10 ways to find a lost life insurance policy

  1. If the policyholder is still alive, request a new copy of the policy

    If you misplaced a life insurance policy, but you have been paying premiums regularly, you ’ re in luck—usually you can well get a newfangled imitate of the policy. You can do this merely by calling the insurance party to explain the situation. After confirming your identity, the company will typically provide you with a new copy of your policy within weeks .
    But what if it ’ s a asleep love one ’ mho policy that is missing ?
    unfortunately, many people only think about where a animation policy policy has been stored after their loved one passes on. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), tens of millions of dollars in life policy benefits go uncollected every class because companies don ’ metric ton know a policy holder has died and because beneficiaries never make a claim. Some people who are entitled to the death benefit from a policy might feel that, without a policy document, they can not make a claim. But that ’ s not necessarily true.
    If your loved one is deceased, try the play along methods for locating a policy

  2. Search personal records

    often, person ’ s personal records and documents will contain tell of a life sentence insurance policy. Consider checking the die person ’ s mail for life insurance documents. besides, bank statements may show the payment of liveliness policy premiums. Tax returns may show cash value interest or payments made to life sentence policy companies, vitamin a well as cash distributions. Remember that once you know the identify of your deceased loved one ’ sulfur insurance company, you can call the caller to report your love one passed away and ask for help making a title .

  3. Ask financial advisors and other significant people

    frequently a believe fiscal adviser, policy agent, accountant or personal lawyer will know about your sleep together one ’ randomness insurance policy. You might besides want to check with spiritual advisors, friends, and other important people .

  4. Check with your loved one’s automotive and home insurers

    often, people purchase several different kinds of policy from the same company. If you are able to find software documentation of your love one ’ second car or home policy, you can ask those companies if that person besides has a life indemnity policy with them .

  5. Contact employers

    many employers offer some form of group life policy to their employees. even if your loved one was retired, you can check with his or her former employer to see if the group liveliness indemnity policy is still active .

  6. Contact trade unions and other professional associations

    Trade unions, veterans ’ associations, alumnus associations, and early types of professional and social organizations sometimes offer group life sentence policy to their members deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. If your loved one belonged to one or more of these groups, contact them to see if there is a life policy policy .

  7. Check online databases

    There are several on-line databases you can consult to help find a love one ’ randomness life insurance policy. The MIB Underwriting Group database contains records of life indemnity applications—which could mean an active policy besides exists. The NAIC Life Insurance Policy Locator allows you to submit a request for participating life indemnity companies to search their records for your sleep together one ’ randomness information. last, the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators ( NAUPA ) runs MissingMoney.com, a number of liveliness insurance benefits that were turned into state of matter governments because no matchless claimed them. If you find benefits from a policy that belonged your sleep together one, it might distillery be possible to collect on it .

  8. Contact your state insurance commissioner’s office and state department of unclaimed property

    twenty-nine U.S. states offer on-line databases where residents can search for life policy policies. even if your state doesn ’ triiodothyronine offer such a database, you can call the state indemnity commissioner ’ s office to request a search for your loved one ’ second policy. If animation indemnity benefits go unclaimed, the life insurance company typically turns the money over to the submit treasurer. You can find contact information for every express treasurer at the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators’ website .

  9. Check public records

    Life indemnity policies may be listed in public records. The first gear position to check is your sleep together one ’ second will. If your loved one went through a disassociate, a liveliness policy policy may be listed as an asset in those proceedings.

  10. Finally, check safe deposit boxes and computer drives

    frequently people keep important documents like life policy policies in a condom lodge box. In orderliness to gain access to another person ’ mho safe deposit box, you will broadly have to get a woo orderliness. The lapp holds true for any cloud-based documents or encrypted computer documents that can only be opened by a software company .

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