Three Financing Options for New Partner Buy In Transactions

Companies are always looking for ways to grow and. They besides want to retain their best and brightest employees. A great manner to accomplish both of these goals is to bring an employee on as a spouse in the business. It ‘s an opportunity to allow a key employee to move up in the company and take on a more central function, while besides raising capital for the business. If you are thinking about offering a key employee the the opportunity to buy in as a spouse, there are diverse ways to structure the fresh partner bribe in transaction itself. In about every case, though, the employee’s buy in will need be financed, and there are three finance options available. Which option is best depends on the type of business and the total of cash available to the employee .

Commercial Bank Loan

first, a general commercial bank will be the least expensive lender option. This path will require the employee to put a significant total of cash into the consider. however, these lenders broadly require hard assets to account for a significant assign of the measure of the business. Commercial banks will avoid businesses whose value is based disproportionately on goodwill, such as master services business. commercial finance may be baffling for the purchase of a minority sake in a going business commercial enterprise unless the depository financial institution understands and has an appetite for these types of transactions. It will likely have to be a portfolio loan and, consequently, have a short-circuit amortization time period and higher interest rate. In some cases, the other partners or the company will be asked to guarantee the lend. In any consequence, a valuation of the business will have to be undertaken.

SBA Guaranteed Loan

The second finance option is an SBA guarantee loanword. This path is better when there is less buyer cash and the seller is willing to hold back a helping of the purchase or the prize is based in big part on good will. An SBA lend will, however, have higher upfront costs and has an involve lotion process. There are in truth good lenders working with the SBA, though, and they will work with companies and employees to get deals done. Some SBA guaranteed lenders have appetites for these transactions, particularly where the business is a professional practice. Again, a evaluation will be required .

Hold Paper

ultimately, the caller or shareholders could provide the finance by holding paper. This transaction can manifest in a count of ways, which should be determined by the company or shareholders in the partnership, operating, or shareholders agreement. The buy in could be in the form of a restricted neckcloth grant or a malcolm stock option, for example .

Risks and Rewards of a Partner Buy-In

A partner buy-in can be a very financially bad transaction ( both for the new spouse and the company ) if it is not done correctly. It ’ s a blend of buying a business and creating a partnership, both of which require their own risk moderation techniques. The buy in process involves a act of moving parts and relies heavily on the company ‘s initial partnership agreement, which is why it ‘s therefore important to take the fourth dimension to draft a comprehensive agreement at the get down of any new business partnership. There are three critical factors that will make or break this transaction for an employee .

  1. The price of the ownership interest must be based on the fair market value of the business and the equity of the business in light of the business value and the rights of the buyer. Very often, the original equity holders (i.e. you) will have an inflated view of the value of the business in the context of the partner buy in that simply doesn’t hold up under scrutiny. A third-party valuation (by someone other than a generic business broker) fixes this problem by removing the valuation from the environment of a business negotiation.
  2. The employee must undertake a due diligence review of the business, including its finances and major contracts. The cash flow that the business will generate in the future is the sole source of funding the new partner will have to pay the loan that’s taken out to finance the buy in. If that cash flow isn’t sufficient to cover the debt service, nothing will make the transaction work.
  3. The shareholders or operating agreement is vital to protecting the new partner and the existing partners. The partnership agreement will be updated when the new partner is added, and the provisions within the agreement will protect the employee who’s buying into the company from the majority owners taking advantage of her. For example, it should limit the majority’s ability to change the compensation arrangements, require distributions so she can pay the investment loan, and require tax distributions (if it is a pass through entity). It will also have provisions outlining specifically the terms of the buy in to protect the value of the business and the original partners. The agreement should also deal with partner exits, both voluntary and involuntary, so the employee doesn’t end up partners with someone unknown to her.

Helping Business Owners Make Smarter Legal Decisions

here at Alexander Abramson, we focus entirely on business-related legal matters. We have advised closely held businesses and business owners for decades on build successful occupation partnerships and adding modern occupation partners. We can assist you in planning and financing your newly collaborator entree arsenic well as in drafting or updating your partnership agreement to suit the specifics of your bargain. Learn more about the benefits of our Partnership Design Process. Or call us at 407-649-7777 to speak to a team member.

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