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It ‘s been a busy couple of years for the initial public offer market, and that momentum shows little sign of slowing, despite 2022 ‘s early stock market volatility. many heavy hitters and inauguration companies are expected to IPO this year — the under list of upcoming IPOs is a little slice of that market. fiscal advisors much suggest investing for long-run growth. so, if you “ miss out ” on an IPO listed below, don ’ t fret. If it ’ s a solid business and you ’ ve got a long-run growth mentality, you don ’ t have to be first in course to buy. ( Need more context ? Learn more about IPOs and how they work. ) Nerdy tip off : Most of the time, you wo n’t be able to buy a party ‘s stock at its IPO price. alternatively, you ‘ll have to wait until it trades publicly on the stock marketplace. But if you

set up a brokerage account, it ‘s fairly straightforward to start investing in publicly traded companies. And, of the brokerages NerdWallet reviews, two presently offer some level of IPO entree to average investors : Robinhood and SoFi Active Investing .

6 Upcoming IPOs

1. Chime

chime offers banking services but is n’t itself a depository financial institution. alternatively, the ship’s company partners with two banks to offer check and savings accounts with no overdraft or monthly fees. The company reportedly has a $ 25 billion evaluation after closing a round of fund in 2021 View all sources

Reuters. Fintech firm Chime valued at $25 bln after $750 mln funding. Accessed Mar 14, 2022.

2. DataBricks

DataBricks may not be a family name, but the software the company has created is used by Microsoft ( besides an investor ), HP, Comcast and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, fair to name a few. DataBricks claims to “ make bad data childlike ” by streamlining the tools used to analyze that datum. News break of the company ’ s potential IPO in October 2020, when reports showed the company was in the early stages of discussing going populace. An IPO could come in 2022.

3. Discord

Discord was founded to help people communicate while playing television games. But the ship’s company has quickly grown into much more, with over 100 million users connecting virtually via voice, video recording and text old world chat. The platform allows users to form invitation-only groups where they can listen to music in concert, sieve share, cogitation or discuss topics of interest. According to Crunchbase, the company has raised over $ 900 million in 15 fund rounds View all sources

Crunchbase. Discord Financials. Accessed Mar 14, 2022.

4. Instacart

The pandemic undoubtedly reshaped consumer behavior. When Americans were n’t ordering delivery from their front-runner takeout restaurants via DoorDash, they were getting their staple groceries delivered from their favorite grocery store stores via Instacart. Instacart has hundreds of national and local retailers on its platform, offering the ability to have everything from medications to office supplies delivered to consumer doorsteps. The ship’s company raised $ 265 million in fund in March 2021, bringing its full valuation to $ 39 million View all sources

Instacart. Instacart Announces $265 Million in New Funding Led By Existing Investor. Accessed Mar 14, 2022.

5. Reddit

6. Stripe

on-line payments giant Stripe may be the most-anticipated IPO of the class, particularly after the company posted enormous growth during the pandemic. Companies such as Instacart, Shopify, Google, Amazon and Lyft use Stripe ‘s software to process payments, and the company says 90 % of U.S. adults have made a buy from a business that uses Stripe. ad

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NerdWallet rating  NerdWallet ‘s ratings are determined by our editorial team. The scoring formula for on-line brokers and robo-advisors takes into history over 15 factors, including account fees and minimums, investment choices, customer defend and mobile app capabilities .

NerdWallet rating  NerdWallet ‘s ratings are determined by our column team. The scoring convention for on-line brokers and robo-advisors takes into report over 15 factors, including account fees and minimums, investment choices, customer support and mobile app capabilities .

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Recent IPOs: How did they do?

Airbnb (ABNB)

As many had expected, Airbnb ’ randomness IPO made headlines on its first base day of trade, Dec. 10, 2020. Shares were priced in the IPO at $ 68, but in its debut on the public market, Airbnb started trading at $ 146 — a 115 % leap. The stock concisely hit a high of $ 165 before close slightly down at $ 144.71.

Albertsons (ACI)

Albertsons was listed on the New York Stock Exchange on June 26, 2020, at an offer price of $ 16 per share, but finished its first day of trading down at $ 15.45 per partake. This lackluster debut came after the company lowered its initial propose price of $ 18- $ 20 per share.

Asana (ASAN)

Asana went public through a aim list and began trading Sept. 30, 2020, with shares priced at $ 27 — about 30 % higher than the reference price of $ 21 set by the New York Stock Exchange. The breed rose even higher on its beginning day of trade, closing at $ 28.80 per contribution.

Beyond Meat, Inc. (BYND)

talk about a first-day IPO pop : The contribution monetary value of the plant-based kernel company about tripled in its initial day of trade in May 2019, making it one of the best-performing IPOs for a company its size since 2000.

Bumble (BMBL)

Dating app Bumble began trading on the Nasdaq stock exchange on Feb. 10, 2021, and while its share monetary value briefly hit a high above $ 80 in the days following the IPO, it has traded lower since.

Chewy (CHWY)

This e-tailer, focused entirely on pet products, debuted on the New York Stock Exchange on June 14, 2019, at an volunteer price of $ 22 and closed the day at $ 34.99, a share price increase of 59 %. The company is an freelancer subsidiary company of PetSmart, Inc., which remains a majority stockholder after the IPO.

Coinbase (COIN)

Coinbase has emerged as a user-friendly means to trade cryptocurrencies, distilling what was once a solicitation of highly complicated tasks into a streamline, in-app service. Users can buy cryptocurrencies in decree money or trade their holdings in one cryptocurrency for another. Coinbase ’ south shares started trading on the Nasdaq on April 14, 2021, and closed below the opening price of $ 381 at $ 328.28. Since the IPO, COIN stock has traded largely below its first few days on the market.

Compass (COMP)

real estate brokerage compass has made a diagnose for itself by pairing traditional brokerage house services with innovative engineering, billing itself as the “ first base modern real estate platform. ” But Compass offers more than just eminent market talk. In 2019, it acquired artificial intelligence and machine learning company Detectica to further enhance its AI-driven home recommendation services. Compass went public April 1, 2021, and although its shares were priced at $ 18, the stock opened the day at $ 21.25.

CrowdStrike Holdings (CRWD)

CrowdStrike is the company that investigated the hack of democratic National Committee servers in 2016, a well as other high-profile breaches. True to its name, the company uses crowdsourcing systems ( along with artificial intelligence and other means ) to identify threats and zero in on perpetrators. The company started trading June 12, 2019, at $ 34, and shares about doubled at one orient during the first base deal day, finally closing up 71 % from the offer monetary value.

DoorDash (DASH)

When DoorDash priced its shares at $ 102, it meant the company expected to raise about $ 3.4 billion to achieve a evaluation of about $ 39 billion. But when shares hit the New York Stock Exchange on Dec. 9, 2020, the stock opened at $ 182, rose throughout the day, and closed at $ 189.51. By the end of its first day on Wall Street, the commercialize valued DoorDash at about $ 60.2 billion.

Fiverr International Ltd. (FVRR)

Rideshare services weren ’ t the alone gig-economy companies that debuted in 2019. Fiverr ’ s on-line marketplace connects companies looking to hire out jobs ( or “ buyers, ” in Fiverr slang ) with freelancers ( “ sellers ” ). The Tel Aviv, Israel-based company says it has facilitated more than 50 million transactions since its origin. Fiverr ’ s June 2019 IPO price was set at $ 21 per share ; it finally closed up 90 %, at $ 39.90.

Lyft (LYFT)

Rideshare company Lyft beat rival Uber to an initial public offering when it pulled onto the public commercialize in March 2019 at a price of $ 72 a share. Since then the ride has been by and large downhill, with Lyft shares trading below the IPO price.

Palantir (PLTR)

Palantir ’ s stock debuted on the NYSE the same day as Asana on Sept. 30, 2020, at $ 10 per contribution. This was 38 % higher than its IPO price of $ 7.25. Palantir ’ mho services are wide-reaching and profound. The CIA used its technologies to help locate Osama bank identification number Laden in 2011, it ’ second helping the U.S. Space Force traverse extraterrestrial objects and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is using it to monitor the spread of COVID-19. The company has won many more multimillion-dollar politics contracts.

Peet’s Coffee and Tea (JDEP)

Despite the rocky markets, Peet ’ s Coffee and Tea parent company, JDE Peet ’ south, went populace May 29, 2020, and raised 2.3 billion euros ( $ 2.5 billion ), making it the largest european initial public offering in 2020. Shares were priced at 31.50 euros and traded slenderly higher in the days following.

Peloton (PTON)

Fitness company Peloton went public Sept. 26, 2019, at an IPO price of $ 29 and fell 11 % during trade. The inauguration aims to make working out at home a “ viable, exciting option, ” with screen-equipped stationary bikes and treadmills that play a assortment of populate and on-demand group fitness classes.

Petco (WOOF)

Petco, which trades under the highly by the way watch WOOF, began trading on the Nasdaq stock exchange Jan. 14, 2021, with an hatchway price of $ 26.25, rising to close the day at $ 29.40.

Robinhood (HOOD)

Robinhood went public July 29, 2021, at $ 38 per share under the watch HOOD. The stock ‘s monetary value popped in the first few days, climbing over $ 55.

Rocket Companies, Inc. (RKT)

rocket Companies, which includes Quicken Loans and Amrock, Inc., priced its shares at $ 18 and began trading on the NYSE on Aug. 6, 2020. By conclude on its first day of trade, the stock rose 19.5 % to $ 21.51.

Slack (WORK)

Workplace collaboration service Slack besides performed a direct-market list on June 20, 2019. Slack ’ s character price was $ 26, and the company opened at $ 38.50.

Snowflake (SNOW)

When cloud-based data storage and analytics firm Snowflake began trading Sept. 16, 2020, its shares more than double over, making it the largest software IPO in history. Shares were priced at $ 120 the night before trading began, but opened at $ 245, hitting a eminent of $ 319 before ending the day at $ 253.93 per contribution.

Uber (UBER)

With a evaluation of $ 82 billion, rideshare app Uber was one of the biggest technical school IPOs ever and one of the most heatedly expect offerings of 2019. But following the sputtering market introduction of archrival Lyft, Uber went public in May 2019 at a lower-than-anticipated price of $ 45.

Vroom (VRM)

Online used-car market Vroom submitted its initial plans to go public May 18, 2020, in hopes of raising $ 100 million. The filing came barely six months after the company raised $ 254 million in December 2019, raising its evaluation to unicorn condition at $ 1.5 billion. Vroom priced its shares at $ 22, and on its first gear day of trading, the malcolm stock more than doubled, closing at $ 47.90.

Warner Music Group (WMG)

As the third-largest record label in the worldly concern, Warner ’ s S-1 file in early February 2020 commanded attention. Warner Music Group opened up to public trade June 3, 2020, at $ 27 per share, above the IPO price of $ 25. The stock climbed to $ 30.12 by the day ’ second airless, an 11.6 % increase.

Zoom (ZM)

soar, the cloud-based videoconferencing company, didn ’ t attract as much attention as other technical school IPOs in the celebrated class of 2019 when it went public in April of that class, despite being one of the few profitable companies on the roll. But investors quickly started taking Zoom ’ randomness calls : The standard popped 80 % on its first day of trade.

ZoomInfo (ZI)

not to be confused with videoconferencing software company Zoom ( ZM ), ZoomInfo pressed forward with its IPO on June 4, 2020, despite market uncertainty. The company, which offers grocery store intelligence to sales and commercialize teams, initially priced its shares between $ 16 and $ 18, but ultimately raised this price respective times in the days leading up to its first day of trading, settling at $ 21. The stock opened at $ 40, closely double the offer monetary value. » cook to invest ? See our number of the best brokers for neckcloth trade

IPO day is just one sidereal day in the life a public company, and initial performance is n’t an indication of long-run results. That ’ s the very nature of IPOs. Explore the calculator below to see how well you would have fared had you invested in the IPOs of these companies ( or check out NerdWallet ‘s investment calculator for a more general front at investment growth ). disclosure : The generator held no positions in the aforesaid investments at the master time of publication .

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