How to set up Bank of America direct deposit (3 easy steps)

Getting paid through direct sediment is easy and convenient. If you ’ re considering opening a Bank of America ( BoA ) account to receive your wage, check out these Bank of America reviews to help you pick the justly one for you. And if you already have an report, consumption this guide to BoA calculate depository to set up aim deposit to your Bank of America report .
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What is direct deposit?

As the appoint might suggest, with direct down payment your money – whether that ’ s your wage or federal benefits paid through the U.S. Treasury – is deposited right into your account when it ’ mho released. No messing about with checks, or waiting for processing – and no risk of your payment getting lost or stolen, either.

Setting up direct deposit is reasonably simple. normally you ’ ll fair have to complete a Bank of America ACH human body or BoA lineal deposit shape and hand it to your employer. Some companies even have on-line portals to arrange direct deposits, making the wholly thing paper-free .

How to set up Bank of America direct deposit in 3 easy steps

Setting up your send sediment is easy : ¹

  1. Get Bank of America’s direct deposit form here. Alternatively, download the BoA direct deposit application or access the prefilled form in online banking
  2. Give your application to your employer – the payroll team can make arrangements to set up direct deposit payments to your Bank of America account
  3. Check in your online or mobile banking to see the payments arrive on payday

To complete your application, you ’ ll necessitate : ²

  • Your Bank of America account number
  • The correct Bank of America routing number
  • Your employer’s name and address including zip code
  • Your name, address and signature

bank of america direct deposit

Set up Bank of America direct deposit from your employer

Setting up a Bank of America aim situate payment for your wage is easy. In fact, setting up target deposits with one bank or another may even be required by your employer, as it saves them money. To encourage employee sign up, some businesses have on-line portals where you can get your direct deposits arranged – check with your payroll department if this is possible for you .
If not, you can download the Bank of America target deposit form, complete it and bridge player it in to payroll to get set up. If you ’ re enrolled in on-line bank you can even get a prefilled shape – just check over the details, polarity and hired hand over to your employer .

Set up a Bank of America direct deposit from the U. S. Treasury

If you receive benefits or other payments through the U.S. Treasury, you can request a direct sediment requital in the take after ways :

  1. Sign up online at
  2. Apply by phone on 8003331795
  3. Visit a Bank of America financial center to discuss your requirements

What time does direct deposit hit your Bank of America account?

steer deposits paid into Bank of America accounts will arrive on the same day they ’ re released by the depositor .

Bank of America direct deposit: How long does it take?

Bank of America doesn ’ thyroxine publish particular deposit times. however, you can set up your on-line or fluid banking to receive alerts whenever a deposit is received. That way, you ’ ll know when your money has arrived safely .
bank of america direct deposit

Bank of America direct deposit: Should you set one up?

Getting your pay, sociable security system or other union benefits paid directly into your bank account is commodious, quick and free. It ’ s safer than handling checks, can be paid even if you ’ re not physically in your office on payday and can mean you get your money more cursorily compared to early methods. If that sounds good to you – why not set up Bank of America direct deposits nowadays ?

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Set up your requital on-line and have it delivered to your recipient ’ s deposit report for convenience. You ’ ll see how long your requital will take to arrive when you set it up – knowing payments are often much faster than your even bank can manage .
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direct deposits for wage and U.S. Treasury payments are commodious and free. What ’ s not to love ?
If you have a Bank of America report, you can easily set up a direct depository. To get started, head to your on-line bank to get your prefilled direct deposit form and all the data you could need .

Frequently asked questions

Does Bank of America have free direct deposit?

Yes. Bank of America direct deposits are free .

Why didn’t my direct deposit go through Bank of America?

If your direct deposit requital is delayed, this may mean that it was released by your employer late than usual. If the transfers missed BoA ’ mho payment deadline, this can result in inadequate delays. Ask your employer ’ sulfur payroll department for more information, so you can track your payment .

Does Bank of America do early direct deposit?

Bank of America lineal down payment payments are available on the same day they ’ re released by the employer or other depositor .
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