7 Angel Websites to Find Investors for Your Startup

Angel investors are highly beneficial for biotechnology startups who need access to early-stage fund .
Angel investors are individuals with a high net worth who have the ability to provide startups with capital in commute for fairness. While angel investors can choose to make investments in any fund-raise round, they will typically provide choose the pre-seed or seed rounds of fund. This is because their investments tend to be in the tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars rather than millions, so investing early means they can get the largest share of equity for their money .
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Angel investors are highly beneficial for biotechnology startups who need access to fund in the early stages of growth. If you are focused on research and growth to reach proof-of-concept, you might be besides early for most venture capital firms. Angel investors, however, tend to understand these earliest steps in the form of a company. After “ friends and syndicate ” fund, angel investors are the following most accept of hazard in an investment. They are frequently retired executives who are concerned in staying involved in the diligence they worked in. By investing in startups, they can continue to put their experience to good use.

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If you have decided to pursue angel fund, the following motion is : Where do you find angel investors ? One answer is, on angel investing websites. Since these are individuals making the investments, they don ’ metric ton normally have a team of people to find concern companies for them to put money into. rather, angel investors frequently become members of networks that provide an on-line chopine for startups to reach them, help in ascribable diligence, and help them syndicate their investments with other angels .
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These angel network websites are a great target to look for investors. Keep in beware that each web site and each angel has a clear-cut sphere of investment focus. Make sure to look specifically for angel investors who are interested in the biotechnology diligence. not merely will you credibly not get a reception from other investors, it besides makes you look like you didn ’ t do your inquiry before sending your peddle. Investors talk to each early, as one of their most valuable methods of determining whether to invest is what the investors they trust think of your company. Plus, an investor who understands the biotechnology diligence will not be surprised that it takes 5-10 years to see a return on their investment .
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many of these investors and investor networks maintain blogs on their web site and can be found on social media, which gives you the perfective opportunity to conduct some research before you pitch your company .
here are 7 angel investor websites where you can start your search .
AngelList is a web site dedicated specifically to help tech startups raise funds, recruit team members, and launch their business with the aid of saint investors. It ‘s easy for people to find jobs at a inauguration on this web site and invest in companies that they ‘re interested in once they join AngelList, which is why it ‘s very popular among startups that are looking to grow. The web log that ‘s maintained on this web site centers around investing and saint investors. Some of the topics that are written about on this web log include how to set up a distant team, how to incorporate diverseness into your hire action, and what the importance of agile methodology is .
If you want to follow AngelList, their Facebook and Twitter accounts are very active with regular updates, the latter of which has more than 380,000 followers .
life science angels logo
Life Science Angels is a circus tent saint investing group that focuses chiefly on such industries as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, aesculapian devices, and diagnostics. Many of the angel investors in this group are senior executives or founders of companies in the healthcare industry. When you visit their web site, you can apply for financing and obtain tips on enforce, which can be very helpful in reducing the number of mistakes you make on your application .
Tech Coast Angels Logo

Tech Coast Angels is a popular angel investment firm with regional networks extending from the Central Coast to San Diego. They have over 400 investors and provide startups with mentor, cognition, connections, and aid with building their businesses. They offer these services to startups in sectors like liveliness sciences, biotechnology, software, and information technology .
Their web site provides information to entrepreneurs in the form of blog articles and early resources. These include tips on what angel investors are looking for, thus even if Tech Coast Angels international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine where you want to apply, their resources may be utilitarian. Their social media presence is centered on Facebook and Twitter, the latter of which provides unconstipated updates that can be helpful when you want to learn more about this investment firm .
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Golden Seeds LLC is a singular early-stage investing firm that focuses specifically on providing investments to startups that were founded by or are presently run by women. The chief sectors that their angel investors fund include software, engineering, consumer products, and life sciences. The web log that they run on their web site includes new posts every calendar month that will allow you to learn more about the investors and those they fund. The Golden Seeds application process costs $ 50 and involves multiple sales talk presentations .
With over 275 investors, they are a democratic firm and have attracted 2,200 followers on Facebook and the same on Twitter. The even updates that they post on both of these accounts can help you learn more about the types of companies they invest in .
Hyde Park Angels is a group of investors that focuses on growing early-stage startups that require fund to help them grow. The chief industries that they focus on with their investments include industrial technology, information engineering, healthcare services, and fiscal services. They are presently the most active saint investor group in the Midwest with more than 130 angel investors .
When you want to follow this angel investing group, their blog includes around two posts each calendar month that center around fundraising tips and growth guidelines. If you want to follow them on social media, you can do so on Facebook and Twitter .
fundersclub logo
FundersClub admits about 2 % of all the applications it receives. however, they evaluate 100 %, so inauguration that don ’ t catch funded can hush learn from the experience. Their application is on-line, but they prefer companies to network their direction in — as in, talking to one of their portfolio companies to get a warm initiation. FundersClub benefits startups not only through investment, but besides by providing access to their network, community, and resources .
FundersClub has an impressive social network of over 29,000 followers on Facebook and complete 7,000 on Twitter .
angel investment network logo

Angel Investment Network is presently the largest group of angel investors in the world with more than 300,000 members. With such a high number of angel investors to select from, any type of business can seek fund through this investment group. The main sectors that they focus on include engineering, software, and place. The web log that they run on their site offers up the latest news program about angel investors, startups, and entrepreneurs.
With the number of angel investors, this is among the most popular angel investment groups around. You can interact with them on Facebook and Twitter where they have 20,000 and 23,000 followers respectively .
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Deciding if Angel Investment is For You

not all startups seek angel investment, or investment in general. Whether you do or not depends on your company ’ s goals and scheme. many saint investors like to be involved in advising the companies they invest in, so if that is something that appeals to you, you can look for angels who fit that description. If not, there are large venture capital firms that might take a more hands-off approach, and if you ’ d prefer to eschew investing altogether, concede fund is available through the SBIR program. Whichever path you choose, do your research first base and examine helpful websites like those listed above

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