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The Nevada and union tax laws are changing and something most business owners dread. Allow an adept tax accountant from our CPA firm in Las Vegas to provide you with the necessary information to minimize your tax liability based on the current tax laws. We don ’ t just do taxes ; we offer comprehensive small clientele fiscal management to small business owners who want to effectively grow and manage their businesses. We are hera year circle to discuss issues that may arise based on any changes to your income or tax situation .
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Let Your Tax Accountant Do the work

Tax Accountant

As an accounting firm, we enjoy working with our clients to provide them with the tools to plan for the future and help them achieve their goals. Don’t hesitate to call us with your questions, as it is more beneficial to plan and be proactive than to try to resolve issues after the fact. From simply adding a new member to your household to starting a new business, we are here to help with every last detail that surfaces.
As an account firm, we enjoy working with our clients to provide them with the tools to plan for the future and help them achieve their goals. Don ’ thymine hesitate to call us with your questions, as it is more beneficial to plan and be proactive than to try to resolve issues after the fact. From plainly adding a fresh member to your family to starting a new business, we are here to help with every end contingent that surfaces. tax planning is one of the more significant tax services that no family should overlook. Find out more about our CPA fast .

We provide these tax accounting services:

  • Individual income returns
  • Corporate income tax returns
  • Partnership income tax returns
  • Estate and trust tax returns
  • Sales tax returns
  • Payroll tax returns

IRS Representation

cipher likes to go to the mailbox and find a letter from the IRS, but it happens from time to time. Our tax professionals can assist you through the procedure and work with the IRS to resolve the position and keep you out of trouble, and your money in your scoop .
Your tax accountant will provide you with the comfort of knowing that person is looking out for your best interests, and won ’ thyroxine let the IRS browbeat you around. Some IRS matters are childlike and some complex, but having person to work through the action is key to moving forward .
If you owe back taxes to the IRS, our certified populace accountants may be able to assist you. Don ’ thymine try to deal with the offspring by yourself, or worse yet, not do anything about it. When you choose to work with the professionals at Larry L Bertsch, CPA & Associates, we will handle all of your IRS problems for you, and outline the best potential plan in order to resolve the issues quickly .
Call us at 702-471-7223, or fill out the form to the right, and we will get working on your case right away, to get rid of your problems with the IRS .

Tax Accounting Service FAQs

I am behind on my tax returns
For varying reasons, taxpayers will get behind on filing their tax returns. Often, the hardest thing to do is get the ball rolling again. We can help with that. No count how simple or complicated, we can come up with a plan to file the returns and deal with any amounts due the IRS. The key is to get them submitted so you can lessen the burden of filing late. Besides, if you wait besides long, you may lose out on a refund arsenic well, so it ’ mho important to get caught up if you are behind .
I received an IRS poster – what do I do ?
The IRS sends out millions of notices each year to taxpayers. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate panic and stay composure. Some letters are routine and can be resolved simply. The best advice is to deal with the comment or letter promptly. The letter or notice will give you specific instructions on how to solve the consequence or trouble. If you feel you need aid in addressing the letter or notice, please contact our function, Larry L. Bertsch CPA & Associates. A tax accountant will be glad to assist you .
I owe back taxes how do I work with the IRS
contrary to horror stories normally hear, the IRS is interest in working with you to resolve your tax balances. In all honesty, sometimes the summons is smooth. other times, it can be a battle. The are varying degrees of resolutions based on the amount that is owed. We can assist in narrowing down your options and find a solution to get through the challenges of owing the IRS .
I ’ molarity applying for a loanword and need my returns completed .
Whether you are purchasing a home or applying for a lend for other reasons, the lender will request your tax returns. If you are not current on your tax filings, you will need to get your tax returns up to date. We understand the importance of having these filings completed timely and will be sensitive to your timeline. Please call the office for an date with one of our tax experts .
Filing bankruptcy and indigence returns completed for back years
If you are filing bankruptcy, the Bankruptcy Court will require two years of tax returns. It is authoritative to discuss with your bankruptcy lawyer the ramifications of any potential tax refund due you. We can work with you at a reasonable monetary value to help you get your returns caught up for filing .
I sold my main home recently what do I report

If you can exclude the reach on the sale you don ’ t have to report the sale on the restitution. That is the simple, short version. unfortunately, not everyone can exclude the amplification as there are parameters related to the exception and if you receive a 1099 related to the sale you probably have to report the transaction on your return whether you owe taxes on the sale or not. Larry L Bertsch CPA & Associates can assist you with the proper report of the sale of your primary residency. Please call the function for an appointment .
I merely bought a rental home and needed help with my taxes .
When you have a rental property, you basically have a business. You can write off those expenses associated with operating the business i.e. mortgage concern, policy, homeowners association fees etc. If you do have a personnel casualty on the rental, there are limitations, so it is important to consult with us to discuss those limitations on how it will affect your taxable income .
Frustrated with my current tax preparer
If you feel the relationship with your current tax accountant is not meeting your needs, it may be time to change. communication between the tax preparer and client is necessary for the accurate completion of a client ’ mho returns. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have with our customers and encourage our prospective clients to interview with several firms to ensure the right meet. Call the office if you feel we can be of aid with your tax homework .
What can I deduct on my individual return ?
Deductions on your personal income tax reappearance surely vary based on your income and filing condition. The most common deductions that allow taxpayers to itemize their deductions are mortgage matter to, real estate of the realm taxes and charitable contributions .
What business expenses can I write off if I am a exclusive owner ?
As a exclusive owner, business expenses can reduce both your regular income tax a well as self-employment tax. For this reason, you want to make certain you are keeping track of all your occupation related expenses. To qualify as a commercial enterprise expense, the expense must be “ ordinary and necessity ” for your clientele. The IRS has a publication dedicated to business expenses so the list can be extensive. The most important advice is to document, document, document ! If you would like to further discuss what you can deduct, Larry L Bertsch, CPA & Associates is here to help. Just give us a call option for an appointee with a tax accountant .
What are the deductions for my partnership ?
Deductions for all businesses fall under one IRS definition- average and necessary expenses to produce the income. Costs you incur to make money are deductible against the income earned .
What is the deviation in taxes for the different entities I can set up ?
Partnership, Corporation, LLC or Sole Proprietorship are all diverse forms of business entities. The tax implications for each can be confusing and unfortunately can not be explained in just a few sentences. Some entities are considered “ pass-through ” and the income/loss is reported on the owner ’ s person tax return. A speed of light Corporation is creditworthy for its own taxes. It is crucial to understand all the diverse entities and the issues tax and otherwise associated with each form. Larry L Bertsch, CPA & Associates can go through each commercial enterprise imprint and discuss the tax implications of each .
Does my business pay the taxes ?
When you have a business earning income, you are going to have to pay taxes. Where you pay the taxes depends on what type of entity you are. At the entity horizontal surface, only C Corporations yield taxes by themselves. With early entities such as Sole Proprietors, S Corporations, and LLC/Partnerships, the taxes are paid at the individual level- which means you pay them personally on your 1040. A tax accountant can assist you in far breaking down the differences between each organizational structure for your commercial enterprise and find out what may work best for you .
I bought a new firm what can I deduct ?

The postdate are deductions related to the buy of a modern basal mansion : mortgage concern, property taxes, points you paid on the buy, premiums paid for Private Mortgage Insurance ( ending 2013 ). It is important to mention some of these deductions may disappear based on your Adjusted Gross Income ( AGI ) so it is important to discuss with a tax adviser. Please call our office and speak with a tax accountant if you have questions related to the buy of your newfangled family .

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