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What’s a W2?

A Form W-2 is a wage and tax statement that summarizes how much you earned and how much you paid in taxes throughout the year if you work for an employer. Employers withhold taxes from your paychecks and send those payments to the IRS, and once the year is over, your employer sends a copy of the W-2 to both you and the IRS .
Form W-2 is by far the most common shape on tax returns. Let ’ s front at how to fill out that screen .

Employee Information (That’s You)

We can pre-fill this first section for you when you click your name at the acme. But you should confirm that the information in this incision – list, address and thus forth – matches what is on your actual composition or electronic W-2 – even if that information is incorrect .
therefore if the W-2 you received misspells your diagnose, use the wrong spelling here. The lapp goes for your street address, city, state and ZIP Code. Copy them exactly as you see them. Don ’ metric ton worry, a misspelling won ’ thymine keep a refund from getting to you. That ‘s tied to what you enter on the Name & Address screen. The W-2 screen door is only for your W-2 information, and it needs to match what the IRS has already received from your employer.

Employer Information

This information comes from boxes B and C at the top of your paper or electronic W-2 .
The employer ’ second EIN ( Employer Identification Number ) is a ask 9-digit numeral that ‘s issued by the IRS. If an employer issues W-2s, it must have an EIN. If your W-2 is missing the EIN, call your employer to get it. If the employer says you don ’ t need it, call the IRS at 800-829-1040 for their instructions. The W-2 can ’ triiodothyronine be e-filed without an EIN on it .
Enter the employer ’ name, address, city, express and ZIP as shown on the W-2. If your employer has a extraneous address, click the “ I need to enter a extraneous address ” connect to bring up those fields .
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Federal Amounts

Lines 1 through 11 are for the assorted union amounts shown on your W-2. Line 1, “ Wages, tips, other recompense, ” is required. Do n’t use decimals or cents. besides, if a occupation on your paper or electronic form does not have a visualize to transfer to this part, do not enter a zero on the screen door – just leave the field blank. Some of the other fields may be filled in automatically once the Line 1 wages are entered, but make sure that this section matches your wallpaper or electronic human body before going on .
Lines 12a through 12d are for special tax discussion codes for a assign of your wages. If your W-2 doesn ’ metric ton have anything on these lines, cut this segment on-line. If your form does have something here, take manage to choose the compensate tax code in the on-line form, using the drop menu.

On each of those four lines, the first drop menu is for the special tax code itself ; the second box on each line is for a year, used for contributions under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act ( USERRA ) ; and the third box is for the total of money for that code. Again, if your W-2 doesn ’ thymine have anything for the year, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate blue-ribbon anything on the screen .
Moving on to Line 13, we see a checkbox for a statutory employee. statutory employees are mugwump contractors, but are considered employees by the ship’s company. This type of employment can carry special rules for Social Security and Medicare taxes. alone check the box if it ’ south checked on your newspaper or electronic W-2 .
Line 14 is for a special set of state codes. These would show up on your paper or electronic shape in Box 14 along with an amount for the code. These line 14 amounts are normally not used on your federal tax recurrence .
There is besides a flatten menu to select a especial engage type, which will reflect how the W-2 is to be treated on the federal render. An example is the choice for nontaxable battle pay. Your paper or electronic W-2 will not indicate anything about a particular engage type, so unless you know that your W-2 qualifies for a specific IRS especial wage type, leave this blank .

State and Local Amounts

If your state does not have country income tax, skip this section completely. Don ’ t even select your country .
If your state does have an income tax, you should have amounts for lines 15 through 17. You may or may not besides have info in lines 18 – 20. If there are state amounts to enter, your employer must have a country ID number. If your paper or electronic W-2 does n’t have one, call your employer or your country department of gross or tax.

If you need another state or vicinity for the lapp employer, click the “ I need to add a state/locality ” link to add more spaces .

Moving On

Don ’ t forget to click Save when you ’ re through, and that ’ s in truth all there is to it .
Our consultation will guide you to filling out the W-2. If you had more than one employer, fair pawl Federal Taxes > Review on the left, then the connection for “ I ‘d like to see all federal forms. ” In the section called My Forms, attend for your W-2 in the list, then click the Add imprint clitoris to add another .

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