Top 9 Ways To Find Profitable Amazon Niche – Get Started Fast and Easy!

If you have always wanted to create an Amazon E-commerce store without ever knowing which Amazon niche to choose, this article should give you veridical leads to find a genuine recess product .
The method acting we will partake with you is ultra-simple but requires a bite of elbow grease .
The method we will parcel with you to find recess Amazon products is ultra-simple but requires a morsel of elbow dirt. This may be the best exercise for those who want to cursorily find the right Amazon niche and get started on their travel to become successful sellers .
We will help you find real niche ideas : applicable to ALL sectors ( E-commerce standard marketplaces ).

Amazon niche finder

What is Niche, and Why does it Matter?

Simply put, recess implies a smaller part of a across-the-board market that focuses specifically on finical demographics, common interests, locations, or problems among the consumers. Think of it to be a submarket. For exercise, if we consider the car segment as a market, then a niche, in this case, would be the radial tires market or the pistons market. similarly, if we look at electronics, then a niche there would be portable mobile chargers or radio earphones and so on .
The estimate here is to cater to a little segment of the population as it is easy and more profitable .
For your Amazon business ( or any occupation for that matter ), it is important that you look for a recess product. The competition you face here will not be a much as what you will face when you enter a broader market. furthermore, from a customer skill point of scene, you will need to focus on acquiring alone a few people, let ’ s say 1,000, in comparison to acquiring 100,000 customers or even more .
That ’ randomness why Amazon sellers love niche products. It makes their caper of landing sales easier and convenient. With alone a small section of customers to look after, you can identical easily direct your efforts in the right direction .
Amazon, eBay, Walmart – Exploiting the big to make small (but powerful!)
The platforms listed above are three of the most popular on-line marketplaces in the worldly concern. They have a huge potential and have a market share of more than 55 % in the United States. The best part is these platforms welcome all sellers alike, whether they are individuals or professionals. Of naturally, there are certain conditions to be fulfilled before that, but generally, everyone is welcome to sell .
The idea is to detect that top-selling product in the current rate of products ( there are hundreds of thousands ). We are talking about products which have a sales volume adenine high as possible, with the shallow contest .
First-time sellers on Amazon will constantly suffer from the syndrome of “ I don ’ thymine even know which intersection to analyze. ” But the difficulty resides in your ability to list as many products as potential, and then fine-tune that list for refine results .
It must be done by losing adenine little fourth dimension as potential on products that are clearly not in the recess. Remember, your focus should be to find a product with low competition and high demand .
Without having extensive experience in researching E-business concepts, it is discernible that some keywords like : “ Electronic cigarette, ” “ Nike shoes, ” “ Louis Vuitton bag, ” are absolutely impregnable. These products require ultra-sharp skills in SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation ) and even then, the chances of making a kill are humble because the rival is extremely high .
While surfing for products on Amazon, you can fall for a misconstrue that everyone can find aureate in the Amazon recess. It is not something unachievable, but it ’ s rather catchy, time-consuming, and long-winded .
The ideal plan would be to have a comprehensive and celluloid tilt of products/keywords that you could handle in a childlike and above all, fast manner .
The list must be boastfully adequate to offer merchandise ideas that virtually cipher has thought of from a commercial point of position. And therefore, must be off the beat path of contest. Of course, the mind is not to generate this list by pass but get engineering do the work for you. And that ’ s where our Amazon recess finder comes into the picture .
SellerApp ’ randomness Product Research Gives you access to our massive database of over 100 million products. You will get all the substantive datum points to understand the profitableness of a recess, benchmark top sellers, analyze your contest and your products with utmost preciseness. In early words, it is your one-stop Amazon recess finder .
Using this software, you can validate your merchandise idea for profitableness before you start selling it and realize that the product was doomed to fail from the begin. You can validate your research based on average sales volume, average betray price, estimated sales and revenues per day, historic trends, rival price, etc .
Amazon Product Research Tool – Find Best Products to Sell on Amazon FBA in 2020
Watch this video on YouTube

9 Tips to Find Your Best Amazon Niche Product

Tip 1: An Amazon niche product does not suffer from seasonality.
It is not a necessity, but it is a real plus. It is an ideal condition to find an aim which will ensure you have a firm sales volume throughout the year .
Take the case of Bluetooth headphones. The demand for this product is likely to be about ceaseless throughout the year ( with a vertex in December due to Christmas ). conversely, if we take the exemplar of atmosphere conditioners, it is probable that they won ’ t make many sales in winter. ideally, you want to avoid these kinds of products that don ’ triiodothyronine sell much at certain times of the year .
The ideal product will guarantee you a stable turnover, which allows you to anticipate stock changes. The entirely seasonality that is acceptable is the acme sales during the holiday season ! You can use Amazon Keyword Planner or Google Keyword Planner to understand the potential seasonality of a merchandise. If the search volume for a especial intersection is firm throughout the class with little fluctuations, then it ’ s a good bet !
Tip 2: The product has a good profit margin!
The whole point of doing business on Amazon is to make money at the end of the day. therefore, it is imperative mood that you research the margins you stand to make on your intersection before you place an arrange for the armory. You will have to account for ship, advertising, Amazon fees, and other like charges in the process .
You can use an FBA calculator for this function or get in reach with your likely suppliers/manufacturers and get a quotation from them. From our experience, anything above 15 % is a good gross profit to work .
In summation to the margin, you besides have to consider the price points. For exemplify, if you buy a penitentiary at $ 0.10 and sell it for $ 1.50, your margin is excellent. But then, you will have to sell a lot of pens to make good money. On the other handwriting, if you procure a merchandise for $ 15 and sell it for $ 30, it gives you more room to accommodate other charges .
Tip 3: There are no videos of the competing products for your main keyword.
If you want to create a YouTube channel to demonstrate and market your merchandise, you will stand to benefit greatly if you don ’ t have any competitors doing the lapp. You will have the potential to rank higher when people type this keyword on YouTube or even Google. You can even put a link to your product in the description and drive more traffic to your listings .
It is all about gaining that untethered border over your rivals, and if this method helps you achieve it, you should go for it .
Tip 4: Consider the Dimensions of the Product.
From a logistic point of view, selling a product that is dense and large is a nightmare, unless you already have a beneficial rescue network in station. You will end up paying a huge measure for shipping alone – whether it is for sourcing the merchandise from China or just delivering the item to your customers. Plus, with big products, you may besides run into many problems and your margins may be impacted.

On the other bridge player, products that are little and lightweight are best to sell ! They won ’ triiodothyronine cost a distribute to ship and logistically speaking, they are easy to work with. It besides makes it a arrant paroxysm for dropshipping .
thus before you choose a product, be certain to consider its size and weight unit ( Calculate your product ’ sulfur weight with this Amazon FBA Weight Calculator ) and ensure that it is a effective burst for your business model .
Tip 5: Look into the Competition.
Going back to our previous exercise of Nike shoes and electronic cigarettes, if you choose to sell such products, it is quite likely that you will run into a bunch of contest. It will be unmanageable for you to get your product off the ground, let alone bring it to page one of Amazon search results .
A simple search on Amazon will tell you the kind of competition you can expect for your product. If you find a distribute of relevant results, then you may want to reconsider your choices. There is no point in entering a saturated commercialize unless you have a merchandise that can completely turn the game approximately. Remember – you will always find some competition ; deoxyadenosine monophosphate far as possible, look for low competition niches on Amazon .
Tip 6: The Sponsored Products slots are full for all your main keywords.
Perform a search on Google or Amazon using one of the keywords related to the Amazon niche product that you have identified. If sponsored items are stage, it ’ s a reasonably good sign of the zodiac. Why ? Because this shows that there is some demand for this type of product in the market. It means that sellers are earning money with advertise and PPC clicks. It implies that there is some money for you to win in this grocery store .
Tip 7: The product has good demand.
find good demand product
This one is pretty obvious, but you ’ d be surprised to know how many sellers actually forget to consider this critical orient. For any merchandise that you choose to sell on Amazon, make certain that you will get regular orders ; otherwise, it is an practice in futility. Ideally speaking, what you need is a product like this :
As you can see, the token is receiving more than 100 orders every day. The daily sales likely is massive here and that ’ s the kind of number you should strive to hit in your business. Keep in mind that your products should bring you a patriotic consumer base that you can rely on. There must be firm demand throughout the class thus that you at least stand to make sales systematically .
Tip 8: Explore Niche communities for Amazon Product Ideas

There are enough of on-line forums and communities where you can get concern niche market ideas for your Amazon business. Of course, the travel begins with Reddit – one of the most popular on-line communities. They have plenty of threads and discussion groups, besides known as subreddits, on pretty much every subject you can imagine.

What you can do is explore these communities and see if there is anything that strikes you as a potential business idea. To begin with, you can have discussions on life style, traveling, pets and animals, or anything that you find interest. As you dig deeper, make a list of all the interest recess ideas that you are coming across .
For example, in the locomotion community, you may see people discuss losing their valuables while traveling or facing difficulties with language barriers. Herein lies a trouble to address – the first step in establishing a successful business. Once you identify the products that can solve these issues, head to SellerApp ’ mho Product Research feature and validate that theme :
Best Amazon Niche Product
You can besides visit directly and search for the product to see what kind of results you get. If the contest is moo or the product quality is subscript in comparison to what you can offer, then you may have very well found your niche !

There is another approach that you can follow here. rather of looking for products directly, look for specific interests that people have in these communities and on-line forums. Following our former case of travel, some people may be into alone travel ; others may like to travel only to beaches, while some may like to volunteer their fourth dimension while traveling. When you narrow your market down to these specific niches, you can start coming up with a number of products well suited for these consumers .
Tip 9: Head to Amazon directly to find your niche.
This is one of the most time-consuming ways to find a niche on Amazon although, the effort you put here will be surely deserving it. Amazon, in accession to serving as a market, besides serves as a niche finder. You equitable need to know-how .
The first thing you need to do is head to Amazon and select a department of your choice in the top-left corner .
amazon category selection based on niche
As you can see, you have enough of options to consider here. Click on any of these categories, and you will be directed to another page with all the relevant products displayed for that department. once again, in the exceed leave corner, you can see more subcategories for the lapp department .
amazon product categories

When you visit a merchandise page, scroll down to see the product details. In this section, you can see the Amazon Best Sellers Rank, along with the categories in which the merchandise is rate :
analyzing amazon product details

If you feel that the product is adept enough for your business, then you can gauge its profitableness and electric potential with SellerApp .
sellerapp product profitability and growth analysis

By immediately, you must have realized that it is a time-consuming process to find an Amazon niche in this manner. therefore, you will need to be systematic in your approach and carefully make a list of products that you feel can fit into your requirements – low to moderate competition, good demand, good net income allowance and quality, and an excellent price point .
I recommend you to watch this video to find profitable niche ideas on Amazon:
How to Find Your Profitable Niche on Amazon FBA ? 5 Tips For Sellers to Research their Niche Ideas
Watch this video on YouTube
In the end, an ideal product would look like this :

  1. Small and light
  2. Low to moderate competition
  3. Selling price is between $15 to $50
  4. Allows you to earn 10 dollars per sale
  5. Daily orders of 10 units

The privilege of selling an Amazon niche!

Amazon US is huge, and the rival is much harder for certain keywords. A draw of the products you see will be perfectly optimized, with sometimes thousands of opinions ( and therefore about indocile ).

If you are diffident and want to take them vitamin a little gamble as potential, then consider this.

Your ideal product is merely a product that may be big on the Amazon US, but it may not be the font in another area or frailty versa ! There are hush many “ private-label ” products that are successful on Amazon US but are still not available in many countries. The frosting on the coat would be when the intersection that interests you has no sellers in any other Amazon marketplaces. It opens up new avenues to pursue long-run expansion. This, in fact, is the whole mind behind finding a recess intersection !

As a result, it is preferably easy to find a supplier, who in 9 cases out of 10 is give on Alibaba. You do not take a great deal of risk, as you just read the opinions of US customers to get an idea of what advice your merchandise should receive. You will make the difference by associating it with a sword with a decent logo, creating beautiful photos, writing compelling bullet points, and a seductive description.

What are keywords and metadata ?

The keywords and metadata are close linked. They have hanker been used in Amazon SEO and the placement of websites. Keywords are important for your products to be visible when searched in Google, Amazon, or any market. Metadata is besides an integral region of a search, but unlike a keyword that is visible on the page, metadata are keywords peripheral of your product descriptions, keywords, or even the title. Metadata may not be visible for the drug user who is searching for your keywords, but it is important from a technical point of view. Proper function of all these data will allow you to get closer to your ultimate goal – sales for your Amazon recess product.

How to Brainstorm your niche keywords ?

Since you are looking for recess products, you will need to review the keywords you are thinking about. Write keywords, or possibly a short sentence, whatever comes to your thinker related to your product. Write down what you think and make a number. We ’ ll kind it out in the next phase.

For example, the book ‘ Injection of Reality 2.0 ’ is a psychological thriller of anticipation. It stages a young hack having recovered sensitive data around a project called Bluebird or MKultra.

From all of this, we can already realize certain keywords. ‘ Thriller, ’ ‘ psychological thriller, ’ ‘ anticipation. ’ Even ‘ Bluebird ’ and ‘ MKultra ’ that are derived from actual facts may interest a proofreader. These are, in fact, your recess keywords as they are more probable to appeal to a specific determine of readers .
In light up of these results, it is necessary to make sorting, and this will be carried out in two phases .

  • Identify the relevant keywords by using tools like Google Adwords – keyword planning tool. You can also use the niche keyword finder – SellerApp Keyword Research tool to find the best set of Amazon customer search queries.
  • It will let you know the number of monthly searches carried out around a word or phrase. This, in turn, will help you validate your product research and tell you whether you have chosen a good product or not.
  • You can also use the Amazon auto-suggestion feature to get new keywords suggested from the ones you entered. This phase should allow you to sort between the promising keywords and those that are not.
  • Identify the competition score and the bid scores for each of those keywords to understand which ones can be used for your Amazon niche.

Why should you use the Amazon analytics tool to find your Amazon niche product?
Benefits of utilizing SellerApp for finding your Amazon niche :

  1. SellerApp helps in identifying keywords which are the niche in the categories that you are looking for; for instance: a basic search for keywords with less than 1000 search volume in a particular category can be done with SellerApp.
  2. More importantly, it can also find out variants of keywords which have low search volume. For example, find the variants for the keyword “paint” under the toys’ category with the search volume of less than 1000. You are thus identifying keywords and meta tags that can be used for both increasing the visibility of your products and identifying a profitable Amazon niche.
  3. SellerApp’s algorithm will also reveal the products which are ranking top for those specific keywords on Amazon making it easier for you to see if there is an opportunity to provide a more relevant product for that keyword.
  4. After identifying the right niche keywords, with SellerApp you can track the current products, that are on the top for those keywords, for estimating their reviews, ratings, sales, order count, listing quality, the present keywords used for that listing, the Best Seller Rank, et cetera, to decide on whether to sell a product or not.
  5. Select product ideas where products that are ranking for the keywords are not accurate, where the Best Seller Rank is high, and reviews, and ratings are not positive. This will allow you to launch the product, but with a different strategy where you ensure that the reviews you get are positive.
  6. You can also create alerts for your Product Listing Quality or low reviews for your competitor products, to understand the general feedback received.
  7. Once the product is launched, SellerApp can help in identifying the amazon keywords, meta keywords, and help you track the product performance by tracking reviews, ratings, and profits! It will also help you with Amazon Sponsored Products and preparing your product listing.

By building on these foundations, you can start selling Amazon niche products with low gamble. Of course, there is a bunch more to be done after that to build a full-fledged, seven-figure income clientele on Amazon. however, with the right steering and tools, you can achieve the impossible. good luck !

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