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Most people have several different jobs over the course of their career and studies have shown that younger generations are changing where they work more frequently than their older counterparts. Millennials spend an average of two years and nine months in a role, compared to an average of eight years and three months for pamper boomers, according to holocene data from CareerBuilder. meanwhile, more than half of Americans said they were very likely or slightly probable to look for a new job in the adjacent year, according to a holocene Bankrate survey, as more people prioritize flexibility, the ability to work remotely and higher pay in their jobs. With all this hopping from occupation to job, it can be challenging to keep track of your retirement accounts. There were about 25 million forget 401 ( kilobyte ) accounts at the end of 2021, according to estimates from Capitalize, a platform that helps people roll over their 401 ( kilobyte ) s. These forget accounts held assets worth $ 1.35 trillion in 2021, or about 20 percentage of all 401 ( thousand ) assets.

So how can you make indisputable you don ’ triiodothyronine lose cut of the assets held in these forgotten 401 ( k ) accounts ? here ’ s what you need to do .

How to find a lost 401(k)

Track down old 401(k) plan statements

The first thing you can do to find money held in forget 401 ( kilobyte ) accounts is to go through old plan statements you may have. The statements could have come in the mail or you may have received them electronically through electronic mail. Finding these statements makes it easier to know which employers you were at during the period when you had the 401 ( kilobyte ) plan and can help you determine who to contact to access your account. You can besides check with former co-workers who are silent with the company to see who you should get in touch with .

Contact former employers

If you don ’ t have your honest-to-god plan statements, the following good option is to reach out to your former employers directly, either through the Human Resources department or whoever handled benefits like retirement accounts. By providing your personal information, such as your name and Social Security count, they should be able to look up whether you participated in the 401 ( thousand ) design during your employment .

Find 401(k) plan information through the Labor Department

Another option is to find plan data through the Department of Labor ’ s web site. By locating the caller ’ second form 5500, an annual report card required to be filed for employee benefit plans, you should be able to find contact information and who the plan ’ s administrator was during your use. You may besides be able to find information on misplace accounts through FreeERISA. You must register to use the locate, but it is free to search once you ’ ve set up your account.

Search databases for unclaimed assets

If you placid can ’ metric ton find information on your lost 401 ( thousand ) plans, you can besides try searching one of the publicly available databases for unclaimed assets. The National Registry of Unclaimed Retirement Benefits is a good place to start. By entering your Social Security number, you can quickly see if there are any unclaimed retirement funds that belong to you. The money may hush be held in the employer ’ randomness plan, or the caller may have opened a particular IRA account in your name to hold the funds. You can besides search using the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators site, which will help you track down unclaimed money you may be owed, not limited to retirement assets. Be sure to check in each state you have lived or worked. The site processes tens of millions of requests each class and has helped return more than $ 3 billion in unclaimed assets annually .

What to do once you’ve found a lost 401(k)

once you ’ ve located your previous 401 ( thousand ) accounts, you ’ ll likely want to choose one of the follow options :

Roll over the old 401(k) account into your current employer’s plan

By rolling the old account into your current employer ’ second plan, you ’ ll be able to keep all your 401 ( thousand ) accounts in one position, making it easier to keep cut of them. however, most 401 ( kilobyte ) plans have a limit number of investment offerings, thus if you ’ re not felicitous with your current plan ’ mho options, you ’ re probably better off rolling the honest-to-god account into an IRA .

Roll over the old 401(k) account into an IRA

This will likely be the best option for most people because the IRA is attached to you rather of your employer, making it less probable that you ’ ll miss cut of the report again. An IRA besides comes with a much wider selection of investments than most 401 ( thousand ) plans. You ’ ll be able to choose from individual stocks american samoa well as common funds, ETFs and more.

If you don ’ metric ton already have an IRA, you ’ ll motivation to set up an account before you roll over your 401 ( kilobyte ). The action is fairly aboveboard and you can open an IRA through most on-line brokers .

Bottom line

Finding lost and forgotten 401 ( thousand ) accounts is crucial in ordering to maximize your retirement savings. Every small bit helps, so you don ’ metric ton want to let hundreds or thousands of dollars go unclaimed. evening if the amount seems small nowadays, the savings can add up over time as your investments compound and mature. Consolidating your old accounts into your stream plan or an IRA can help you organize your fiscal life and help you get a clear photograph of whether or not you ’ re on racetrack to meet your fiscal goals .

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