The 10 Best Apps to Support Local Small Businesses Near You

Want to support your local economy ? These mobile apps will help you find the best shops, services, and deals in your area. Purchasing goods and services from minor businesses in your area is a great means to support your local economy. It can be easy to go to a chain restaurant that you know you like or a convenient grocery storehouse, but supporting local anesthetic businesses will help people in your sphere stay adrift and may surprise you with extraordinary customer overhaul .
MAKEUSEOF VIDEO OF THE DAY There are some great apps out there that can help you situate businesses in your area to check out, and besides read reviews from other locals. here ‘s our guide to the best apps that will help you support your local mugwump stores.

1. Google Maps

3 Images finding local businesses through google maps google maps map view of the area near you google maps app local clothing stores

Google Maps is a great way to find local small business to support in your area. You can search for precisely what it is that you ‘re looking for and sort through businesses in map view or list see. Sometimes it helps to zoom in on an area even further and search again to bring up even more results .
Although there ‘s not a manner to sort all the listings by local businesses lone, it ‘s pretty easy to figure out which businesses are local anesthetic based on their names. Most of us know chain restaurants and clothe stores by name therefore they ‘re easily to spot .
Download: Google Maps for Android | io ( Free )

2. Facebook

2 Images finding local restaurants through facebook app facebook app groups to help you find local small businesses

Facebook is celebrated for finding and selling used items through its Marketplace platform. But it ‘s besides great for finding and supporting modest businesses near you .
Most areas should have local anesthetic Facebook groups that either have members who own little businesses, members who mention early little businesses, or both. It ‘s a great way to find traders near you and actually interact with the clientele owners, or hear real reviews from others in your area .
Try searching “ local minor businesses ” and you should see a few groups pop up for your local cities .
Download: Facebook for Android | io ( Free )

3. Local Flavor

3 Images local flavor app settings side menu local flavor app home page local flavor individual offer page

The Local Flavor app will help you find local restaurants and other little businesses to try out while besides giving you big discounts at the same prison term. Depending on your area, there may be more deals to check out. If you live in a highly populate city, you ‘ll see a bunch more deals than if you live in a rural area .
There are coupons to use for a variety of businesses, including restaurants, salons, dress stores, dentist offices, and more. once you find a deal you want to try out, you can print or clip the coupon and present it to your local anesthetic retailer .
Download: Local Flavor for Android | io ( Free )

4. Nextdoor

3 Images nextdoor app home page nextdoor app local deals near you nextdoor app your neighbordhood favorites of the year

You might have heard of Nextdoor for keeping track of what ‘s going on in your neighborhood and helping lost dogs and cats find their owners, but this app can besides help you find small businesses in your area that your neighbors love .
You can browse your home page and normally find a few posts about businesses in your sphere. Or you can navigate to the businesses tab where you can find update and local anesthetic deals for businesses near you .
One of the best features in the app is the Neighborhood Favorites yellow journalism. here, you can see all the local businesses that your neighbors have been loving all class, voted on with likes. While there will be chain restaurants and businesses looped in with local businesses hera, it ‘s inactive a great way to see which belittled businesses membership best among your neighbors .
Download: Nextdoor for Android | io ( Free )

5. Tripadvisor

3 Images tripadvisor app search for local businesses tripadvisor app popular things to do in your area tripadvisor app nearby restaurants

You ‘ve probably used the Tripadvisor app or web site to find things to do when you ‘re going on vacation. But have you always used it for your own home town ?
Locals and tourists that use Tripadvisor will all have useful information about the best local restaurants to visit and early little businesses to support. Because so many people use Tripadvisor, it ‘s a great resource when you want to find modest businesses to support but besides want to make certain they ‘re worth your money .

Download: Tripadvisor for Android | io ( Free )

6. Yelp

3 Images yelp app home screen yelp local auto repair businesses near you yelp app local takeout restaurants in your area

yip will help you see what people around you truly think of the restaurants and businesses in your area. Users of the app can review businesses with a one to five ace rat and give a description attached to their review if they want .
Although you should n’t entirely try out local restaurants and businesses that have four stars or higher, Yelp is a good start if you ‘ve never ventured outside of chain restaurants and retailers. You can discover what early people are loving in your area and even add reviews of your own if you want to !
Download: yip for Android | io ( Free )

7. Foursquare City Guide

3 Images foursquare app home screen foursquare local nightlife small businesses near you foursquare app local lunch places near you

Foursquare City Guide is similar to Tripadvisor in that it ‘ll help you find local things to do and places to go. It ‘s just a spot of a different interface and it has divide reviews from Tripadvisor .
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The Foursquare home foliate lets you search for restaurants sorted by breakfast, lunch, and dinner. then, you can besides search for local coffee and tea shops, bars, taverns, and other places to go. Although you will see range restaurants and retailers here, like Chipotle and Chili ‘s, you can normally find a long ton of local options excessively .
Download: Foursquare City Guide for Android | io ( Free )

8. Etsy

3 Images etsy app filtering products by custom location etsy app showing an individual shop etsy app showing an individual product marvel face mask

Etsy is a big place to find singular gifts for friends and class and support small businesses at the same time. Etsy can help you find items locally or globally. If you want to entirely shop from sellers in your area, there ‘s a filter for that in the Etsy app .
Under the Shop location pill, you can select Custom location and type in your area. This will entirely bring up sellers in that specific area that are selling what you ‘re looking for. Or if you want to just support sellers in your own area, you can filter that room angstrom well .
Download: Etsy for Android | io ( Free )

9. LivingSocial

3 Images living social app trending deals near you living social app food and drink deals near you living social app beauty and spa deals near you

LivingSocial is another great app that will help you find local anesthetic deals for small businesses in your area. There are discounts for health spa, salons, restaurants, events, and more .
similar to the Groupon app, you can download the manage within the app and award it on your telephone when you get to the retailer. This makes it superintendent easy to keep track of your coupons. Whether you ‘re looking to have a resort hotel day or some great food, the LivingSocial app will help you discover raw businesses and save you money at the lapp fourth dimension .
Download: LivingSocial for Android | io ( Free )

10. GettinLocal

2 Images gettinlocal app home screen gettinlocal app local restaurants near you

The GettinLocal app is great to use for vacations and places you ‘ve never been ahead, but it ‘s evenly bang-up to use in your own city. You might find restaurants you ‘ve never eaten at or local anesthetic attractions you ‘ve never thought to explore .
This app will show local anesthetic restaurants, attractions, and other fun things within a certain mile radius of where you live. If you ‘re scrolling through the app and see something you may want to try out by and by, you can save it and come back to it when you ‘re ready .
Download: GettinLocal for Android | io ( Free )

You Can Shop Locally for Used Products Too

Purchasing fresh products from humble businesses in your area is a great way to support your local economy, but then is buying used products from local sellers. There are some bang-up apps out there that will help you find fantastic products from people in your area .
This helps you save some money, lets a local neighbor earn some money, and besides helps out the environment by recycling used items. It ‘s a win-win-win !

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