How To Identify and Invest in Profitable Cryptocurrencies | No, It’s Not Too Late

The best fourth dimension to buy was 10 years ago, the 2nd best time to buy was yesterday .
This is a common site that you will credibly encounter soon in your day to day life ; you could be talking about investments with friends and colleagues and the moment you start talking about digital currencies, you may face some desegregate reactions.
There is cosmopolitan concern among season investors that anyone who isn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate already knowledgeable in stock markets and commodity exchanges should not dabble with cryptocurrencies – it ’ s excessively bad .

Let’s set the record straight – cryptocurrencies can be an investment and they can be profitable.

While cryptocurrencies were initially thought to be the currency of the future, it is more of an investment nowadays in hopes that it will ultimately be worth more than what it initially costs.
In other words, cryptocurrencies may give you a better ( which is understated ) ROI over traditional standard market investing .
here ’ s the catch ; while knowing the basics of investing is nice, you don ’ t need to have that cognition for cryptocurrencies. Despite its holocene boom, the industry is calm in its infancy stage and we should look forward to the following 10, 20 years alternatively of tomorrow.

Don ’ triiodothyronine worry though ; you ’ re in safe hands. The cryptocurrency community is a large net of mate investors who are more than happy to help you with your cryptocurrency questions, like us !
In today ’ s post, we ’ re going to cover the basics of identify and endow in profitable cryptocurrencies for new investors .
Is cryptocurrency a bubble?
Before we move on to cryptocurrencies, let ’ s rewind to a time when the hype over invest was this big ( arguably bigger ).
During the days of the dotcom smash in the late 90s, IPO ( initial public offer ) was introduced to the public as another channel for investments. Investors could toss money into any IPO and be guaranteed brilliant returns about every fourth dimension. Huge early gains by companies further fueled the ballyhoo but we all know what happened a few years late when the bubble collapse .
With the exception of some companies like Amazon and eBay, most IPOs went break after all-time highs were reached. The bubble burst served as a reminder to investors that nothing in life specially in investing is fail-safe. Over 20 years late, the modern ‘ bubble ’, as quoted by fiscal experts, came. Working very similarly to the IPO craze of the 90s, cryptocurrencies began to offer ICOs ( initial coin offerings ) which garnered interest from major publications early this year .

alternatively of raising money the traditional direction, startups raise money by offering tokens or digital coins which fund the firm ’ s operations. This means startups do not need to rely on complicate fund rounds and pitches to secure investments for their ventures.
Investors who invest in these ICOs bank in the hope that the keepsake rises in measure over time. many of these ICO ’ randomness are offered at fractions of a penny, in hopes of rising exponential in value down the road.
For exercise, if you ’ d have invested $ 1,000 in Ethereum during its ICO, you would have had at least a million dollars with you right now in terms of value .
Speaking of Ethereum, it was the platform itself that showed this new form of startup investing to the populace. An ICO works similarly to a crowdfunding campaign ; think of it as a Kickstarter for start-ups.
An ICO allows projects to raise money for development, whilst simultaneously providing a token to backers. The tokens resemble shares or stocks in a traditional lineage grocery store.
While ICOs are exploding in popularity, they are still in a grey area .
They are unregulated by the authorities and is therefore not guaranteed to actually provide good returns to investors. additionally, tokens are not considered securities which are a trouble with authorities like the SEC.
There is no guarantee that the development team will deliver their promises and there is besides no guarantee that your investments are impregnable down the road.
however, no investment, even in the breed market, is a sure thing. ICOs are a new industry venture and have many singular risks that make them different ( and potentially more profitable ) from an IPO you will find on the stock market .
Is it speculative?
there is no doubt that speculation is strong in the cryptocurrency scene among investors.
Based on the huge amounts of money that have been pouring into ICOs this year ( over $ 1bn in less than 6 months ), there is no doubt that speculation is impregnable in the cryptocurrency scene among investors.
Despite news of early investors turning thousands of dollars into millions ( ! ) in under a year, the truth is that every cryptocurrency ( including established ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum ) is still highly notional.
While the sum market cap of every cryptocurrency in being is precisely about $ 150 billion dollars, all of that has happened in a rapid raise which is besides known as a taurus test in less than a class .
however, we ’ ve mentioned that the crypto scene is hush young. Despite its abnormal surface, we don ’ thymine know for certain whether this is acceptable or not for digital currencies. Bitcoin famously crashed in 2013 and recently in June 2017 .
It has bounced spinal column to reach an all-time high value of $ 3,200 – something that is impossible to achieve for shares in the sprout market.
Hence, no one very knows what ’ s normal or not in the cryptocurrency fit. It ’ sulfur best, however, to take a more button-down approach if you don ’ metric ton want to lose your funds promptly .
The top factors to look out for when investing in a cryptocurrency

1. Make sure the coin has a purpose

When investing in any cryptocurrency or ICO, it is important to identify the core features of a project that differentiate it from every other coin on the market.
When investing in any cryptocurrency or ICO, it is authoritative to identify the core features of a project that differentiate it from every other coin on the grocery store .
For example, when Bitcoin was first introduced, there were many clones of the original Bitcoin with minor tweaks such as an increased provide, quicker transaction times, or just a name variety.
Fast forward to today and you ’ ll find out that most of these clones are dead. The only ones who made money were the creators of those copycat coins.
The best example to prove this point is by looking at Ethereum. Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum ’ s focus was not only to become another digital memory of prize. rather, the laminitis realized that the same engineering used to perform transactions digitally ( the blockchain ) can besides be used to transfer data and information .
Because of Ethereum ’ s initiation and unique use sheath, it warrants a rise in value as shown by Ethereum ’ s rise from $ 10 to $ 400 from January to May 2017.
Ethereum allows developers to build platforms based off cryptocurrencies, develop smart contracts, angstrom well as being a store of prize at the lapp clock time. Smart contracts work precisely how they sound ; terms of contracts that execute mechanically based on wether conditions are met or not .
Another serial of innovative cryptocurrency projects include MaidSafe, Storj, and Sia. Again, alternatively of being another digital currentness, these projects aim to become the swarm repositing of the future.
The general mind around investing in a good and profitable currency is this :

  • Make sure the cryptocurrency or token has an actual use case. If it’s just as a store of value, Bitcoin does that well and there are unlimited other coins that do the same thing
  • The more generic a token’s use case is, the less likely its going to succeed. If a token is just another ‘decentralised token for blah blah technical jargon’, stay clear. Remember, decentralized is a buzzword, not something that actually states what the coin is used for
  • Make sure the use case is logical. A coin can have unique use cases, but not everything has to be decentralized and be done on the blockchain. For example, you may come across an ICO that markets itself as a decentralized social media platform. How can decentralization work when the whole purpose of a social media platform is to literally provide your information for it to actually become social? Use your common sense when looking at coins; if you know that there is absolutely no need for an ICO or token to use cryptography, ditch it.

2. Make sure the development is competent, reputable, and transparent

Whenever your find an ICO or coin that you’re looking to invest in, go straight to their website and look at the developer or team page.
Whenever you find an ICO or coin that you ’ re looking to invest in, go heterosexual to their web site and look at the developer or team page .
Make indisputable that the developers and team members of the ICO or coin have their actual mention, picture, and credentials. If there is no data or if the team is anonymous, stay clear.
There is absolutely no argue for a competent inauguration team to not include data about themselves on the web site or any other caller web site .
Tip: Reverse image search photos of team members on Google. If you find out that the image is fake or duplicated, avoid the project.
Once you find who the people behind the plan are, Google their name and find out angstrom much as you can about them. LinkedIn profiles are a big way of gauging whether a coin has a full team behind them.
Some commodity data to look out for include :

  • Where did they go to school?
  • What did they study/area of expertise?
  • What is their work experience?
  • Were they a part of an influential company before?
  • Do they have any experience in this industry?
  • Do they have any previous positions that shows their potential and skills?

Two other platforms to look out for other than LinkedIn is the team ’ randomness Github and Twitter profiles .
While we don ’ thyroxine suggest you to become internet sleuths, finding out a team ’ sulfur achievements on their Github and Twitter is a good way of finding out whether a project will succeed.
Let ’ s say that you find a developer ’ randomness Github and they have nothing special on there, about an empty page.

Would you trust that developer with YOUR money to run the project?
In regards to the credibility of developers, there is a draw to be said ( in a estimable way ) if a team or developer has their credentials set to public. When a development team is public, they are regarded as the faces to the organization. Hence, they hold the duty and accountability of the project ’ s success or failure .
You could potentially have ICOs or coins built by anonymous developers, some of which may have a impregnable background. Common common sense, however, indicates that it would be wise not to contribute to projects with anonymous developers.
There are two ways anonymous projects can go very wrong :

  • There is no accountability if the developer cuts and runs, and, with no former projects to look upon
  • There’s no way to know if they’re capable of delivering their promises as you know nothing about them
    A good thing to look out for when considering an ICO investment is identifying the organization in charge of handling the escrow for the ICO.

reputable development teams will enlist organizations with a solid reputation within the finance diligence to act as trustworthy holders of raised funds. With their reputation on the line, these individuals are less likely to cut and run with the raised funds.
additionally, solid development teams will have set in home a condition where, if a certain level of support is not achieved, the individuals who contributed will be refunded. This acts as a fail-safe in the event a project ends up underfunded.
good teams will besides have policies in place to make sure that they do not sell the tokens raised immediately. alternatively, they will sell it gradually to raise funds for their project to avoid market shock .
For example, the Ethereum team raised thousands of BTC amounting to millions for their ICO. however, the team only sold 10 % of their BTC each year as capital for their stick out.
They knew that if they were to sell all their BTC instantaneously, they could potentially drop the value of BTC and crash the commercialize which is bad for cryptocurrencies. In general, good developments care less about money and more about making certain their sight is a achiever .

3. Does the whitepaper make sense?

When a cryptocurrency raises money for an ICO, the team will come up with a document called a whitepaper.
When a cryptocurrency raises money for an ICO, the team will come up with a text file called a whitepaper.
The white paper merely includes :

  • What the project is about. The white paper will explain the vision of the project, the goals it hopes to achieve, and the technology of the coin.
  • The amount of money needed to be raised for the project.
  • The number of tokens or coins allocated to investors. For example, Ethereum allocated about ~80 million ETH for its ICO. In general, the fewer tokens issued, the higher its value will be due to limited supply.
  • The length of the ICO campaign.

If you ’ re going put money into an ICO, the white wallpaper must be the first thing you read. It may be boring or besides long to read, but the white paper lays out the company ’ south risks and opportunities, along with the proposed uses for the money raised by the ICO.
For example, the white newspaper will explain if the coin holder is going to have vote rights, or if the mint pays out dividends based on a count of coins you hold and when those dividends are paid out ( monthly, annual, etc. ) .
If a white paper is excessively affirmative, stay cautious as inflate goals often lead to disappointment. besides, if a white wallpaper is needlessly complex ( excessively much jargoon, obscure explanations, complex English, etc. ), be wary as they may hide the team ’ s incompetence by measuredly making the visualize hard to understand .

4. Gather reviews and insights from cryptocurrency discussion boards

BitcoinTalk is the biggest message board for cryptocurrencies.
BitcoinTalk is the biggest message board for cryptocurrencies. The forum is a place where people matter to in the technical details of the development of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies come together to discuss and form opinions.
New and existing cryptocurrencies normally have an announcement ribbon ( besides known as an [ ANN ] train of thought ) on the BitcoinTalk forums. This is normally the best way to find the first announcement of an ICO, what the mint has to offer, ask questions with the developers of the mint and other members of the forum .
When researching a mint, find the train of thought of the mint and read every single page in the thread. many common questions ( both negative and plus questions ) are normally answered in the ICO ’ s announcement weave.
Make certain to read answers given by the official developer accounts of the thread. Are they answering all questions and concerns with actual responses or do their posts seem canned, obscure, and shady ?
A simple trick to use when searching on BitcoinTalk is searching the ribbon with certain keywords. veto words such as “ con ”, “ scam ”, “ scamcoin ”, “ MLM ”, and “ shit ” ( pardon the vulgarities ) are normally indicators of a poorly-run mint.
If any posts are found with these words, read the threads carefully and do your own research to see if it ’ south worth investing or not .
On the early hired hand, if a thread is besides plus ( about no veto comments ), double check the accounts to make sure they are legit. A team can easily pay for bots and users to fabricate and post cocksure comments about their coins.
Another rate to find out information about a coin is by looking on Reddit. Cryptocurrencies normally have their own subreddit ( e.g Ethereum ’ sulfur /r/ethtrader, Bitcoin ’ s /r/BTC ) which contains information about the coin such as approaching events, updates from devs, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as analysis and forecasts on the mint ’ s value .

5. Spread your assets, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, and only invest what you can afford to lose

having a portfolio with multiple assets as well as spreading your risks is a sound choice
Just like with any other investing, having a portfolio with multiple assets adenine well as spreading your risks is a sound choice. Don ’ triiodothyronine put all your eggs in one basket and invest in one coin thinking it is going to rise well. alternatively, find 3 or 4 coins that you think is good and invest in them.
A good strategy in cryptocurrencies is to have an 80/20 or 70/30 proportion.
80 % or 70 % ( the majority ) of your cryptocurrency investments should be put in established coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. This come should be kept and held by you ; do not trade it unless you know what you ’ ra doing.
After that, depending on your remaining coins and how probable it is you will reach your goals, you could put them in a diversify portfolio of riskier investments ( coins that have likely but are not established even ).
Some coins that are a good fritter at holding in the long run include :

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Stratis (STRAT)
  • Waves (WAVES)

6. Don’t watch the price everyday;
buying and holding is the still the best strategy in the long run

Day trading and looking at charts and buy/sell orders is not feasible for 99% of cryptocurrency investors.
Day trade and looking at charts and buy/sell orders is not feasible for 99 % of cryptocurrency investors.
Unless you have a huge capital, the gains that you get from day trade and making your decisions off small changes in a mint ’ sulfur value is minimal. not only do you not gain much, you besides have a higher hazard of losing your net worth along the way if you make a bad craft .
There ’ sulfur besides a saying in the grocery store to never time the market. While events and development updates are adequate ways of determining a mint ’ s future value, trying to time your way by buying and selling at the ‘ correct time ’ will always lose your money in the long run.
For TA ( technical foul analysis ) trade to be worth it for cryptocurrencies, you should have at least $ 50,000 in cryptocurrencies for it to be profitable.
alternatively, the best scheme for most investors is to buy and hold. You should believe in your investment and entirely invest money that you can afford to lose ; with these two factors achieved, you don ’ t need to watch the price of your investments every day like a mortarboard .
If you made a rational investment decision, don ’ thyroxine let your emotions take over and negate your decisions during a price drop or upgrade.
We suggest checking your net worth and the market weekly, monthly, or quarterly. It ’ randomness fine to check the market every day but remember to not to get emotionally invested in it.
not only are you risking your wellbeing on ( technically ) intangibles, you are besides risking your social life sentence and relationships by being besides attached to the market and not giving enough time and attention to your personal biography .
For exemplify, fair under a month ago, Bitcoin crashed from about reaching $ 3,000 to $ 1,800 per BTC.
nowadays ?
1 BTC is already equal to $ 4,000 – closely a 100 % increase in value if you would ’ ve kept your sedate and held your coins .

7. Don’t time the market.
There is not good or bad time to buy and sell

Unlike stock markets, there is no general rule when to buy or sell cryptocurrencies because the industry is so young and unknown.
Again, the govern of not timing the market is then authoritative that we have to mention in twice.
Unlike store markets, there is no general rule when to buy or sell cryptocurrencies because the industry is therefore young and unknown.
If you have to follow a laid of rules, these are general guidelines that will work most of the time american samoa farseeing as you don ’ triiodothyronine panic sell or buy :

  • Only sell when you achieve your goal. If you’ve set a goal of $50,000 for your investments, sell only when you hit that figure.
  • Don’t panic sell. Again, Bitcoin dropped to $1,800 from nearly $3,000 under a month ago. Ethereum fell from $400 to nearly reaching $100 in the same timeline. Today, Bitcoin and Ethereum are both worth $3,300 and $250 respectively. Not only would you have lost plenty of money by panic selling during this period, you would’ve also been in the red for your investments.
  • Do not have FOMO. FOMO is an acronym for the phrase fear of missing out. Don’t buy just because everyone else around you is buying cryptocurrencies. Instead, do your own research and make your own decisions.
  • Only invest what you can afford to lose. This should be taught to all investors, in all honesty. Investing in cryptocurrencies is very much like gambling. There is no guarantee for you to turn a profit; likewise, do not get emotionally invested into it.

Another reason to never time the commercialize is that you never know what ’ s going to happen to the values of cryptocurrencies.
For exemplar, when Bitcoin was $ 1,000, there was speak about the ‘ bubble ’ and how Bitcoin is overvalued. The same thing happened when Ethereum reached $ 50.
It ’ s safe to say that both currencies have proved their doubters very, identical incorrect.
It ’ s besides beneficial to not compare crypto bubbles to traditional fiscal bubbles. A 10 % change in real fiscal markets can wreak havoc but it ’ randomness completely normal ( and expected ) for cryptocurrencies.
Likewise, a 100 % advance in stock prices is about impossible in the real universe while 1,000 % changes in cryptocurrencies happen regularly. Bitcoin has grown from less than a penny per unit to $ 3,300 for one – permit that sink in .
5 red flags for cryptocurrencies:
Don’t invest if you see these signals

Here are 6 red flags to spot if you are unsure of whether a coin is legit or not.
here are 6 red flags to spot if you are uncertain of whether a coin is legit or not.
As the picture is not regulated ( so far ), there are many scamcoins popping up as a agile way to burn investors and make the founders money, don ’ triiodothyronine be fooled !

1. Huge returns that seem too good to be true

Legit cryptocurrencies do not try to raise funds based off the potential returns of your investment.
If it sounds besides good to be true, it ’ s not.
Legit cryptocurrencies do not try to raise funds based on the electric potential returns of your investment. alternatively, they take pride in their technology and goals, NOT the potential respect of their coins.
This is, in general, the biggest revealing sign of a cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme. In general, the greater the pace of probable returns, the higher the risk. If a coin ’ randomness marketing campaign is all about promoting the rate of the coin, tip clear of it.
Whether it is through mottle mining websites, investment programs or cryptocurrencies with no very foundation, no investment can consistently generate high returns with no risk or guaranteed returns .

2. Returns are highly dependent on referrals and new members

If the primary way of earning money through a coin is through referrals or commissions, it is a Ponzi scheme.
If the primary coil way of earning money through a coin is through referrals or commissions, it is a Ponzi outline.
Again, legit coins do not grow based on how many people own their coins. They do it through proper execution of their goals, good teamwork, and estimable engineering. You do not have to play a function in their growth by getting more referrals to the coin, that ’ s not your job .

3. Unclear or anonymous ownership

There have been multiple ICOs in the past few months that were led or founded by individuals who have history of fraud
Are the founders or the team anonymous?
As we ’ ve mentioned early, a coin with no information about the team behind it is sketchy, to say the least. even if there is a team behind it, do a Google search on the individuals to check out their history.
There have been multiple ICOs in the past few months that were led or founded by individuals who have a history of imposter before e.g scamming investors off their money, money laundering, and stealing funds from cryptocurrency exchanges.
only invest in coins where the team is reputable, highly skilled, and respected by the community.

4. You have to invest first to get more information

to get more information about the service, you have to either invest or signup as a member to learn more.
To go under the radar of authorities, many websites of scamcoins pose as legitimate businesses such as a coin wallet service, market or cloud mining platform.
however, to get more data about the service, you have to either induct or signup as a extremity to learn more.
After your investment, the web site ’ s material and focus appear to be unlike from what their main focus which is recruitment and ‘ investment ’ – precisely like a Ponzi scheme .

5. Closed source and having a private blockchain

 scamcoins may also have private blockchains to ensure that no one except them has access to transactions on the blockchain.
For scamcoins, about all of them are a closed source which means the code behind the coins is not released to the public. This is austere in contrast with coins like Ethereum where 100 % of the beginning code is available for the public to see via their Github.
similarly, scamcoins may besides have private blockchains to ensure that no one except them has access to transactions on the blockchain. This is against the initial sight of the blockchain to a public, digital daybook.
You can do a quick match to see if they are listed on CoinMarketCap ( although many victimize coins are listed there so it ’ s merely a minor check ) which requires coins to genuine, traded on a public substitute with an API available, and must have a public URL that shows the mint ’ s total supply .

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