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In Mathematics, the dividend is the value that is divided by another value to get the leave. The dividend is the base of any division method acting. The dividend is one of the four crucial parts of the division summons. It is the whole which is to be divided into different equal parts. For exemplar, if 10 divided by 2 is 5, then 10 is the dividend hera, which is divided into two equal parts whereas 2 is the divisor, the quotient is 5 and the remainder is 0 .
In arithmetical operations, when we perform the division method acting, we can observe four related terms, they are dividend, divisor, quotient, remainder. In Mathematics, there are four basic operations. They are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. These fundamental operations have been taught in our primary coil classes. The part work is one of the basic arithmetical operations. In this article, we are going to discuss the term “ Dividend ” in Maths, with many resolve examples .

What is Dividend?

The meaning of dividend is a prize that is to be divided by another measure. It can be an integer, fraction or algebraic expression. The part frequently is shown in algebra by putting the dividend over the divisor with a horizontal tune between them. This horizontal line is besides called a divide bar. For example, x divided by y can be represented as x/y and this can be read as “ divide ten by yttrium ” or “ ten over yttrium ”. here, x is the dividend and yttrium is the divisor .
Let us take the divide 5/6. In this fraction, 5 is the dividend and 6 is a divisor. The dividend is known as a numerator, and the divisor is known as the denominator in fractions. When the dividend is divided by a divisor, we get a resultant role in either integer form or decimal shape .
For exemplar, 35/7 = dividend/divisor = numerator/denominator

Terms Used in division

In every class march, there are two necessity parts. One is a dividend, and the other is a divisor .

  • Dividend: The number or value or amount that we divide is known as a dividend. For example, if we have to distribute 10 toffies among 5 children, then we need to divide the 10 toffies by 5, which will result in 2 toffies for each child. Hence, the value 10 is the dividend here.
  • Divisor: The number which divides the dividend is known as a divisor
  • Quotient: The result obtained from the division process is known as a quotient
  • Remainder: The number left over after the division process is known as the remainder

Consider an exercise 64 ÷ 2 = 32
here ,
Dividend = 64
Divisor = 2
Quotient = 32
Remainder = 0

Examples of Dividend

Let us see some examples of dividend hera .

  • 20 ÷4 = 5; 20 is the dividend
  • 100 ÷4 = 25; 100 is the dividend
  • 24 ÷3 = 8 ; 24 is the dividend
  • 1/2 = 0.5; 1 is the dividend

Dividend Formula

The rule to find the dividend in Maths is :
Dividend = Divisor x Quotient + Remainder
normally, when we divide a phone number by another number, it results in an answer, such that ;
x/y = omega
here, x is the dividend, yttrium is the divisor and z is the quotient .
Dividend/Divisor = Quotient
hence, we can write ;
Dividend = Divisor x Quotient
And if any remainder is left, after the division process, then ;
Dividend = Divisor x Quotient + Remainder
hence, this is the formula.

How to Find the Dividend?

To find the dividend, go through the below steps .
If the divisor and quotient prize is given, the dividend can be easily found by multiplying the divisor and quotient .
Dividend = Divisor x Quotient + Remainder
hence, put the values of divisor and quotient ( besides remainder if given ), in the above recipe to find the dividend .
Let us understand in a better way with the avail of solve problems .

Solved Problems on Dividend

Let us learn here how to find the dividend with the help of an model .
Example 1:
Find the dividend for the watch x / 6 = 5 and besides verify the answer .
Solution :
Given : ten / 6 = 5
We know that

Dividend / Divisor = Quotient
therefore ,
Dividend = Quotient x Divisor
adam = 5 x 6
ten = 30
consequently, the dividend, x is 30.
x / 6 = 5
now substituting the respect of x ,
30/6 = 5
5 = 5
consequently, L.H.S = R.H.S
Hence verified .
In casing, if the divisor, quotient and the end value are given, the dividend can be found as follows :
step 1 : Multiply the divisor and quotient .
step 2 : Add the remainder prize to the result obtained from step 1 .
Example 2: 
Find the dividend, if the quotient is 6, the divisor is 9, and the remainder is 2 .
Given : Divisor = 9, quotient = 6, Remainder= 2
step 1 : multiply 9 and 6
( 9 x 6 = 54 )
The product is 54 .
footprint 2 : Add product and remainder .
( 54+2 = 56 )
Hence, the dividend is 56 .
If 56 is divided by 9, we get the quotient 6 and remainder 2 .
( i.e ) 56/9 = 6 + 2
Where 6 is quotient and 2 is a end.

Practice Problems

Find the dividend value “ x ” and besides verify the suffice :

  1. x / 3 = 10
  2. x / 7 = 7
  3. x / 5 = 125

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frequently Asked Questions on Dividend

What is the dividend in Maths?

In mathematics, the dividend is the total to be divided in the division operation. It is whole, which is divided into parts .

What is the formula to find dividend?

The formula for finding the dividend is :
Dividend = Divisor x Quotient + Remainder

Find the dividend, if the quotient is 68 and the divisor is 9.

If the quotient is 68, and the divisor is 9, then the dividend is 612. Because
Dividend = Divisor x Quotient
Therefore, dividend = 68 ten 9 = 612 .

What are the different terminologies used in the division process?

The different terminologies used in the division serve are :

Find the value of a, if a/2 = 15.

The measure of a is 30. As a = 15 x 2, which is peer to 30 .
For more mathematical terms and examples, chew the fat BYJU ’ S – The Learning App and besides watch synergistic television to learn with rest .

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