Find Real Estate Cash Buyers for a Speedy Sale

Whether you ’ re an investor looking for a rapid sale so you can move on to your next batch or a homeowner trying to unload a property quickly to avoid fiscal filter, you ’ re in search of real estate cash buyers to purchase your house without a drawn-out or uncertain summons .
According to the loan software firm ICE Mortgage Technology, it took 54 days on average to close a home purchase lend in December 2021. If you are relocating for a new job or want to move on with your life after a divorce, about two months to sell your home seems like an eternity .
In a HomeLight sketch of top agents, 58 % expect the upswing in cash offers to continue throughout 2022 as sellers want public toilet, speed, and certainty .
Dan Colofranson, a top real number estate agent who sells properties 47 % faster than the average agent in Cape Coral, Florida, says cash buyers can eliminate doubt, whereas mortgage-backed home purchases can come with delays or even deal breakers, such as gloomy appraisals. “ In a rising market the manner we are today and how promptly homes are going up in measure, when you get into some offer wars you don ’ t have to worry will the house be appraised or not because it ’ s not based on a mortgage, ” Colofranson explains.

His client received a cash offer of $ 60,000 over the ask price, but the sale likely would have fallen through because of a low appraisal if the buyer needed finance .

Benefits of real estate cash buyers

  • Reduce the time it takes to close your sale. Turnaround time for a cash sale typically takes as little as one to two weeks because you bypass the most time-consuming steps of a buyer getting a mortgage and appraisal.
  • Take away risks of your sale falling through. According to January 2022 data reported by the National Association of Realtors®, more than one-fifth of terminated contracts were ended due to financing issues, while inspection concerns ended one quarter of terminated real estate deals.
  • Save money on repairs and commission. Investors making a cash offer are more likely to purchase a house as-is, so you can cut costs for renovations, staging, and curb appeal projects. When you add in agent commissions, you could save an average of $31,000 in selling costs, according to HomeLight data.
  • Sell your home without the headaches and hassle. You’ll avoid the inconvenience of showings, open houses, and renovations.
  • Move according to your time frame. Since you don’t have to wait for a third party to approve a loan or appraisal, you’ve got flexibility on your closing date so you can move when it suits your schedule.

According to the National Association of Realtors®, cash purchases comprised 27 % of transactions in January 2022, up 8 % over the former January. Colofranson expects this drift to continue as concern rates rise and inventory remains humble .
So how can you cash in on the opportunity to sell your house cursorily and reduce upfront costs ? top agents and experienced investors recommend these seven strategies to find cash buyers for houses .

1. Keep it simple with HomeLight’s Simple Sale platform

If you ’ re besides busy to search for cash buyers on your own, let HomeLight ’ second Simple Sale platform do the knead for you .
dim-witted Sale is among the largest real estate cash buyer networks in the U.S. that connects sellers with cash buyers actively seeking homes in their sphere. We ’ ll handle all the details to find qualify cash buyers so you can get a competitive offer .

Follow the ‘Simple’ route with these steps:

  1. Answer a few questions online about your home, location, and selling timeline.
  2. HomeLight then evaluates which cash buyer is the best fit.
  3. You’ll get a competitive cash offer in as few as 48 hours.
  4. If you accept the cash offer, choose the move date that works for you, and start packing. It’s that simple.

Although cash offers are typically discounted as a tradeoff for the convenience of a agile closing— you can expect to get about 90 % -95 % of market respect — you ’ ll spare time and money on repairs, agent commissions, and close costs .
Whether you ’ d quite spend your retirement traveling in an RV than make renovations or plan to move in two weeks for a modern job, simple Sale provides the solution .

Find Real Estate Cash Buyers Near You

childlike Sale, a solution from HomeLight, has a net of very estate cash buyers on its platform. Our partner investors have a wide range of investment strategies, including fix-and-flip and buy-and-hold .
Learn More

2. Work with an investor-savvy real estate agent

A well-connected veridical estate agentive role who is active in the local investor community can be an invaluable asset even if your goal is to avoid a conventional list serve .
By networking with house flippers and landlords who rely on agents to hear about new deals, they have the inside track to finding cash buyers. They ’ ll besides know if your property align with an investor ’ second buy-box, which refers to their parameters around the condition, price charge, and location of homes they prefer to buy .
Agents can besides scan tax records to find LLCs that sign investor-owned houses. “ If the same LLC owns multiple homes nearby, they might probable be a good expectation for the seller ’ s home, ” says Greg Kurzner, CEO of an Atlanta house buying company. He adds that agents have access to PropStream and early industry tools for finding investment properties .
Investors are looking for a good share, so be prepared to accept a lower price if you want a flying cash sale, cautions Colofranson. however, working with a top agent who lists your theater on the MLS attracts countrywide investment firms with deeper pockets a well as buyers who have searched a long time and can outbid the contest with a cash offer .
If you ’ ve inherited property that you need to sell cursorily or have a family in a popular address that would be an ideal vacation rental, get in touch with an agent experienced in the investment arena to find real estate cash buyers in your vicinity .

3. Check public records for cash sales

Find cash buyers by searching place sales entered into public records. You can conveniently access sales history on-line since many agencies house their records this room with limited options for in-person visits .
Follow these tips on how to find cash buyers via public records :

  • Contact your county clerk recorder’s office, county courthouse, or city hall for guidelines on searching public records in your area.
  • Pay particular attention to houses that were bought and sold within a year, especially ones that were bought low and sold high. These are most likely flip transactions, so contact the owner to find out if they are looking for new investment properties.
  • Search for other clues that a cash buyer made the purchase such as no mortgage lien or the owner is an LLC.

If you prefer doing online research alternatively of hiring contractors to make repairs, check public records to find investors tidal bore to purchase your home as-is.

4. Show up at property auctions

When a homeowner stops paying the monthly mortgage, the house could finally go into foreclosure and be auctioned off. Buyers who attend these auctions have cash to spend on foreclosed or distressed properties .
here ’ south your game design :

  1. Find out when auctions are scheduled in your area and choose which to attend. Websites such as provide information about upcoming auctions. Look for in-person auctions rather than those that are online for networking opportunities. Contact your county’s Sheriff’s Department or visit their website for a listing of foreclosures.
  2. Arrive early and come prepared to pitch your property.
  3. Introduce yourself to potential buyers, share your contact information, and request theirs.
  4. Follow up with an email restating your interest in working with them on investment deals. Those investors who don’t win their bid may be particularly interested in hearing from you, especially since they can avoid paying a sizable auction fee.

If you ’ ra outgoing and want to personally meet prospective buyers, networking at a property auction could be your winning move .

5. Join a local real estate club

Join a local actual estate investment ( REI ) club to meet cash buyers. Small, privately run groups arsenic well as nationally accredit real estate investment associations or REIAs provide opportunities to connect with investors face to face .
When you attend meetings, introduce yourself to investors and explain that you ’ rhenium looking for cash buyers. Exchange contact information and follow up on any leads with a phone call or e-mail .
however, do your homework before joining an REI golf club. Some clubs have membership fees or ulterior motives, such as asking members to crowdfund real estate of the realm investments .
If you enjoy meeting new people and can ’ t wait to get back out into the populace, a local real estate of the realm club could open doors to potential buyers with cash to invest .

6. Connect with landlords on Craigslist

While you might be familiar with Craigslist to find a garage sale or sell furniture, actual estate of the realm investors utilize the classified ads website to hunt for their next fixer-upper. Investors who promote homes for sale or rip are frequently in the marketplace to buy new investment properties .
But proceed with caution and don ’ t polarity any documents until you ’ ve done your due diligence. Since the web site is free, not every list and run will be legitimate or worthwhile .
Make the most out of Craigslist as an investor search tool by following these tips :

  • Post advertisements for your home in the real estate section. Keep it short and to the point, focusing on the property’s key benefits for the buyer. Include a call to action, such as following a link to the listing, visiting a social media page, or sending you an email.
  • Search for qualified buyers. Find cash buyers, house flippers, and landlords in your area by entering search terms like “real estate investors,” “I buy houses,” “sell house for cash,” and “sell my house quickly.” Then browse the results and contact promising leads.
  • Have the right info on hand. Gather all important property information to provide prospective buyers including asking price, the cost of necessary repairs, photos and/or videos, and neighboring sales comps.

For computer-savvy homeowners who don ’ t want to put their savings into home renovations, browsing on-line classifieds could generate leads for cash buyers without spending a dime .

7. Attend open houses at nearby fixer-uppers

Kurzner suggests checking the MLS to find fixer-uppers for sale in your area. then show up at open houses where you ’ re probable to run into cash buyers who are actively seeking investment opportunities .
Introduce yourself to investors and obtain their contact information or business cards. Follow up with them late to make your lurch .
Consider networking with investors scouting out nearby fixer-uppers if you ’ d preferably attend unfold houses than spend the time and money to prep, stage, and hold your own outdoors house .

Where’s the cash?

As sake rates rise, prices escalate, and demand outpaces inventory, buyers will pay cash to outbid competitors for the firm of their dreams. An all-cash deal means a immediate, hassle-free sale that ’ s not contingent on finance blessing or subject to roadblocks presented by a low appraisal. This results in much faster closings, much less than two weeks rather of two months.

While sellers have diverse reasons for seeking cash buyers, such as needing a quick sale without contingencies to resolve a fiscal dilemma or not wanting to disrupt their lives with staging, showings, and assailable houses, in nowadays ’ south competitive real number estate market cash buyers might even pay the highest price for your home .
While cash offers will tend to beat out offers with finance, this international relations and security network ’ t constantly the shell. Colofranson explains that the agent helps sellers evaluate all offers to determine which is best for them and their situation .
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