistake you should avoid as a pool owner .
View available swimming pond finance programs for Texas. Call Lyon Financial today at 877.754.5966 for the financing you need to make the memories you deserve !
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Common Mistakes Pool Owners Make: Ignoring Minor Leaks & DIY Equipment Installation

Two of the most common mistakes pool owners make is failing to keep up with act alimony tasks and not fixing minor problems before they mushroom out of command. To follow up on the last article, we ’ ll expect at a coarse issue that can arise when you own a pool and how you ought to respond to it .
Always Strive to Keep Water From Leaking Into the Wrong Place
A belittled crack in your concrete pool deck may seem like no bad softwood. In actuality, however, it ’ s a very problem that needs to be address preferably quite than by and by. The longer you let the crack stay, the more and more pool water and rain will end up in places it was never intended to go. As a bad case scenario, over time such a crack can lead to a structural failure of your pack of cards or pool, causing a need for major repairs or even refilling. Some pool and deck leaks have actually caused sinkholes to form underneath pools .
alternatively of allowing these major disasters, be observant and proactive. many little cracks can be filled in annual or bi-annually using urethane or silicone. silicone can be used for above waterline cracks, while those below the body of water line should be filled with urethane. If you ’ re not experienced, calling in a professional to assess and repair wrong to your pool or deck is a wise choice. Using the ill-timed material or not using adequate to get the job done can lead to ineffective repairs, allowing far damage .
Do-It-Yourself Equipment Installation May Lead to Costly Problems
many pool owners opt to purchase their own consortium equipment on-line and install it on their own. It ’ s easy to understand why. Getting equipment installed professionally can be far more expensive than doing it yourself. however, sometimes you get what you pay for. If you ’ re not all that mechanical or experienced, you can end up making a err when it comes to selecting the right product for your pool, or when it comes to installation methods .
even experts sometimes make mistakes due to the building complex nature of pool equipment and the sheer number of different sizes and types of pumps, filters, chlorinators, heaters, and early pool-related devices on the market. You could face anything from previous failure of the machine to a potentially dangerous malfunction due to improper facility techniques .
so ahead opting to do any kind of installation on your own, be sure to do your homework. Consider consulting with person who has successfully installed the equipment before on your demand type and size pool. If you can possibly afford it, allowing a professional to install the equipment is your safe choice. That decision may besides help you to get a better guarantee, as to whether or not you install equipment on your own or get it professionally installed can make a difference in this sphere .
Our last article in this series will focus on how draining your pool or painting your pool can lead to major headaches when it ’ s not done in the correct manner .
View available swimming pool financing programs for Texas. Call Lyon Financial today at 877.754.5966 for the finance you need to make the memories you deserve !
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Common Mistakes Pool Owners Make: Incorrectly Draining or Painting the Pool

Pool ownership offers you the benefit of having a refresh place to relax and entertain guests properly in your own backyard. Though it ’ s highly rewarding, it ’ sulfur besides a huge responsibility. In this final article in our series, we ’ ll search at two more common mistakes pool owners make and what you can do to avoid making them .
Improperly Draining Your Pool Can Lead to a Whole Host of Problems
If your pool requires structural haunt work, chances are you ’ re going to have to drain it. Whether it ’ s going to require a partial or a complete drain will depend on the type of exploit that needs to be done. sometimes pool owners drain their pools on their own, without consulting a professional. If not done in the right manner, pool drain in and of itself can lead to major issues .
Before draining your pool, either a professional or person with lots of experience with consortium draining should give it and the surrounding place a careful inspection. Along with this preliminary inspection, person knowledgeable about the procedure should continue to monitor the pool while the draining is taking place. The localization for discharging drained body of water should be chosen cautiously .
At specific points throughout the draining process, a professional will know to check on both the social organization of the pool itself american samoa well as diverse pool components. Certain types of pools, such as fiberglass, shouldn ’ t be fully drained, and if they are, it can cause possibly irreparable structural wrong to the pool .
Though removing body of water from a pool seems like it wouldn ’ thymine be a boastful share, it actually is. Pools are designed to operate full of urine. When that urine is removed, the pressure from the earth surrounding the pool can be excessively great and damage the pool. That ’ sulfur why it ’ south best not to drain a pool unless it ’ s absolutely necessary, and then only under careful professional supervision. Repairs should be made promptly and efficiently to allow as little clock time as possible for the pond to remain unfilled to its proper capacitance .
Painting Your Pool With the Wrong Product or at the Wrong Time Can Cause Headaches
Some pool owners grow tired of the plain look of their pool ’ s unpainted inside, or if it ’ sulfur already a certain color, they decide they ’ d like a change. Though painting the inside of your pond international relations and security network ’ metric ton constantly a problem, doing it at the wrong time or with an subscript merchandise could spell catastrophe .
The decision to paint your pool shouldn ’ t be taken lightly. durable consortium paint will still, at some degree, need to be removed some time down the road a number of years from now. This can add even more to the already meaning price of maintaining your pool. If you do decide to paint your consortium, it ’ s extremely significant to lone use paint that ’ s specifically designed for this claim purpose. other types of paint just aren ’ thyroxine made to withstand constant contact with chemicals and body of water. They would cursorily deteriorate, leaving an unsightly mess .
Another big consideration is choosing the proper fourth dimension to paint your pool ’ sulfur interior. This job should only be undertaken during a dry, hot period of the year. many consortium owners who live in temperate climates may be tempted to paint their pool interiors right at the get down of pool season. The problem with this idea is that during the besotted, cool spring weather when the water system table is high, the paint will not be able to dry well. It ’ mho besides not a well clock of year to drain the pond. The choice to paint at a less than ideal time of year could hurt not just the paint quality, but besides cause structural damage to your pool .
As you can see, caring for a pool can be complicated. That ’ sulfur why educating yourself is sol all-important. The more you learn, the more you ’ ll be able to decide which jobs you can take on yourself and which you should leave to the professionals.

View available swimming pool finance programs for Texas. Call Lyon Financial today at 877.754.5966 for the finance you need to make the memories you deserve !
disavowal : The Lyon Financial web site does not provide checkup advice, diagnosis or treatment. subject from this web site is not intended for medical diagnosis or treatment. The information provided on this web site is intended for cosmopolitan consumer understanding and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice .
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