How Much Will My Home Rent For? 6 Ways to Calculate a Fair Rent Price

You ’ ve debated whether to put your house up for sale or rent it out. You ’ ve analyzed the market, done your inquiry, and, after drawn-out circumstance, you ’ ve ultimately decided to avoid the fuss of selling and get a tenant. You breathe a sigh of relief. now onto the easy part, you assume : setting the rent price .
not so fast. Landing on a fair-market value for your rental can be a big challenge, particularly if you haven ’ thymine rented a family before. You don ’ triiodothyronine want to leave money on the table, but you besides don ’ thyroxine want your rental sitting vacant because you ’ re charging excessively much .
There ’ s no one-size-fits-all answer to setting your economic rent price, but there are ways to make it easier. That ’ second where we come in. With the assistant of real estate professionals, we ’ ve gathered six ways to calculate how much your home will rent for .

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What to know before setting lease
Method 1 : Set lease using the home ’ s prize
Method 2 : Set rip using comps
Method 3 : Set economic rent using your own fiscal needs
Method 4 : Set rip using an on-line calculator
Method 5 : Use a actual estate of the realm professional
Method 6 : Leave it to the rental ship’s company
How to create a rental number

A graph to figure out how much your home will rent for.

What to know before setting rent

Before you can evening draft a number for your rent, there are some considerations to take into bill. Texas real estate agent Ryan Kutter, who has 16 years of know in the industry, says the first thing you need to think about is why you ’ re renting your home and what purpose it is serving .
Are you looking for monthly tax income and hoping to receive some extra income ? Or are you interest in what Kutter calls “ asset appreciation, ” meaning owning real estate and reaping the benefits of its admiration while a tenant subsidizes your costs ? Kutter considers the former a “ short-run point of view, ” which a homeowner that is ineffective to sell their home plate or person not interested in selling at the here and now might be interested in. The latter goal is more of a long-run see, where a homeowner is concerned in real number estate investments while a tenant provides some income to keep up with the property .
Every homeowner is different, and the reason for renting varies across all properties. But understanding your long-run goals will help you figure out how your rental price fits into your future plans and what price meets all of your needs .

Method 1: Set rent using the home’s value

Some experts suggest that landlords set a rend price at 0.8 % to 1.1 % of the home plate ’ s value per month. In the second quarter of 2021, the U.S. medial home price was $ 374,900, which would make for a rental price somewhere between $ 2,999 and $ 4,124. hera ’ s what to know :

Leveraging online tools

start by finding your home ’ s value using HomeLight ’ s real-world home rate calculator or a similar creature. These resources will give you a complete photograph of your home ’ s worth and provide a solid number to work with .

How to set your rent

For homes worth importantly less than the medial U.S. value, you credibly want to set a rental price nearer to 1.1 %. For homes worth more, 0.8 % is possibly a more naturalistic lease price .

Basic law of supply and demand

If caparison prices are up and the stock is low, the demand for rentals besides goes up. The like is true in the opposite steering. But, according to Cosmo Spellings, a real estate agent with over 15 years of know in the Florida panhandle area, you can entirely expect about a 10 % fluctuation up or down in rental prices as caparison markets shift .
so, if a property rents for $ 1,000 a calendar month in a normal market, he says you could expect to get $ 1,150 in a high market .

Method 2: Set rent using comps

good like an appraiser values a home using comps, you can do the same matter with rentals .

Researching similar properties

first, find rental homes comparable to yours ( size, age, features, location ) that are renting and evaluate the current rental income they ’ re render. If you are uncertain of your dwelling ’ s current value, you can use comps to determine this and then use the previously mentioned 0.8 % to 1.1 % road map .
There are numerous ways to research comps but start by searching local listings in the paper or on-line for rentals. additionally, sales prices might help you gauge how the marketplace looks american samoa well .

How to set your rent

The key features to examine in comps are the square footage, issue of bedrooms, count of bathrooms, and its location, Kutter says. Spellings adds any holocene renovations are thoroughly to look at a well. “ Renters are more volition to pay a higher dollar in economic rent if the property is prison guard : newfangled floors, new countertops, fresh appliances. It has that brand-new house feel, ” he says .
once you find a few rentals that are like to yours, set your price. Make sure to keep in mind any singular features or upgrades your home has vitamin a well .
Hands holding a wallet and money.

Method 3: Set rent using your own financial needs

This can be very catchy, but it can besides be a adept way to establish a competitive rate that gets a high-quality renter in the door who wants to stick around. Let ’ s take a look .

Determining your needs

name out your monthly mortgage payments, taxes, policy, and early expenses. Consider that maintenance for your lease place can consume up of 15 % to 20 % of your potential rental income, according to some experts .

How to set your rent

Base your rend around what you ’ ll need to meet your monthly fiscal obligations .
note that even if you come in moo or break flush each calendar month between what you pay for your house and what you make in rend, you inactive come out ahead because your home is being paid off and is likely to appreciate in value .

Method 4: Set rent using an online calculator

While they might not be wholly accurate, on-line rental calculators can give you a sound footing for setting rip. here ’ s what you need to know.

Finding the right calculator

It ’ south best to use several unlike calculators so you can get a sense of the price range. Look for ones that take into account any factors that you ’ d like to consider, such as your monthly expenses .
Make sure you ’ rhenium looking at median error rates or other data information so you have an theme of how army for the liberation of rwanda off the rent could be .

How to set your rent

once you ’ ve gone through your calculations, set your rent somewhere in the range you found. Consider your short- and long-run goals in renting your home and what fiscal needs you have american samoa well .
besides, keep in mind a calculator can merely provide an estimate, which may or may not be accurate. It can ’ thymine consider other variables, such as features unique to your lease, or even your personal feelings about what price you ’ d like to see .
Two people comparing how much their home will rent for.

Method 5: Use a real estate professional

If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to mess around with any engineering yourself, use the tried-and-true antique method : a real estate agent .

Tapping into your agent’s expertise

Kutter says a veridical estate of the realm agentive role or broke can be a big guide as you put your rental on the marketplace. They have numerous resources, such as the MLS database, that can provide extensive data and information about the market in your area .
Find a reputable and sure agent who has extensive experience in your ideal placement, particularly with rentals. see they have the proper credentials you ’ re looking for and don ’ t be afraid to interview a few electric potential candidates .

How to set your rent

Simply ask your agent, “ what can we get for the dwelling ? ” They will dive into the details, looking at how farseeing the home has been vacant, what exchangeable homes rend for, and what your needs are .
An agentive role will most probably use a combination of many methods listed here, including comps and your fiscal needs, to set your rental price. In fact, that ’ s one of their biggest perks : they ’ ll do about all the exercise for you .

Method 6: Leave it to the rental company

Both investors and even homeowners alike frequently see bang-up benefits from using a rental company to rent their property. Let ’ s excavation deep .

Understanding a rental company’s role

According to Spellings, a lease company can “ become a wall between you and the occupants. It takes that emotion out of it. ” They deal with problems, late rent, and can even help with eviction processes if you have to go that route .
however, remember that rental companies will charge a fee for their service ( about 10 % to 12 % of the rental price, according to Spellings ) .
When searching for the correct company, ask around for referrals and check out on-line reviews .

How to set your rent

Your lease party will most likely set your rip price for you, but not all will, Kutter says. however, they should provide data, such as comps and market value, that can assist you .
Before signing any documents, ensure you know precisely how the management party sets the lease price and choose tenants .
A house that you can rent.

How to create a rental listing

You ’ ve done your forecast and set your rental price. now it ’ sulfur prison term to get your family occupy. As with most things, the best plaza to start is with the basics. Make certain your list includes the square footage, issue of rooms and bathrooms, and any upgrades you ’ ve recently done .
On top of that, emphasize the features that make it stand out among the contest. Is it within walking distance of shops and restaurants ? Does it have a private cubic yard ? Is it near the region schools ? You bought the firm at one indicate, so think about all the things that attracted you to it .
Kutter says everyone knows about the three L ’ mho of real estate : location, localization, localization. But he besides says to consider the other top threes : Does it look good, feel good, and smell good ? People will want to know all of that in your list.

last, Kutter besides says properties that are vacant ( and clean ) tend to rent firm. A likely renter will most probably be interest in a property where no one is living ( deoxyadenosine monophosphate hanker as the property is in good shape ) over a home where they have to wait for the current tenant to leave. sol, make sure to include when your property is available vitamin a well .


There you have it. While there ’ s no one-size-fits-all solution to setting your economic rent, these methods should help find a rental price that ’ s both average to renters and profitable for you. Plus, whichever means ( or combination thereof ) you choose for setting rent, remember that it can always be adjusted up or down american samoa needed. It might take some trial and mistake before you find the perfect monetary value. But once you do, you ’ ll be on your way to renting your house out in no time .
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