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TCG Advisory Services

TCG Advisory Services, LLC Find an Advisor Assets Under Management $ 4,250,112,450Number of Advisors 38

Time in Business Founded in 2020Fee Structure Fee-onlyOffice Location 900 South Capital of Texas Highway
Suite 350
Austin, TX 78746Website hypertext transfer protocol : // TCG Advisory Services is the top-rated firm in Austin. The firm ‘s staff includes eight certified fiscal planners ( CFPs ), three accredited investing fiduciaries ( AIFs ) and a chartered fiscal analyst ( CFA ). The firm, besides known as TCG Advisors, does not have a determine account minimal. individual investors make up majority of TCG ‘s node base. This is a fee-only firm, meaning all of its income comes from client fees. Compared to other firms on our list, TCG has the most advisors and second-most person clients .

TCG Advisory Services Background

TCG is a privately-held specify liability ship’s company owned by holding company TCG Group Holdings, LLP and investment adviser Total Compensation Group Investment Advisory Services Management, LLC. A precursor of the firm was opened in 2001 by CEO John Pesce and chair Mike Cochran. Pesce is TCG ‘s principal owner, as he personally owns the largest stake in TCG Group Holdings. TCG Advisory Services has operated since 2020. The main advisory offering is investment portfolio management, but it provides this service in several variations. In fact, you can choose from multiple portfolio models, management programs and robo-advisor services through Charles Schwab Intelligent Portfolios. Should you want it, TCG can offer some fiscal design services .

TCG Advisory Services Investment Strategy

Because TCG ‘s portfolio management services are model-centric, a lot of its investment philosophy revolves around how it builds and maintains those strategies. Portfolio model reviews occur regularly at TCG in the name of maximizing returns while mitigating excitability. If the firm sees an allocation switch of more than 5 % within any one model, its advisors will rebalance it to the primitively intended percentages.

Durbin Bennett Private Wealth Management

Durbin Bennett Private Wealth Management, LLC Find an Advisor Assets Under Management $ 1,605,141,196Number of Advisors 20Time in Business Founded in 1987Fee Structure Fee-onlyOffice Location 1601 South Mo Pac Expressway
Suite 125D
Austin, TX 78746Website hypertext transfer protocol : //durbinbennettwealth.c… Third on our list of acme Austin advisors is Durbin Bennett Private Wealth Management. You ’ ll need at least $ 1 million for Durbin Bennett to consider you as a node. In addition to high-net-worth individuals, the firm besides works with charitable organizations, pooled investment vehicles and corporations. As a fee-only firm, Durbin Bennett ‘s recompense comes from client fees, not commissions. Its advisory staff includes eight certified fiscal planners ( CFPs ), three chartered fiscal analysts ( CFAs ), two certified public accountants ( CPAs ), plus other accredit professionals .

Durbin Bennett Private Wealth Management Background

Founded by Richard Bennett and Brent Durbin in 1987, the firm provides fiscal plan, portfolio management, survival of other advisors — including private store managers — and consult services. In addition to Bennett, the tauten is owned by Matthew Jachimiak, Margaret Huang Casey, Paul Lueb Jr., Tylor Seaman and Chery Phan .

Durbin Bennett Private Wealth Management Investment Strategy

If you enjoy a healthy sum of market incredulity, you ’ ll likely match with Durbin Bennett ’ south impression that markets can be irrational or ineffective. This belief informs the company ’ randomness portfolio strategy, which is based on a passive voice core and more active satellite components. You ’ ll decide your proportion of passive-to-active investments when you speak to your adviser to discuss fiscal goals and planning. Rebalancing is another Durbin Bennett portfolio dogma. Portfolios are rebalanced as needed by adhering to predetermined tolerance ranges for assorted asset classes. The firm ‘s last core dogma prioritize final returns over gross returns. This means your adviser will construct your portfolio with tax implications in mind. They will capture losses when possible, angstrom well as long-run gains over short-run ones. For broker-dealer services, Durbin Bennett recommends you use Schwab Advisor Services or Fidelity Investments.

Venturi Private Wealth

Venturi Private Wealth Find an Advisor Assets Under Management $ 2,282,896,562Number of Advisors 16Time in Business Founded in 2015Fee Structure Fee-basedOffice Location 3600 North Capital of Texas Highway build B, Suite 100 Austin, TX 78746Website hypertext transfer protocol : //venturiwealthmanageme… You ’ ll need a minimum of $ 2.5 million in investable assets to start a kinship with Venturi Private Wealth, the second highest-rated firm in Austin. The majority of the firm ‘s clients are high-net-worth individuals. Unlike fee-only firms, Venturi Management is a fee-based company. This means that while Venturi is a fiduciary and obligated to work in the best interest of its clients, representatives of the firm may receive commissions for certain policy product sales. The firm employs several financially certifiable individuals, including certified fiscal planners ( CFP ), chartered fiscal analysts ( CFA ) and certified investment management analysts ( CIMA ) .

Venturi Private Wealth Background

Russell Norwood and George Clark, two advisors with a combine 41 years at Merrill Lynch, founded Venturi Private Wealth in 2015. With its goal to “ give birth unbiased, objective advice you can trust, ” Venturi Private Wealth offers a variety show of services. You ’ ll have the choice to choose from discretionary investment deliberation, integrated fiscal plan, estate plan, business advisory services and more .

Venturi Private Wealth Investment Strategy

Venturi primarily relies on fundamental analysis when evaluating securities. The firm typically allocates client assets among reciprocal funds, ETFs, individual debt and fairness securities, adenine well as options and freelancer investment managers. When selecting independent managers, Venturi will assess the director ‘s investment strategies, past performance, risk profile, returns, price, research capabailities and other factors.

Austin Asset

Austin Asset Find an Advisor Assets Under Management $ 1,366,006,925Number of Advisors 14Time in Business Since 1986Fee Structure Fee-onlyOffice Location 7200 North Mopac suite 315 Austin, TX 78731Website hypertext transfer protocol : // Austin Asset, a fee-only adviser, is the fourthly highest-rated fiscal advisory tauten in Austin. Being fee-only means the company makes money entirely from fees, rather than commissions via the sale of products. Austin Asset does not appear to have a minimum account size, however, it charges a $ 5,000 categoric fee plus asset-based fees for wealth management. Austin Asset works by and large serves high-net-worth individuals, but besides works with charitable organizations and non-high-net-worth individuals. The firm ‘s advisory team includes 14 certifiable fiscal planners, three certified public accountants and early accredit professionals .

Austin Asset Background

Austin Asset ’ randomness doctrine is that wealth plan is a journey, not a erstwhile exercise. The company started conducting occupation in 1986, making it the second-longest tenure firm on our list. Austin Asset claims to be one of the first base to provide fee-only fiscal services. William Hehman, the tauten ‘s CEO, and Gregory Van Wyk, its executive vice president, are the principal owners of Austin Asset .

Austin Asset Investment Strategy

Austin Asset tailors investment portfolios to each client relationship. The tauten generally assumes a long-run strategy based on holding securities for over a year. An investment advisory committee composed of 10 certify fiscal planners on staff meets monthly and steers the firm ‘s investing philosophy. investment advice is typically given on a diverseness of securities, including common store shares, alien issuers, exchange-listed securities, securities traded over-the-counter and others.

Richard P. Slaughter Associates, Inc.

Richard P. Slaughter Associates, Inc. Find an Advisor Assets Under Management $ 1,127,513,825Number of Advisors 11Time in Business Founded in 1991Fee Structure Fee-onlyOffice Location 13809 Research Boulevard suite 905 Austin, TX 78750Website hypertext transfer protocol : //www.slaughterinvest.c… Richard P. Slaughter Associates is a fee-only advisory tauten that primarily serves person investors, both with and without high net worths. The firm besides works with pensions and profit-sharing plans. Account minimums vary according to character of bill a node has. Its team of advisors includes eight certified fiscal planners ( CFPs ), four accredited investment fiduciaries ( AIFs ), one accredited wealth management adviser ( AWMA ) and two chartered fiscal analysts ( CFAs ). As a fee-only firm, Richard P. Slaughter advisors do not sell policy or investment products, and do not collect commissions. rather, the tauten is compensated wholly through client fees .

Richard P. Slaughter Associates Background

Richard P. Slaughter Associates was founded in 1991 by the firm ’ sulfur late namesake who set out to establish a fee-only advisory company. today, the firm is chiefly owned by Brooks Slaughter, although it has 11 other shareholders. Richard P. Slaughter Associates offers fiscal plan, wealth management and asset management on a discretionary and non-discretionary basis. The party besides offers pension and 401 ( kilobyte ) confer, publishes periodicals, helps clients select early advisors — including private store managers — and presents educational seminars .

Richard P. Slaughter Associates Investment Strategy

In formulating investment advice for clients, the tauten uses both fundamental and technical analysis. “ fundamental psychoanalysis values securities by examining a company ’ sulfur financials and operations and considering only those variables immediately related to a caller rather than the overall state of the market, ” the firm states in its Form ADV booklet. “ technical analysis uses past trends to predict future trends in security price drift. ” The firm most normally employs a long-run induct strategy built on holding assets for longer than a class, but advisors may use short-run purchases when necessary. Both tactics typically rely on stocks, reciprocal funds, ETFs, estates and bonds.

FMP Wealth Advisers

FMP Wealth Advisers Find an Advisor Assets Under Management $ 941,773,000Number of Advisors 12

Time in Business Founded in 1987Fee Structure Fee-onlyOffice Location 6034 West Courtyard Drive cortege 380 Austin, TX 78730Website hypertext transfer protocol : // FMP Wealth Advisers employs eight certified fiscal planners ( CFPs ), two chartered retirement design counselors ( CRPCs ) and two chartered fiscal analysts ( CFAs ). Most of the clients at this fee-only firm are individuals, and many have a high net deserving. retirement plans, estates, trusts, businesses, charitable organizations and corporations make up the rest of the firm ‘s typical clientele. aside from its home office in Austin, FMP has an extra placement in Lake Charles, Louisiana. As a fee-only tauten, FMP advisors do not sell investment or policy products, nor do they earn commissions. The firm does not have a minimal account size .

FMP Wealth Advisers Background

FMP Wealth Advisers is an employee-owned firm, as five of the firm ‘s employees are principal owners. This tilt comprises Milton Hixson ( founder and president ), John Hixson ( senior adviser ), Kevin Hixson ( director of node overhaul team ), Les Hixson ( head investment officer ) and Adam Todd ( senior adviser ). none of these individuals own more than 50 % of the company ‘s shares. FMP opened its doors in 1987. Personalized fiscal planning, wealth management and investment management make up the nucleus of FMP ‘s node services .

FMP Wealth Advisers Investment Strategy

Like many of its contemporaries, FMP Wealth Advisers has a series of investment products that it normally sticks to : common funds and ETFs. The firm explicitly states in its Form ADV this is due to the fact that these securities are both managed by professionals and inherently diversified. These benefits, coupled with the investment feel of the firm ‘s own advisors, gives FMP confidence in how its customer portfolio ‘s are structured. Although long-run fiscal achiever is the goal of FMP, it will help clients meet their short-run needs if applicable. This could be satisfying an emergency fund or helping to pay for policy costs.

Austin Private Wealth

Austin Private Wealth, LLC Find an Advisor Assets Under Management $ 853,653,715Number of Advisors 14Time in Business Founded in 2010Fee Structure Fee-onlyOffice Location 3108 North Lamar Blvd. Suite B100 Austin, TX 78705Website hypertext transfer protocol : //www.austinprivatewealt… Austin Private Wealth, a fee-only firm, is the seventh highest-rated firm in Austin, according to our metrics. Clients are chiefly person investors, both with and without high net income worths. The firm, which besides works with pensions and profit-sharing plans, does not have a minimum account size. The firm ‘s advisory team includes seven certify fiscal planners ( CFPs ), three chartered retirement plan counselors ( CRPCs ) and other accredited professionals. As a fee-only tauten, Austin Private Wealth advisors do not charge commissions or collect other hidden forms of compensation. rather, the firm is compensated through its asset-based advisory fees and other fixed charges .

Austin Private Wealth Background

Founded in 2010, Austin Private Wealth is presently owned by Dan Kraus, Raoul Celerier, Alex J. Wagner and Kieu Le. Celerier and Kraus co-founded the firm and have over 50 years of combined feel in fiscal services. The firm offers fiscal plan, investment management, pension confer services and excerpt of other advisors, including individual fund managers .

Austin Private Wealth Investment Strategy

Austin Private Wealth tailors its investment strategies to the needs of its person clients, taking into acount their fiscal objectives, risk tolerance and fourth dimension horizons. Client portfolios may consist of individual stocks, bonds, ETFs, options, common funds and other securities of both the public and private diverseness. The firm employs an array of methods to evaluate securities, including fundamental analysis, duration constraints, cyclic analysis, quantitative analysis and sector analysis.

Century Management Financial Advisors

Century Management Financial Advisors Find an Advisor Assets Under Management $ 718,699,493Number of Advisors 8Time in Business Founded in 1974Fee Structure Fee-onlyOffice Location 805 Las Cimas Parkway cortege 305 Austin, TX 78746Website hypertext transfer protocol : // Century Management Financial Advisors has been in business longer than any other firm on our list. Century Management, which chiefly serves individual investors without high net income worths, does not have an account minimal. The firm besides works with high-net-worth individuals, one investment ship’s company, pensions, profit-sharing plans, charitable organizations and corporations. Century Management is a fee-only firm, meaning it ‘s compensated through node fees, not commissions. It ‘s advisory team includes three certified fiscal planners ( CFPs ), three chartered fiscal analysts ( CFAs ), two accredited investment fiduciaries ( AIFs ) and early accredit professionals .

Century Management Financial Advisors Background

Century Management, whose legal name is Van Den Berg Management I, Inc., was founded in 1974. The firm, which besides conducts clientele as Century Management Investment Advisors, is chiefly owned by Arnold Van Den Berg. In accession to providing fiscal plan and investment management, Century Management besides serves as the investment adviser to The CM Advisors Family of Funds .

Century Management Financial Advisors Investment Strategy

Century Management states that it invests based on the intrinsic respect of a company and it strives to buy undervalue equities to ensure a higher reward-to-risk ratio. It besides embraces volatility because of inefficiencies that present themselves in the market during those times. last, Century Management says they focus on finding bargain or sweeping prices and playing the long game with your assets. The firm provides three methods of investing. The first gear method chiefly invests in reciprocal funds, ETFs and closed-end funds. The second relies individual stocks and bonds, while the death method acting may invest in any type of asset.

Waterloo Capital

Waterloo Capital Find an Advisor Assets Under Management $ 798,435,135Number of Advisors 16Time in Business Founded in 2012Fee Structure Fee-basedOffice Location 2700 Via Fortuna cortege 100 Austin, TX 78746Website hypertext transfer protocol : // Individuals and high-net-worth investors make up the huge majority of Waterloo Capital ‘s customer floor. however, the firm besides works with pensions, profit-sharing plans and charities. Waterloo requires a minimal account size of $ 1 million. Waterloo is a fee-based firm because some of its advisors can receive third-party commissions from the sale of insurance products, and therefore may be submit to a electric potential conflict of interest. however, this battle is mitigated by the fact that the firm is fiduciary and is bound to act in the best interests of clients at all times. Waterloo employs several advisors, but merely two have fiscal certifications. headman investing policeman Bennett Woodward is a lease fiscal analyst and senior relationship coach Evette Mock-Hernandez is a charter retirement plan advocate .

Waterloo Capital Background

Waterloo Capital has been in business since 2012, when CEO and owner John Chatmus acquired Virtus Private Wealth and rebranded it under this firm ‘s current name. separate of Waterloo ‘s business goes by the list of AMG Wealth Advisors. Waterloo provides portfolio management angstrom well as fiscal plannning rolled in with investment management services. The firm besides provides a wrap-fee program and manages the huge majority of its assets on a discretionary basis .

Waterloo Capital Investment Strategy

The centerpiece of Waterloo ‘s investment scheme relies on tailoring portfolios to fit the needs of each individual client. In order to create a proper intital asset allocation scheme, advisors take note of each client ‘s allowance for risk, time horzion, investment history, desired investing strategy and any early significant information. Portfolios may consist of a wide variety of investments, including equities, fix income securities, common funds and alternate investments. The firm may besides utilize third party money managers. The fast relies heavily on fundamental analysis.

Sincera Capital, LLC

Find an Advisor Assets Under Management $ 117,035,075Number of Advisors 3Time in Business Founded in 2019Fee Structure Fee-onlyOffice Location 115 Wild Basin Road suite 100 Austin, TX 78746Website hypertext transfer protocol : //www.sineceracapital.c… SineCera Capital is a fee-only firm working with a identical blue-ribbon customer list — just over a twelve individuals, all considered high-net-worth. Though the firm doesn ’ triiodothyronine technically list a minimal account size, this blue-ribbon client roll suggests they do screen out clients with lower investable assets. There are no institutional clients at SineCera. SineCera is a fee-only firm, meaning clients do not earn commissions for selling indemnity or securities. All income comes from fees related to investing management. The team at SineCera includes one certified fiscal planner ( CFP ), one certified individual wealth adviser ( CPWA ), one chartered fiscal adviser ( CFA ) and one chartered option investment adviser ( CAIA )

SineCera Capital Background

The tauten was founded in 2019 and is chiefly owned by founder, CEO and chief submission officer Kevin A. Kaylakie.
SineCera offers family wealth adviser services, investment management and fiscal design .

SineCera Investment Strategy

Most of the funds at SineCera are invested in individual stocks. common funds, pooled investment vehicles and cash holdings are besides used.
Advisors at the firm manipulation fundamental, and quantitative analyses to make investing decisions.

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