How to Calculate Your Tax Return With Form 1040

Filling out your mannequin 1040 tax render will tell you whether you ‘ll receive a refund or you owe taxes to the Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ). For many taxpayers, this serve is n’t complicated. Most of the lines on the human body provide dim-witted, aboveboard directions .

The IRS radically changed the Form 1040 tax return back in 2018. The retool kind was n’t well-received. As a resultant role, the IRS made changes to the tax come back again for 2019, then tweaked it a little more for tax year 2020 .

The steps, schedules, and line numbers explained here apply to the 2021 form 1040, the return you ‘ll file in April 2022. They ‘ll help you find out fair how much you owe the IRS—or better yet, how much of a refund you ‘ll be receiving .

Key Takeaways

  • Use lines on IRS Form 1040 and IRS Schedule 3 to calculate how much tax you owe versus how much you have already paid for the year.
  • If you paid more tax than you owe, you will get a refund.
  • You can decide to apply part of your tax refund to the next tax year as an estimated tax payment.
  • If you are getting a refund, you can have it sent directly to your bank account with direct deposit.
  • You can pay any tax you owe with a check, credit card, debit card, or online.

How Do I Calculate My Tax Return ?

Your tax fall total is, in general, based on line 24 ( sum tax owed ) and production line 33 ( sum tax paid ). subtract line 24 from line 33. If the sum on line 33 is larger than the total on line 24, that ‘s what you overpaid. In theory, you should get this sum back as a refund. Enter this overpayment on line 34 .

If the total tax owed ( line 24 ) is more than the tax you paid ( line 33 ), you ‘ll owe taxes. Subtract line 33 from trace 24 to find out how much. Put this underpayment amount on line 37. This is the sum you owe .

Put “ 0 ” on lines 34 and 35a if the consequence is precisely zero, although this is rare. It means that your payments met your tax liability dollar for dollar. You have no refund coming and no remainder due.

Should I Take a Tax refund or Make an estimate payment ?

If you overpaid, you can apply that amount to next year ‘s tax debt on line 36 of the 2021 1040 tax return. You might want to consider doing this if you expect that your tax duty will be more significant adjacent class .

It does n’t have to be all or nothing, though. You can divide your refund between line 35a ( the amount you want to be refunded ) and line 36. If you ‘re getting a $ 1,000 refund, for example, you might want to put half of that toward following year ‘s taxes. You would enter $ 500 on line 35a ( “ amount of trace 34 you want to be refunded to you ” ) and $ 500 on credit line 36 ( “ sum of line 34 you want to be applied to your 2022 estimate tax ” ) .

You may need to make calculate tax payments if you are freelance or have early income that does n’t have tax withhold. Put the broad measure of your refund on line 35a if you do n’t want to make any gain payments .

How Can I Claim Tax Credits ?

tax credits immediately reduce how much you owe the IRS. They ‘re either refundable or non-refundable. If the total of a refundable citation is more than the tax you owe, the IRS will send you the dispute. If your claim credits are non-refundable, the politics does n’t send you the supernumerary if your credits are more than what you owe .

You can claim most tax credits on Schedule 3 of the 2021 form 1040. These include :

  • The foreign tax credit (line 1)
  • The credit for child and dependent care expenses (line 2)
  • Education credits (line 3)
  • The retirement savings contribution credit (line 4)
  • Residential energy credits (line 5)
  • The net premium tax credit (line 9)

Claiming some of these credits requires filing extra forms. Each line clearly states which form you need to use.

Some credits are claimed directly on Form 1040 quite than on a offprint schedule or worksheet. These include :

The Recovery Rebate Credit is a credit you can claim in 2022 if you were eligible for a stimulation payment in 2021 but didn ’ thyroxine receive it. You will claim it on your 2021 tax hark back. If you did n’t receive a stimulation requital for 2020, you can lone claim it on your 2020 tax hark back.

Can I Get My Tax Refund With Direct Deposit ?

You can have the amount that appears on line 35a of your 1040 deposited directly to your crack or savings account. direct deposition is often faster and more dependable than having a refund control mailed to you .

To set up direct depository, you will need the rout and bill numbers for the bank account where you want the refund to be sent. You can find these numbers by logging into your bank history on-line or through an app .

The report and route numbers are besides printed on any checks you can use with that account. If you look at the bottom of the check, you will see two sets of numbers. The first gear series of numbers should be a 9-digit bank code. This is your bank ‘s rout number. Copy your routing number to Line 35b of phase 1040 .

now check the allow box on Line 35c, depending on whether you want your refund deposited into a check or savings account. Find your explanation number on your check and figure this on line 35d .

Check your deposit numbers multiple times, and call your bank to confirm them if you ‘re not certain. You might not be able to get your money back if it ‘s deposited into the incorrect account.

How Can I Pay My Tax Balance ?

If you have a libra due on note 37, you have respective options for paying what you owe .

pay Taxes by Check

You can make a check mark account payable to the United States Treasury and chain mail it to the IRS. On the memo occupation, write your Social Security number followed by the four-digit tax year and “ 1040. ” The IRS will know precisely where to apply your payment with this notation. Mail the check for payment with your tax return .

You can besides mail the check with the Form 1040-V requital coupon. If you file it electronically, this should be printed out with your tax return .

Your check should be collectible to “ United States Treasury ” quite than “ IRS ” or “ Internal Revenue Service. ”

Pay Taxes Online

You can besides make payments online by enrolling in the electronic federal tax requital system ( EFTPS ). You can schedule payments for your balance due or make calculate tax payments here. You can besides set up monthly installment agreement payments. EFTPS is dislodge .

IRS DirectPay is another barren option. You do n’t have to sign up and enroll on this locate. rather, you ‘ll need to reenter your bank and identifying data each meter you want to make a requital. The site wo n’t save the information for you .

If you use tax preparation software, you ‘ll be able to schedule an electronic funds withdrawal from your checking account. You can select a day that ‘s convenient for you, up to and including that year ‘s tax filing deadline. For exercise, you can file your revert nowadays and schedule a future payment when you get your next paycheck .

give Taxes by Credit or Debit Card

You can besides pay your taxes by credit menu or debit card. The IRS provides links to three payment processors on its web site. They charge a work fee for setting up credit rating wag payments to the IRS .

If you use a credit card to pay your taxes, be sure to eliminate your balance arsenic promptly as possible to avoid dearly-won pastime charges .

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