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frequently when we ’ re book flights, we seek out the most steer way to our final address. We look for the shortest flight times and the least number of stops. But what if we told you could add an entire city or two to your travel with no ( or scantily any ) extra price ?

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Non-stop flights only

With Skyscanner, you can book a flight with a multi-day stop so you can explore another newly city on your way to your concluding address. How it is done ? We ’ ll display you the steps to booking a multi-day stop.

How to book a multi-day layover for free

  1. Select an origin and final destination
  2. Plug your search into Skyscanner using the round-trip search
  3. Find a common connecting point
  4. Deselect non-stop flights in your search
  5. Use Skyscanner’s multi-city search
  6. See which airlines offer free stopovers
  7. Book your accommodations and pack your bags

1. Choose an origin and destination

You ’ rhenium more than delinquent for a proper vacation. It ’ second time to take some much-needed R & R time for yourself and skim town for a morsel. The first step in planning any vacation, is figuring out your final finish. Once you ’ ve decided on your finish you can move on to the next footfall .

2. Search Skyscanner

To find the best flight deals out there, including brassy international flights, plug your departing city and finish city into the Skyscanner search instrument. blue-ribbon round-trip as your search type and then click “ Search Flights ” to see all of your options along with where the flight connects. Skyscanner ’ sulfur escape search will help you find cheap plane tickets by searching dozens of different airlines. Pick the flight and carrier that best suits your needs, budgets, and timeline .

3. Find a Common Connecting Point

This is where things start to get playfulness. After you put your search into Skyscanner, take a search at the common associate cities to your finish. For case, let ’ s say you want to go from New York City to Paris, France. Why not plus up your vacation with an excess city ?
When you plug New York City and Paris into the Skyscanner flight search creature, you ’ ll pull up dozens of search results. As you scroll down the beginning results foliate, you ’ ll detect respective itineraries connect through KEF in Reykjavik, Iceland
now imagine how amaze your vacation would be if you can add Reykjavik to your New York City and Paris travel guidebook, for minimal extra cost one way ?

Check out Skyscanner’s Guide to a 48 hour layover in Reykjavik 👇

48 hour Iceland Layover

4. Find the best flight option with a long layover

first, you ’ ll want to make certain you deselect “ non-stop ” to provide only the flights that have a stop. then, you ’ ll want to scroll through your options to see which flights offer a break farseeing adequate to explore the city you connect in. In the New York to Paris exemplar, there are a few destinations you could explore. You ’ ll want to make indisputable the monetary value of the fledge with the long stop is cheaper than if you were to book a multi-city flight with that same destination. Although it may take some extra time to compare these options, you ’ ll be happy you did ( and then will your bank report ! ) .

As you can see in the exercise above, there is a 21 hour stop in Charlotte, which would provide you the opportunity to explore the city without having to pay for a hotel .

5. Use Skyscanner’s Multi City Search Tool

once you find a common get in touch city that peaks your matter to, it ’ south time to compare the round-trip cost with a retentive stop in that destination with the cost of a multi-city trajectory. Head back to the Skyscanner search creature and select the multi city choice. From there, you ’ ll select your master sidetrack city ( for model New York City ), then add in your new connecting city ( Reykjavik ) on the lapp note and select your original passing date .
On the second quarrel, select your new departing city ( Reykjavik ). And enter in your original finish ( Paris ). then select how farseeing you want to stay in Reykjavik .

By using Skyscanner ’ s multi city cock, you have the electric potential to save much more than if you were to buy two target one way tickets to your destinations. As mentioned above, be certain to compare the multi-city flight with a round-trip flight that has a long stop in the connect city .

6. Research Airlines that Offer Free Stopovers

Here are 6 airlines that offer a range of layovers for free:

  • Finnair: The stopover is applicable to customers flying through Helsinki, and includes
    a range of activities from watching the Northern Lights to experiencing the country’s quaint cafés and boutiques
  • Icelandair: This airline allows travelers to enjoy up to seven nights of a free stopover in Reykjavík. They even partnered with a company, Stopover Buddy, which connects you with a local who will take you around the city for free
  • KLM: Stopover in Amsterdam on your way out and returning, for free!
  • Japan Airlines: They have a variety of free layovers depending on your final destination, but one popular option includes a stop in Tokyo when departing from North America.
  • Hawaiian Airlines: If you’re flying from any of the airline’s international destinations, you are eligible for a free layover on each leg of your trip in Honolulu. The best part? There are no limits on the number of days you can stay!
  • TAP Portugal: If you’ve booked an intercontinental round trip flight, snag up to 3 free nights in Lisbon or Porto

here are 6 airlines that offer a range of layovers for free :

7. Book Accommodations and Pack Your Bags

You ’ re about done ! now it ’ s time to wrap up all the loose ends. head to Skyscanner and select the hotels tab key. Secure your accommodations for every city you ’ re visiting so ensure your vacation is polish sailing ( and within your budget ! ) .
With Skyscanner, you can plan your entire trip ( and even add a city or two ), all in one convenient place .

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