From Whales to One-Offs: A Guide to Finding CRE Investors

From brokers looking to reservoir property sales, to investors looking to expand their existing portfolio, finding commercial actual estate of the realm investors can be a unmanageable tax at times .
With the right tools and resources, however, building long-run lucrative relationships with commercial veridical estate investors can be done with more ease and efficiency than ever before .
In this post, we’ll be discussing how to find investors of all kinds through effective commercial real estate analysis.

Commercial Real Estate Investors

From massive companies to individual people, anyone can build a commercial real estate portfolio.

Companies like Blackstone own thousands of properties countrywide, totaling more than $ 400 billion in value .
A small team or individual might barely own a few properties for rental income .
Whatever the shell may be, finding the mighty investor for you can be time-consuming .
With Reonomy and a few early resources, however, you can build lasting commercial enterprise relationships faster than ever before. Below we ’ ll appearance you how .

How to Find Commercial Real Estate Investors

From investors in a certain area, to those who invest in a certain asset type, and on—you can immediately find commercial property investors of all kinds, in any region, without even leaving your calculator .
You can even see the full ownership portfolios of those owners to gain more insight into their properties and owning tendencies ( more on that late ) .

Finding Investors in Your Area

In most cases, you ’ ll want to find investors nearest you, or nearest to your focus market .
With Reonomy, you can search specifically within any grocery store across the state to find local property owners—by express, city, county, nothing code, street name, or street address .

Reonomy Property Search by Location

To search for nearby property investors, visit the Location tab on the Reonomy search platform and enter a city, energy code, county, or street address .
Reonomy Multi Family Homes for Sale in Orlando Florida
Let ’ s say, for model, that you ’ re a commercial agent in Minneapolis, and would like to find a local office building investor to get in touch with .
In Reonomy, you can just start your search by adding Minneapolis as your city or MSA location .
To get flush more farinaceous with your property placement search, you can besides add a county, slide fastener code, street name, or claim street cover .
once you apply your property location filters, you ’ ll get a list of results that match your search. At that point, you can add extra filters, including asset type filters, sales, and debt filters .
Your place search can be used to find those that invest in properties in specific areas with identical specific characteristics .
If you ’ re looking to enter a raw grocery store, a Reonomy place research can besides be used to identify investors in rising commercial substantial estate markets .

Reonomy Property Owner Portfolio

Within the tilt of results you get from your property search, you can click into the profile page of a property of interest, then visit the Ownership tab key to see the owning person or entity along with their associated contact information .
When using Reonomy, you can evening go beyond the owning LLC to get contact information for the individuals associated with that LLC .
Below, you can see that a Reonomy owner visibility on a unmarried property includes the report owner, then the LLC associated to that ownership, and the people associated to that LLC .
Reonomy Property Owner Profile
To search an ownership portfolio, copy the name of the individual or LLC that owns your property of matter to, return to the Ownership search check and spread the diagnose into the Owner name ( for people ) or Owner of read ( for LLCs ) search bar .
Reonomy Owner Portfolio Search
Given the nature of how owners use LLCs, you can besides take the person names of those associated with a property owning LLC, and search them individually .
so, not merely can you see all of the properties associated with an LLC, you can besides see all of the properties associated with all of the individuals that are apart of that LLC .

Join a Real Estate Investors Association (REIA)

For those in the investing game themselves, networking is besides a terrific way to find and meet other local commercial place investors .
quite just, network is a necessity when it comes to commercial property investing .
Joining a real estate of the realm investors association is a great room to find local investors. In fact, it ’ s a great way to find investors nationally, and even internationally, as well .
immediately getting the opportunity to speak individually to other investors is an immediate way to build rapport with them and start off on the mighty infantry .
once you meet person interested in building a alike portfolio, you ’ ve basically gotten a drumhead startle .
By running a quick Google search with “ real estate of the realm investors affiliation near me, ” you ’ ll cursorily find a nearby landmine for network .
Examples include the Atlanta Real Estate Investors Alliance ( Atlanta REIA ), the Milwaukee REIA, Cincinnati REIA, and the Houston REIA .
You can besides find a long ton of local events by signing up for Meetup and searching through their commercial real estate of the realm events where investors will be award .

How to Find Real Estate Investors by Property Type

To identify property investors based on the asset character that they focus on, you can once again dive into a Reonomy Property Search .
rather of starting your search with a location, you can begin your search with a particular asset character and work from there .

Multi-Family Investors and Apartment Investors

To find multi-family investors, start a Reonomy property search by entering the “ Multi-Family ” research check and selecting the applicable multi-family place types .
once you add an asset type percolate, you can further trickle your search based on a specific placement ( as mentioned above ), and add other filters for count of units, build up and bunch feather footage, most recent sale date and price, and more .
Reonomy Multi-Family Investors

From there, you can use the lapp process mentioned above to find property owners and analyze their full portfolio .
Meetup besides has commercial property investor gatherings specifically related to multi-family properties, again making that another capital option for those that like to use networking to their advantage .

Land Investors

To identify and connect with farming investors, go to Reonomy ’ second asset type filters and visit the Vacant Land check .
In this tab key, you ’ ll be able to select from a bevy of land types, from agricultural land, to residential vacant land, to recreational land, mobile home lots, and on .
Reonomy Land Investors
To dive into more specific properties, you can besides add filters for distribute size—in acres or square feet. You can besides search by property partition, arsenic well as sales history, debt history, and on .

Hotel Investors

When running a property search on Reonomy, you can besides search for hotel investors by visiting the Commercial tab key of the search platform .
here, hotel properties can be found in two places—hospitality properties and mixed-use properties. Depending on your specific requirements, you can find investors that own hotels, motels, resorts, or hotel mixed-use properties .

Retail Real Estate Investors

retail real number estate of all kinds can besides be found on Reonomy .
From car washes, to bars and restaurants, to stores, car compensate shops, to retail/residential or retail/office mixed-use, you can find and access the place owner portfolios of investors of retail place in any placement .
Reonomy Hotel and Retail Investors

How to Find Real Estate Investors by Size

investment motives are based on where the investor is located, what property type they specialize in, and what type of render they are looking for from their portfolio .
There are large-scale investors, mid-size investors, and small/individual investors .
The portfolio sizes and monetary differences in each tier can be quite drastic, and so searching for them can be fairly different a well .

Large-Scale Investors

large-scale, or “ whale ” investors, are the ones that have a very ample portfolio, and alike, a ample income .
These companies are normally institutional entities like banks, indemnity firms, and big corporations .
These investment groups may have diversified portfolios, or they may own a high volume of a one asset type. They ’ ll besides normally own properties in many locations, sometimes across the entire state, and frequently in primary markets .
Large Commercial Investors
To find large-scale investors, you can begin your search as you always would, with a localization and asset type. From there, you can add filters that would signify large properties and large portfolios .
here, with Reonomy, you can run a property search and add filters such as sale price, building area and size, number of units, year built, and more .
You may besides want to search through areas with gamey rates of growth, as big investors are much at the forefront of building up under-developed regions .
Simply, across the dining table, you can search for big, mid-size, and small investors by diving into their portfolios and seeing the phone number of properties they own .

Mid-Size Investors

Mid-size investors normally consist of fairly ample, but not huge investment firms. An case might be a regional bank .
medium-sized portfolios will besides range in their diversification .
geographically, however, they ’ ll be more localized than large firms, although their portfolio may still span across an stallion city, county, or state .
Mid-Size Investors
To search Reonomy for mid-size investors, your best bet is to search locally for properties of a specific asset character – asset types can vary .
Mid-size investors will likely invest in offices, apartment buildings, retail, or other reasonably-sized properties .

Small/Individual Investors

small or individual investors may be a single person, family, or clientele building a portfolio of entirely a handful of properties, and will typically be concerned in rental income or business-occupied properties .
These investors will have a lot more place portfolios, much times focused on a single city or town, and will besides normally focus on one asset class .
Small Investors
Finding small investors normally requires you to search for local businesses or multi-family properties within a very enclose location .
You can besides search by sale monetary value to find properties that have sold for relatively moo or local prices. minor investors can be found in virtually any market nationally .

One-Off Buyers

It ’ s important to distinguish place investors from property buyers, ampere well .
One-off, single buyers are people that are just looking to purchase a commercial property for their own use, or for their own little fiscal gain—often times retail or multi-family properties .
With no ongoing need for properties, erstwhile buyers do not fit into the lapp relationship building requirements of more involve property investors.

If you ’ re looking to identify erstwhile buyers for a commercial property, visit our previous article here .
regardless of the size of the investor, location, or type of property investor you ’ re looking to connect with, it ’ s all a matter of setting yourself up with the right data and search tools .
Pairing your existing marketplace expertness with in-depth looks at investor portfolios can help you craft consummate conversation starters and potentially begin what could be a durable, lucrative relationship .

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