Unlock the Best Ways to Find Reliable Amazon FBA Suppliers in 2022

You ’ ve done your homework and found a cause of death product to sell on Amazon. Your work here international relations and security network ’ thyroxine done though ! now you need to find a supplier who is volition to ship the products for a fair price. You besides have to ensure that the intersection meets the quality standards of your Amazon Marketplace .
then how do you go about finding the correct supplier ? Do you turn to China like many Amazon sellers, or do you generator the product from a local manufacturer ? Both methods have their implicit in merits, and you need to find a supplier that meets your needs. With SellerApp ’ s merchandise sourcing tool, you can pick between the best manufacturers and find one that suits your clientele interests .
Quick Guide:

Finding the best suppliers for Amazon FBA

Let ’ s first talk about the Dragon in the room !

China is the undisputed fabrication hub of the world. Chances are, most things you purchase were either assembled or manufactured in the country. So why is China a popular spot for Amazon sellers to find suppliers ? The bare answer is that it is cheaper. gloomy overhead costs help taiwanese companies bring down fabricate costs, making it about impossible for other countries to compete .
competitive price is one of the key aspects to staying relevant on e-commerce platforms like Amazon. Sellers need to make certain they are getting their products at the lowest possible price. In most cases, that means tying up with chinese manufacturers or suppliers. Sourcing from China is not the only way to be competitive though ! So how do you find the best suppliers for Amazon FBA ?

  • Online marketplaces

Platforms like Alibaba And Aliexpress are a goldmine for likely Amazon sellers. however, they are not very easy to navigate. If you ’ re trying to source from Alibaba, you ’ re very likely to buy from the manufacturer directly. Buying directly from a manufacturer frequently means a cheaper price per merchandise. however, most manufacturers will lone take large orders .
If you can ’ thymine find what you ’ re looking for on Alibaba or Aliexpress, it ’ s besides worth checking out B2B e-commerce platforms like Made-in-China, Global Sources, or JimTrade. These third-party B2B e-commerce platforms focus on alien deal and are great to source your product from .

  • Trade shows

Trade shows are a great means for a seller to get directly in refer with suppliers. Talking to a supplier face-to-face will help you understand their caller values, products, and the quality control condition measures they have in invest. The swerve act of manufacturers and suppliers at trade shows will ensure you have enough of choices. You don ’ triiodothyronine inevitably need to go to China to attend barter fairs either. While taking your search to China will help you get in reach with more likely chinese suppliers, many besides set up denounce in trade fairs across the populace .
Before you make your way to a trade fair, make sure you do your research. You need to know precisely what you ’ ra looking for when attending these events. Having a solid plan will ensure you don ’ metric ton catch distracted by the overplus of choices .

  • Product Sourcing Agencies

If you ’ re having disturb finding the right supplier, you can besides get in reach with product sourcing agencies. These third-party services will help you find suppliers and import the products at a low cost. Sourcing agencies are besides a way for ensuring quality dominance .
This is the easiest way to find an overseas supplier, particularly in South Asia or China, but it doesn ’ t come free. The extra commission that you pay a source representation might make the remainder when competing on Amazon, particularly when your competitors are besides trying to optimize and reduce their costs. furthermore, sourcing agencies normally never share the details of their manufacturer or supplier .
now that you know how to get in touch with your supplier, you need to make surely they are the right one for you. There are some things you can not leave to prospect, and you need to make surely your suppliers are trustworthy. How do you do that ?

Your FBA supplier checklist

Product price is not the only factor you should be considering when looking for the properly supplier. You besides need to consider the quality of the product and the efficiency of the supplier. Don ’ thymine forget your freight costs either. sometimes a local supplier might barely end up being cheaper when you consider the overhead costs like embark, promotion, taxes, and customs clearance. So what are the things you need to keep in thinker while picking your supplier ? here ’ s a handy supplier checklist :
amazon fba supplier checklist

  • Double-check your supplier

just because a supplier is listed on Alibaba does not mean that supplier is dependable. So how do you verify that your supplier is the real manage ? The best thing to do is to fly down to China and pay them a visit. This is not potential for every seller though. therefore, if you ’ rhenium bribe from Alibaba, always opt for trade wind assurance suppliers .
While trade assurance does offer safeguards and promises on-time delivery, it is constantly dear to do a background check on the supplier. A dim-witted Google search should give you an indication of whether it is a legitimate company. You should besides check for the take after details :

  • Business License
  • Location of the Supplier
  • Ownership Status
  • Photographs of the company’s operations
  • Content Info
  • Necessary certifications for the products
  • Assess product quality and safety standards

different marketplaces have different quality and safety standards, and not everything you buy from an oversea supplier will meet them. It is your responsibility to ensure that your supplier adheres to your local standards before sourcing the product. besides, keep an eye out for possible patent infringements. If there ’ s something wrong with the product, then it is money down the drain. You can use SellerApp ’ s Amazon Brand Registry to find trademarks vitamin a well as patents for products to avoid any mix-ups .
safety regulations are harder to look out for, particularly when it comes to complex products like electronics. It is up to you to make certain your supplier has the necessity clearances and safety certificates before you place an order .

  • Find out how the product is made

If you ’ re looking to sell a product that is building complex and difficult to make like electronics, it is worthwhile to figure out who is manufacturing them in the inaugural place. This besides means figuring out every moment detail of the merchandise for yourself. In a competitive e-commerce platform, there is no room for mistakes when it comes to the quality of your number. thus make sure you test the product !

  • Ask for prototypes

Always ask for a sample or a prototype of a intersection before you place an order. This will help you gauge whether the product meets quality standards. It will besides help you assess whether it is a product that customers would buy in the beginning place. If you ’ rhenium plan on starting a secret label, you need to make sure the intersection meets your post ’ mho standards. A prototype will besides help you get inputs from your friends and kin about its viability in the Amazon Marketplace .

  • Figure out the logistics

Shipping products from a different nation may take time and besides includes costs like freight charges that many sellers overlook. Make certain you factor in these extra costs before partnering with a supplier. You can check your intersection can be productively sold with SellerApp ’ mho Fulfilled by Amazon ( FBA ) calculator .
The cost international relations and security network ’ t the entirely factor you need to consider. production of modern items takes a while to set up. Find out how long it takes to produce the new item, and how long it will take to open customs and reach your stock. Running out of inventory can drastically affect your chances of winning the Buy Box, so this information is key to ensuring your success.

  • Diversify your search

never stick to good one supplier. When moving down this checklist, make sure you ’ re in touch with multiple companies. This gives you more options before making the final call. The costs and timbre of the products can differ from one caller to the other, so it ’ mho recommended that you keep your options open before picking the one that suits your business needs .
After you find the perfect supplier, there are more decisions to be made. How do you ship the products ? Who handles packaging ? How can you ensure quality control ? There are two options when it comes to getting your products from the supplier to Amazon ’ s fulfillment centers. You can either :

  • Ship directly to Amazon FBA warehouses from the supplier;
  • Ship the products to a middleman or yourself, before shipping it to Amazon.

Shipping immediately to fulfillment centers

While many suppliers, including chinese ones, are companion with FBA specifications and guidelines, it is in your best interest to brief them. It is important that none of the key details are lost in translation, specially when you ’ re sourcing your products from overseas companies. so what are the pros of shipping the products directly to Amazon ’ s fulfillment centers ?

  • Quicker transit times: Shipping the products directly to Amazon will save you a lot of time. The quicker the product reaches a fulfillment center, the quicker you can start selling on Amazon.
  • Reduced costs: By shipping directly to FBA centers, you can save money that you would otherwise have to pay a middleman.

Shipping immediately to Amazon is not always the best option to make, and has its own disadvantages :

  • Lack of quality assurance: This is the biggest drawback while shipping directly to Amazon. You will not have an opportunity to assess the quality of your product when they go straight to the fulfillment centers. 
  • Packaging quality: Even if your product is top-notch, you still have to follow strict shipping and packaging requirements set by Amazon for FBA sellers. Any oversight from your supplier will directly hurt your bottom line.  

Shipping to yourself or a interlocutor

You can choose to ship your products directly to yourself or a third-party interlocutor to ensure product and promotion quality. Following these checks, they can be sent directly to Amazon FBA centers. There are third-party services that ’ ll assistant you ship your FBA inventory. This does come at a cost. So what are the pros and cons of using middlemen or shipping the products yourself ? Let ’ s start with the pros :

  • Proper quality checks: You’re not at the mercy of your supplier in this case. After receiving the shipment from a supplier, you have the freedom to assess the products for defects and ensure proper quality control. You can then ship the goods to Amazon at your own pace. 
  • Protect business secrets: It’s never a bad idea to protect your business interests. Sometimes this means hiding your business strategies from your supplier.  

What are the cons of shipping your products to yourself or using middlemen ?

  • Higher costs: If you’re paying a middleman to ship your products to Amazon, you’ll be paying them for it. If you’re doing it yourself, then it’s also a large time-sink. 
  • Longer transit time: If the product is not going directly to an Amazon FBA center, then it is going to take longer before you can update your inventory.

If this is your first dispatch from the supplier, we recommend shipping the products to yourself or a third-party ship service. quality checks are full of life when you ’ re starting your business. Unless you ’ rhenium shortstop on money, it ’ randomness constantly well to ensure quality operate before putting up your product list .

local or oversea suppliers for Amazon ?

Sourcing your products from local anesthetic suppliers has its own benefits. It lowers the transit time, which ensures you get your product out early. It besides helps you keep a close watch on intersection quality and ensures there is no miscommunication between you and your supplier. taiwanese suppliers frequently end up being cheaper than local anesthetic suppliers and at the end of the day, winning the Buy Box on Amazon can depend on thin margins. You besides have to consider multiple factors like product price, taxes, shipping times, and logistics before you finally take a call on your supplier. A successful Amazon seller constantly keeps their option open .


At the end of the day, it is up to you to figure out which supplier fits your needs. Make sure you go through the checklist to ensure that your supplier is legitimate and that your product is of the highest quality. There ’ mho batch of work to do even after you find the perfect supplier .
If you ’ re looking to kickstart your seller travel, check out SellerApp ’ s steer to selling on Amazon in 2022 .
If you have any questions about sourcing your products, let us know in the comments section below !
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