How to Find a Company’s State Registation or Incorporation

Think of your local repository of state as the ultimate business commemorate keeper. In all 50 states ( and other U.S. territories ) secretaries of state do n’t equitable perform essential election duties, their function registers countless businesses, authenticates companies and ship’s company names and maintains heaps upon heaps of business records. These records range from business name handiness to the formation of express liability companies to – you guessed it – incorporation status. When you ‘re curious about the internalization or registration of merely about any business, secretaries of state are the gatekeepers you ‘ll want to turn to – fortunately, it ‘s 2019, so you can easily find what you ‘re looking for using your computer or smartphone.

Registration Versus Incorporation

Though they can often be tracked down by the same or like means, registration and incorporation are two different things in the earth of business.

To operate legally, even the smallest of businesses need to be registered. Registration normally comes with a nominal tip and must be renewed each class. When a business is registered by its owner, local government agencies keep records and databases that allow customers to search for the basic details and touch data of presently active businesses in the area. Owners of a register business are responsible for paying any business-related debt and are taxed on their individual tax return. registration does not guarantee ownership of a business mention. While incorporation comes at a higher monetary cost to the business owner, it does remove some of the hazard of liability when it comes to debt and bankruptcy, defining the clientele owner and the business as separate entities. For incorporate businesses, business income is filed in a corporate tax return and owners have exclusive rights to their business name and logo.

Tracking Down the Info

For smaller businesses, your state securities regulator and the secretary of department of state where the company is incorporated are your best bet for finding out whether a business is registered or incorporated, and if it ‘s in good legal standing.

In most cases, your express ‘s secretary of state web site hosts a barren, in full searchable database of businesses that have been registered or incorporated in your state. start by visiting the National Association of Secretaries of State ‘s web site at for a full list of secretaries of submit in the U.S. At your state ‘s secretary of state web site, you ‘ll typically find a business search page that lets you search by the company ‘s entity number, LLC name, LP name or corporation list by keyword. These searches reveal the business ‘ address, owner, active or dormant status, lists of extra directors, the type of business, filing fees paid, master adjustment date and more. Any registered commercial enterprise should be listed on these SoS databases ; if a occupation is incorporated, you ‘ll find a full imitate of the articles of incorporation, besides. At the north american Securities Administrators Association ‘s site,, you can find the touch information of your express ‘s securities governor. By contacting the regulator, you can find out if a company registered in your state has been cleared to sell securities.

Don’t Forget Corporate Reports

In general, if a caller has $ 10 million or more in assets and 500 or more shareholders or lists their securities on a Nasdaq central, they must file corporate reports with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. On documents such as Form 10-Q, 10-K and 8-K, you can find what the SEC describes as a “ treasure treasure trove of information, ” including quarterly fiscal reports, annual reports, audited fiscal statements and regular reports of significant events. Companies frequently host these reports on their public-facing or investor websites, but you can besides find them online at EDGAR, the SEC ‘s exempt searchable database.


  • Check your local anesthetic secretary of state ‘s web site to find a database of file businesses, internalization information and more release information .
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