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How to Use Amazon Financing to Purchase Almost Anything

Amazon finance is becoming a popular subject, particularly as more and more people shop on-line and Amazon is expanding their finance options. however, it can be a little overpower to understand all of these options and which one you should apply for. This promptly scout is intended to simplify Amazon finance for you so you can make an informed decision.

Benefits of Using Amazon Financing

Amazon finance can be a big assistant to help you when trying to get your money in order. You can buy what you need now and pay over time- and let ’ s expression it, pretty much anything you need is on Amazon. It besides allows you to take advantage of some of the great deals if you do not have the funds available in your match account. additionally, it can help you build your accredit .

Know the Types of Available Amazon Financing

There are respective types of Amazon finance available .

1. Amazon Store Card:

amazon store card If you are not an Amazon Prime extremity but you hush shop on Amazon a great deal or are looking to make a large purchase, this is the poster for you. There are three meaning downsides to this card, though :

  1. Just like other store cards, the Amazon Store Card can only be used on Amazon purchases.
  2. This card does not come with any rewards.
  3. It comes with a really high-interest rate- 27.99 percent. In short, for every $100 you spend, you will owe $27.99 in interest.

fortunately, the Amazon Store Card qualifies for no interest finance, which we discuss in more detail below. additionally, there is no annual tip, so you save some money in that area. To qualify for the Amazon Store Card, you need :

  1. To be a U.S. resident.
  2. Have a valid social security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).
  3. To be at least 18 in most states- 19 in AL and NE.
  4. Typically a credit score of 640 or more.

2. Amazon Prime Store Card:

amazon prime store card The Amazon Prime Store Card is the Amazon Store Card with more requirements and more benefits. It besides comes with a 27.99 percentage APR, but it, besides, qualifies for the limited finance options discussed below. There is besides no annual fee, but it does require a Prime membership that costs between $ 59 and $ 119 a year depending on if you are a student or not .
precisely like the Amazon Store Card, the Amazon Prime Store Card can entirely be used at Amazon. Unlike the other calling card, though, this one earns you 5 percentage cash back on your Amazon purchases. If you shop from Amazon enough, the batting order is probable to pay for your Prime membership- or at least a collocate of it. however, if you do not shop there frequently and are not already a Prime penis, you might want to stick to one of the other cards .
To qualify for the Amazon Prime Store Card, you must :

  1. Be 18 or older and a U.S. citizen.
  2. Have a valid social security number or ITIN.
  3. Have credit clear of any bankruptcies or major issues.

3. Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card:

Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card This is another great menu for those who do not have an Amazon Prime membership but shop at Amazon a bunch. The top to this tease is that it can be used anywhere and earns you cash back on all of your purchases. You earn 3 percentage cash back for Amazon and Whole Foods Market purchases. All other purchases earn you 1 to 2 percentage cash back depending on the category the leverage falls into .
The annual tip varies according to the applicant ’ s credit and other factors. It can be anywhere from 15.74 to 23.74 percentage variable APR. While this is lower than the Amazon storehouse cards mentioned above, the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card does not qualify for the particular finance options. This means that you begin accruing sake angstrom soon as you make a purchase- there is no interest-free period .
On the top, though, there is no annual tip and you do earn that cash second. If you can qualify for this circuit board and use it for all of your purchases, you might earn enough cash back to make the interest sting just a fiddling lupus erythematosus. besides, if you pay the bill in full each calendar month anterior to the end of the placard period, you should be able to avoid the interest wholly .
If this sounds like the card for you, these are the requirements :

  1. Be 18 or older and be a U.S. citizen.
  2. Have a valid social security number or ITIN.
  3. Have an excellent or really good credit.

4. Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card:

Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card The Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card is very much like the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card, but there are a couple of differences. First, you must have a Prime membership to qualify, and second, you earn 5 percentage cash back on purchases from Amazon and Whole Foods Market .
Like the unconstipated Amazon Rewards Card, the Amazon Prime Rewards Card charges no annual fee. however, you have to have a Prime membership to qualify, so you will be paying the membership fees. The variable interest image is the same as with the other card : 15.74 percentage to 23.74 percentage .
To qualify, you need :

  1. To be 18 or older and be a U.S. citizen.
  2. A valid social security number or ITIN.
  3. Excellent or really good credit.
  4. An active Amazon Prime membership.

5. Amazon Business Prime American Express Card:

Amazon Business Prime American Express The Amazon Business Card is an option for those making business purchases. It is available for those with an Amazon Prime membership and has a unique profit : You get to choose between earning 5 percentage cash back or having 90 days free of interest on your purchases. There is no annual fee, but you are paying for the Prime membership. The APR tends to vary from 14.24 percentage and 22.24 percentage .
When I say “ commercial enterprise purchases ” here, I am not precisely referring to office supplies. This card besides earns rewards on travel, fuel, dining, and more. It can besides be used through other Amazon services, such as Amazon ’ sulfur vane services and Amazon Business- both excellent companies for occupation owners. If you spend money on your business at all, you should badly consider this card .
If you make a bunch of business purchases, consider this batting order. To qualify, you need :

  1. To be 18 or older and be a U.S. citizen.
  2. A valid social security number or ITIN.
  3. Excellent or really good credit – usually above a 670.
  4. An active Amazon Prime membership.

6. Amazon Corporate Line of Credit:

Amazon Corporate Line of Credit For those who own or manage a company in which there are multiple buyers, the Amazon Corporate Line of Credit is a capital Amazon financing option. You can authorize buyers to make purchases on the history. You then have at least 55 days to pay your balance. There is no annual tip and no interest, so it can be an incredible avail to occupation owners. It is important to note, though, that this recognition can entirely be used on Amazon purchases .

What You Can and Cannot Purchase With Amazon Financing

Amazon financing is basically paying for the items you want to purchase with a credit tease. As shown above, the store cards can be used to purchase anything from Amazon. Amazon has precisely about everything you can imagine on their web site, sol if it is legal and there are no regulations on the merchandise, you should be able to find it on Amazon and purchase it with your Amazon financing .
The Visa Signature Cards are like other credit cards, so you can use them to buy things you normally buy at other locations. You can pay for dinner, swipe them at the gas pump, give bills, and so on. If you can legally buy it with a citation calling card, you should be able to use these cards anywhere that Visa is accepted.

Repayment Options

Amazon offers two types of financing for Amazon Store Cards and Amazon Prime Store Cards : particular financing and equal monthly payments .
Amazon Refinancing Methods

Special Financing

With special finance, you pay no concern angstrom farseeing as your purchase is paid off during a typeset time specify. This fourth dimension limit depends on the amount of your purchase and presently follows this :

  • $150 or more on– 6 months interest-free
  • $600 or more on– 12 months interest-free
  • $800 or more on– 24 months interest-free

During your sake tip payments, you must silent pay the minimum monthly requital, but you can choose how much more to pay each calendar month. a long as your sum is paid off before your especial finance period, you pay no interest. If you do not have it paid off on time, you will not only begin to accrue interest but will besides owe all of the concern that was deferred during your interest-free period .

Equal Monthly Payments

With this option, your total is divided into equal payments- the issue of which depends on the sum of your purchase. This is a very elementary method acting. If you owe $ 600 and you have 12 months interest-free, your payments should be broken down to $ 50 per month. If you make these payments as you should, your purchase will be paid off before the end of your interest-free period. This method is besides helpful for budgeting as you know what needs to go out each calendar month .

Ways to Save With Amazon Financing

One of my favored ways to save money is through denounce in bulge. That is some of the best free fiscal advice a person can get. This can easily be done on Amazon. For exemplify, my conserve and sons all use Degree deodorant. When I buy the type they use in the storehouse, I easily spend between $ 5 and $ 6. On Amazon, though, there is a seller who sells a four tamp down of the same type of deodorant for a little over $ 15 .
I have a subscription with this seller so it mechanically gets station every two months. That alone is worth the money to me. With my busy life, the more I have automated, the more I can dedicate my clock time to what very matters .
however, there is another profit I love about this deal. There are only three guys using the deodorant, thus every time the software comes, I put one off. If we always have a tight calendar month or two and need to cut costs somewhere, I have adequate deodorant put away for them that I can skip that calendar month ’ randomness subscription. Saving that $ 15 may not seem like such a big deal, but it can be- particularly when combined with other savings .
additionally, sometimes Amazon sellers put things on crazy first gear sales or Amazon itself offers some truly special deals. Having one of these types of recognition from Amazon can help you take advantage of the deals while they are available. The key is to only put things on accredit that you would normally buy .

Let’s take an example:

For exemplify, buying 20 sticks of deodorant for a quarter each is not worth it if my boys are not going to use it. While it is approve to take advantage of generic brands- which I do a lot- there are some things that you can not go brassy on. In my public opinion, with two fetid adolescent boys, deodorant is decidedly one of those things .
It is besides crucial that you check the timbre of the product. Those 20 sticks of deodorant are not worth it if they do not work, either. You want to check out two things before buy : The seller and the product. Read the Amazon reviews and check the seller rat. You might besides Google the product to see what others say about it. Make surely that the merchandise is worth the money you spend or you might a well stay away from it .
The bottom note here is that having an open avenue of credit with Amazon can be incredibly beneficial to your syndicate and your wallet. however, it does not mean you should treat it as an open invitation to shop like crazy. If you truly want to know how to save money with Amazon finance, hera it is : You distillery need to follow a budget and think your purchases through. Otherwise, what was meant to help you financially will end up costing you a short ton in interest .

Avoiding Interest and Fees With Amazon Financing

We talked earlier about the particular financing options tied to the store cards- you get a certain period of time interest-free. Before you decide to go for it, let ’ s talk a fiddling more about how this finance works. If you pay that leverage off within that time frame, you are good- you will pay no interest. however, if you do not pay it off in that time frame, you are in for a good surprise .
Let ’ s say that you purchased $ 200 deserving of products and have six months interest-free. The best thing you can do is either wage it all off with your adjacent check or pay something like $ 40 per month for five months. This will get you paid off way ahead of time and save you money .
What happens, though, if you miss the six-month mark and still owe a balance ? Does the interest start growing on the inaugural day after the six month period ? That would be a no. You see, if you do not have it paid off in that six calendar month menstruation, you owe all of that back interest. Every dime bag of sake you did not pay during that six months is added to your circular, and then the new concern begins to grow .
Amazon finance can be identical, very helpful for you and your family if it is handled responsibly. however, if you will be using Amazon finance, pay your balance as soon as you can and try to pay it in full each month. Those are the most effective ways to avoid paying interest or fees .


Amazon finance can be a lot of avail for you, but you have to handle it with care- just like you should with every early credit rating wag or lend. only purchase what you need or would normally buy. If it is a big purchase, like electronics, think through the purchase before hitting the checkout button. The benefits of Amazon finance can quickly be outweighed by the trouble it can bring if you do not handle it responsibly .
however, if you prefer to save money the old way, creating a save report has always been a pretty good solution. You can start by having a count at this appliance :
cashry Brandy Woodfolk is an educator, dwelling business owner, stick out coach, and lifelong apprentice. After a less than leading fiscal breeding, Brandy dedicated her school and freelancer studies to fiscal literacy. She quickly became the go-to among class, friends, and acquaintances for everything finance. Her inner circle loves to joke that she is an technical at “ budgeting to the penny ”. Brandy dedicates a large part of her clock time to teaching parents how to succeed financially without sacrificing time with their little ones. She besides teaches classes to homeschooled teenagers about finances and other life skills they need to succeed as adults .
Brandy writes about smart money management and wealth build in elementary and relatable ways sol all who wish to can understand the universe of finance.

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