How to Use FamilySearch Person IDs

While exploring your kin tree, you may have noticed a combination of letters and numbers below each family member ’ randomness name. These are person designation numbers ( ID ), and understanding what they are and how you can use them can be a great asset to you as you do your family history !

What Is a Person ID, and Where Can I Find It?

Each person in the FamilySearch Family Tree has an assigned person ID, which appears as a series of letters and numbers. These person IDs are unique to each deceased person. You can find the designation number below a person ’ s appoint in your class tree or in the header of the person page.

Person IDs in the Family Tree

How Can I Use a Person ID?

Copying the Person ID

It can be helpful to know the person ID of an ancestor, particularly if you plan on returning to that person ’ second information ( more on this late ). To quickly copy a person ID, follow these steps : 1. Click or tap the person ID, which you can find below the person ’ south name in the family tree or on an ancestor ’ s person page. 2. A pop-up book window will appear that says “ Copy ID. ” To copy the person ID, click this link .
A screenshot of the Copy ID feature
3. Paste the ID number into a document or wherever you keep a record of person IDs .


You can use the Recents feature in Family Tree and an ancestor ’ s person ID to promptly return to an ancestor ’ s page. It entirely takes a few simple steps .
A screenshot of the Recents feature in the family tree.
1. On your family tree, snap or tap the Recents check on the top left side of the shield. 2. A drop-down menu will appear and give you the option to type or paste in a class extremity ’ randomness appoint or a person ID. Enter the person ’ randomness ID. 3. Click Go. If the ID phone number is correct, that ancestor ’ randomness page will open .


If you already know the person ID of a particular family member, you can besides use the person ID to find the person ’ s page : 1. Tap or hover over Family Tree at the top left english of the screen, and choice Find from the menu options.

2. Tap or suction stop Find by ID, and enter the person ’ randomness ID number in the discipline provided. then cluck Find. The name of the person who has been assigned that specific ID will appear on the future sieve .
A screenshot of the find by ID feature on Family Tree.
3. From this screen, you have the option of clicking any of the hyperlinked names, which will then take you to that ancestor ’ mho page .
The results page of a Find by ID search.


sometimes, alternatively of relying on the potential Duplicates tool, you can use a person ID to merge twin people in the tree. To do this, you will use the Merge by ID choice from the Tools section on the right field of the person page .
A screenshot of the Merge by ID feature on the person page.
1. copy or write down the person ID of the criminal record that you don ’ metric ton want to keep. 2. From the person page of the more decline phonograph record, scroll down, and in the menu options on the right, click or tap Merge by ID in the Tools incision. 3. In the playing field provided, enter the person ID number you copied or wrote down. Again, this is the person ID of the record that had the least accurate information. Click or tap Continue .
Merge by ID screenshot.
4. At this indicate, you will see the profiles from both records side by side so you can compare the two, and imitate over any information you wish to keep. Review all information. 5. once you have reviewed both profiles thoroughly, click or tap Continue Merge at the bottom of the screen. 6. You will be prompted to explain the reason you believe these two records should be merged. When you have entered your cause statement, click or tap Finish Merge.

7. You have nowadays completed the process of merging a duplicate person by person ID .

Explore Your Tree

now that you know what person IDs are and what they can help you do, visit your class corner and find ways to put your ID cognition to use !

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