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journalism much worries about favoritism in report. If a reporter owns shares in the party she is writing about, it might cause a bias. So the Motley Fool, like most fiscal media, requires its writers to disclose what stocks we own. That ‘s why, at the bottom of our articles, you will see a disclosure poster .
hera ‘s an interesting kink. The Motley Fool was founded by people who wanted to talk about the stocks that they bought. so from the very begin, the Fool has encouraged its writers to invest in the stocks we are writing about. Many of us agree with author and investor Nassim Taleb that you want to pay attention to people who have skin in the bet on. so for me, the disclosure notice is n’t a veto to be worried about. It ‘s the opposite — the disclosure notice indicates how much a writer believes in what he is saying. You want to read articles by people who have put their money where their mouth is .
Money is raining down on a businessman smiling and holding an umbrella.
so when I ‘m researching stocks to buy, I like to read articles by people who have bought or are buying the stocks. besides, I like to read articles by people who are successful and have made money through their research. I find a lot of neckcloth ideas through take articles. If I get to the bed of the article and the writer does n’t own the stock, I often lose interest .

Find great investors and take a peek at their investments

Of naturally, if I ‘m generating new ideas, all I need is a stock identify or a ticker. At the Motley Fool, every writer has a profile. So you can check out the writer ‘s profile and see all the stocks they own. I ‘ve been peeking at David Gardner ‘s portfolio for decades. And you can do this with any writer at

so, for case, if I read a great article on Silvergate Capital  ( SI -16.69 % ), I ‘m happy because I own the neckcloth and love it .
SI Chart
I might follow up and click on the author ‘s appoint ( Bram Berkowitz ), check out his writer ‘s page, and see all the headlines of his early articles. I ‘ll besides click on his profile and see what stocks he owns. He owns Lending Club  ( LC -7.82 % ), a stock that had fallen off my radar. So I might read a bunch of articles about that company. It looks interesting, so I add the name to my watch list to keep tab key on it .
While most of my research is done at the Motley Fool, I besides venture outside the Fool and find other successful investors taking concern risks. I ‘m a big fan of Cathie Wood and her Ark Innovation fund. While I manage my own money, I like to peek at her fund holdings to get investment ideas .
I sometimes take a peek at a guess capital firm such as Arch Venture Partners and see what ‘s on the horizon in the biotechnology arena. That ‘s how I found Vir Bio ( VIR -4.46 % ). I wrote an article about the stock back in 2019. I kept the name on a watchlist. And in 2022, the narrative got so good I had to buy shares.

CAPS is a great resource

At the Motley Fool, we have a detached overhaul that allows you to pick any stock that you think will outperform the grocery store. So any clock I ‘m bullish on a stock, I throw the heart into CAPS. While we ca n’t add crypto to CAPS ( yet ), I use the software to track 50 of my family ‘s stocks, and 150 stocks that I want to keep an eye on .
You can besides find top stock pickers in CAPS. So, for example, Rex Moore is in the crown 1 % of CAPS investors. So are David Gardner and Joe Tenebruso. once you know who is outperforming the grocery store, you can use their picks to generate banal ideas. That ‘s how I found OptimizeRx  ( OPRX -4.06 % ) and Inari Medical  ( NARI -3.59 % ) via some of the top players in CAPS .
often the circus tent stock-pickers are n’t writers for the Fool. But they do n’t have to be. Sometimes they will add a fiddling comment explaining why they are bullish. But the chief thing is equitable the ticker of an interesting stock. once you have that, you can start your research travel .

The next steps

After I have the heart, I go to Yahoo Finance and spirit at the company ‘s “ statistics ” page. That ‘s a capital snapshot of a company ‘s financials. I look at the market cap, gross growth, profit margins, cash and debt levels, short concern, and respective price ratios. If I ‘m distillery excited, I ‘ll go to the company ‘s web site and attend for an investor presentation. I ‘ll besides look for the annual report ( or S-1 if this is a recently populace company ) and a transcript of the most holocene investor conference call. I ‘ll search YouTube with the head executive officeholder ‘s name, looking for interviews or a speech at an diligence league. I ‘ll do a Google search of the company ‘s name along with “ Motley Fool ” to see if we ‘ve written anything on the company. And finally, I ‘ll look at some stock charts.

I love to see a standard that ‘s killed the market over the long term and is down precipitously in the unretentive terminus. I ‘ll want to solve the mystery of why the lineage is down. If it ‘s because the overall market has slumped ( as we ‘ve seen in 2022 ), that might be an attractive entry point. And that ‘s how I find newly stocks for my portfolio .

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