Best Selling Products on Amazon and How to Find Them

The first thing new sellers often want to know is what are the best sell products on Amazon. And it ’ s a valid interrogate. You want to sell products that are in demand and there is batch you can learn from analyzing which items sell the most on the platform. By looking at the top-selling products on Amazon and finding out why they ’ re so democratic, you ’ ll be better able to choose items to sell that will generate a high amount of sales. Just remember that what sells actually good in one state might not sell well in another. For exercise, an item that ’ s a best seller in the US and Canada won ’ t inevitably perform well in the UK, Germany, or India. so, when you ’ re doing your research make sure you ’ re looking at the marketplace you plan on sell in. With that being said, here ’ s how to determine best selling items on Amazon and what you can learn from these products.

How to Find the Top-Selling Items on Amazon

While Amazon doesn ’ triiodothyronine let go of claim sales numbers for the products sold on its web site, they do have a act of best seller lists that let you know what products are most popular at that consequence. There are besides several software tools that can estimate sales numbers with a very high level of accuracy. When looking for best selling items, remember that you don ’ t need to be selling products in the top 100 or at the top of the all-time sales. even products that rank and file in the top 1000 or 10,000 can still be profitable. With that in mind, here are three ways to identify Amazon ’ s best-selling products : AMZScout Product Database If you want the best way to search for Amazon products, this is what you ’ re looking for. The AMZScout Product Database is a herculean intersection search tool with a variety of filters to cursorily discover amaze products with specific criteria. The benefit of this tool is that it allows you to go beyond identify products that sell well. You can besides add other criteria to find items that have untapped potential. These filters include sales, reviews, category, size, weight, and more. here is how it works : Step 1: Go to the AMZScout Product Database . Step 2: Start your free trial. Enter your electronic mail to get started ( no credit circuit board required ) Step 3: Use the search filters to define your criteria. You can find the best selling products using the sales filter to focus on items that have a gamey act of sales ( for example, monthly sales greater than 1000 ). You can besides use the class filter to narrow your search to specific categories. The Product Selections feature besides has ready-made set-ups using search criteria with raise success .Find best selling products on Amazon using AMZScout Product Databaseclose Step 4: Focus on booming trends. Check the “ Trending Products “ box to find products that had sales growth over the past one to three months. Step 5: Click “ Find Products ” to get your results. Step 6: Make a list of the items you’re most interested in. You can focus on crucial stats ( sales, reviews, etc. ) necessity to ensure your intersection will be a achiever. Additional search options provided make the AMZScout Product Database the best option for finding top-selling products on Amazon .Product database banner langing page Brainstorm New Niche and Product Ideas with the Product DatabaseTRY FOR FREE Brainstorm New Product Ideas with the Product DatabaseTRY FOR FREE Getting Ready-to-go Ideas In addition, when you sign up for an AMZScout report you ’ ll besides be given entree to monthly reports and trends. The AMZScout team will provide you with regular data on the hottest swerve items every calendar month. Plus, AMZScout ’ mho AI will use data-driven insights to choose 19 raw product ideas for you each week. You ’ ll have access to these reports within your annual or life subscription whenever you want to review them. therefore, if you ’ re ever having trouble coming up with newly products you can constantly refer to these reports .AMZScout Weekly Hot Products and Nichesclose AMZScout PRO Extension Sellers must evaluate both single products and integral niches to ensure it ‘s worth joining across multiple complementary color products. You can use the AMZScout PRO Extension to find this out ( presently available for a free test ). This handy Google Chrome propagation allows you to view historical sales data on any Amazon intersection and recess. Step 1: Simply install the AMZScout PRO Extension . Once it ’ randomness installed you ’ ll see the AMZScout picture in the clear right corner of your browser ( consider pinning for easier access ). Step 2: Browse Amazon to get product ideas. Open Amazon and search for a Product or Niche using the standard search bar. Step 3: Open the extension. once on the results page, click the reference in the upper-right-hand corner. Step 4: Check the overall quality of the niche and product. Click on “ Niche Score ” ( found at the clear ) and “ Product Score ” ( found future to each product ) to analyze niche and product demand, rival, and profitableness .Check AMZScout Niche Scores to find products to sell on Amazonclose Step 5: Estimate the demand. You should immediately see average monthly sales of the recess and each especial product. Products with high sales volume are over one thousand per month. Step 6: Check the number of reviews.

  • When selling existing branded products with early sellers, stick with a high gear number of reviews .
  • If you want to sell your personal stigmatize merchandise, having more intersection reviews across the niche might mean it is more competitive .

Step 7: Check the historical performance and seasonality of sales. Click on “ Niche History ” to analyze recess trends and “ Product History ” to see historical data for a particular product. This will show you how sales, price, and rate have been changing. Historical data tells you of the long-run viability of your merchandise .How to check Product History with AMZScout PRO Extension close The AMZScout PRO Extensions is the best digital cock for in-depth traverse and sales data over time .AMZScout PRO Advanced Find profitable products with the AMZScout PRO extensionTRY FOR FREE Find profitable products with the AMZScout PRO extensionTRY FOR FREE The Amazon Best Seller Lists You can go to the Amazon Best Sellers page where you ’ ll be able to quickly find the most popular items on the web site. The list is based on sales volume and is updated hourly with their most holocene data. It ’ second divided by category so you can see which products are most popular in every Amazon class .Amazon best selling productsclose It ’ s important to note that while this number is utilitarian, it ’ mho more of a reflection of what ’ s hot or trending at that consequence. If you analyze the Amazon best seller list over many months the number one thing you ’ ll learn is that good because a product is selling well at that here and now doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate base it will stay democratic everlastingly. In order to find the best betray products that sell systematically over clock, you ’ ll need to use more sophisticated tools .

The Top 5 Best Amazon Categories to Sell In 2022

It ’ mho not enough to just know how to check what the best sell products on Amazon are. You need to know what category you should choose to sell in. not every class is equal and some categories are better to sell in than others. We ’ ve listed our picks for the best amazon categories below, along with what you can learn from the best sell items in those categories .


Books - top selling products on amazon #1close If anyone tries to tell you the written bible is dead, they ’ rhenium incorrect. Books are more democratic than ever, and that includes physical books as good. While e-book sales are growing, paperback and hardback sales remain impregnable ampere well. Selling new and use physical books is one of the best ways to get started as an Amazon seller, making it one of our front-runner categories. The reason books are great to sell is because they ’ rhenium slowly to source and they have a big net income margin. Whether you buy your books from a jobber, a big sale at a use reserve memory, or a yard sale, there ’ s the likely to make a great return on your investment by selling them on Amazon. What You Can Learn from the Best Selling Books Books are one category where you do need to stay on lead of trends. By looking at the top-selling books you ’ ll be able to see which current titles are blistering at that moment. however, you can gather a few more insights as well .Analyze the book category on Amazonclose

  • Authors

When you analyze the best sellers using the Web App and Pro Extension, take note of which authors are near the acme. Oftentimes, when an generator has a best seller it besides increases the popularity of their previous titles. indeed, it might be a good investment to stock up on other works by best selling authors. You can besides look at sales trends to see which authors sell the most systematically over time then you know who to invest in the most .

Genre is another important thing to consider. By analyzing the best seller datum you ’ ll be able to see which genres are the most popular. That way you ’ ll be able to better identify books that will sell and books that you should avoid .

  • Trends

last, analyze historic trends to identify classic books that constantly sell well. These are books that are extremely popular and will always continue to generate sales. Try to breed up on these books a much as you can .

Toys & Games

Toys & games - top selling products on amazon #2close No matter how busy people get, they finally need to relax and have playfulness. Because of this, you can always depend on the Toys & Games class to generate a large number of sales. The big thing about this class is that many of the most popular items are relatively childlike and bum for sellers to purchase. Things like card games and display panel games won ’ triiodothyronine set you back a short ton and can be resold on Amazon for a good profit. Plus, these types of products rarely come with any defects meaning you ’ ll be able to avoid a set of customer complaints. What You Can Learn From the Best Selling Toys and Games Like books, the Toys & Games categories besides largely depend on trends. There will always be a new hot toy or plot that everyone wants. Analyzing best seller datum will help you stay on top of what ’ s popular in that category and capitalize on surges in popularity .Check AMZScout product history of toys & gamesclose Of path, for hold success you want to find items that have coherent sales all year long. This is where looking at historical trends can be very helpful. By analyzing which toys and games have sold the best over the entire class you can identify items that are constantly popular and will systematically produce sales. You can besides look at the best sellers to see which categories within Toys & Games sell well. This could allow you to identify a niche within the category and focus on that .

Home & Kitchen

Home & kitchen - top selling products on amazon #3close Home & Kitchen is one of the most popular categories and generates a massive measure of sales. then naturally, it ’ mho one of the best categories to choose to sell products in. There are batch of options when it comes to products. Some of these items are complicated and expensive, but there are besides batch of products that are relatively simple and won ’ thymine adjust you back a short ton. Things like kitchen utensils, oven hand, and measuring cups all make for full products to sell. What You Can Learn from the Best Selling Home & Kitchen Products

  • Timeless

Unlike the early two categories we ’ ve talked about then far, things don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate deepen a lot in Home & Kitchen. Things like kitchen knives, mixing lawn bowling, and aprons are always going to be popular and there international relations and security network ’ metric ton a whole lot of initiation happening when it comes to these sorts of products .

  • Reviews

What very determines whether a product will sell in this category is the quality and how well made it is. sol, when looking at the top-selling items in this class it ’ s a good estimate to read the reviews. What do people like about these products that make them so democratic ? What do people wish could be improved ?Analyze LQS and reviews of home and kitchen categoryclose By analyzing what ’ s working and what ’ s not you ’ ll be in a much better position to come up with a winning product .

Beauty & Personal Care

Beauty & personal care - top selling products on amazon #4close Everyone wants to look their best, so you can always count on the beauty class to drive sales. Plus there are always new products being released, and even an emerging men ’ mho grocery store, meaning there are enough of opportunities to grow your stock. You ’ ll want to stay away from anything that could be a health risk, such as skin wish, hair products, beauty supplements, and other chemical-based products. even if what you ’ re sell is organic there are inactive risks. however, there are plenty of smaller more simple products that are great choices for sellers. If you stick to these you ’ ll have a much better prospect at success. What You Can Learn from the Best Selling Beauty Products As we all know, fashion is constantly evolving. The best selling products will normally tell you which direction the industry is going so you can plan accordingly. fortunately, trends in the smasher industry normally last longer than those in the dally industry, so if you catch a course early you can normally ride it out for a while .Use AMZScout to analyze niche history of beauty & personal careclose As with any class, you ’ ll want to identify which products have systematically sold well over the last year. You can besides use diachronic trends to find the most popular brands so you can focus on those ( if you aren ’ t selling your own products ) .

Sports & Outdoors

Sports & outdoors - top selling products on amazon #5close Sports & Outdoors are a great class for the like argue as Toys & Games : everyone needs to have fun every now and then and enjoy some refreshment time. You do need to be careful about which products you sell in this class, as there are some that are a little more complicated, on the larger side, and just excessively heavy. But there are besides batch of childlike items that are capital choices for individual sellers. What You Can Learn from the Best Selling Sports and Outdoors Products While sports equipment more or less stays the same, the seaworthiness industry is full moon of trends that are systematically evolving. then, looking at the category ’ randomness best sellers is a good direction to stay on circus tent of what ’ s popular .Use AMZScout to analyze product history of Sports & Outdoorsclose By using tools like the Pro Extension to look at the best sellers in this class over the past year, you ’ ll besides be able to see which products are seasonal and which ones sell all year round. Just because something sells well at Christmas doesn ’ t think of it will sell great in the summer. many sports are seasonal worker so judge and find products that can be sold any time of year .

Other Categories to Consider

In addition to the categories above, you should besides consider selling in :

  • Patio, Lawn, & Garden
  • Pet Supplies
  • Camera & Photo
  • Electronics
  • Baby Items
  • office Supplies

If you plan to sell homemade or handmade items, try making products for one of the categories discussed above .


Selling on Amazon is a great business strategy. With therefore many people having Amazon Prime memberships, and sales continually growing, they are well surpassing other retailers like eBay and Etsy. It doesn ’ t attend like the retail elephantine is slowing down indeed you might american samoa well leap on control panel. Looking at the best selling products on Amazon can teach you a draw about what items you should be selling on the platform. Just remember that it ‘s not enough to just look at what ’ s selling best today, this week, or even this month. You need to know what ’ s been selling all class. Using tools like AMZScout ’ s Product Database and PRO Extension will allow you to take a deeper front at the top-selling products and find items that will be profitable. This is the best strategy if you want to make money through your Amazon FBA, dropshipping, or affiliate business .AMZScout Amazon Seller's Bundle Get All Tools You Need to Start Selling on Amazon with a bit-by-bit runTRY FOR FREE

Find your first product with a barren AMZScout Trial !Get AMZScout Now

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