How to Find out Whether the Liable Person Is Insured

How to Find out Whether the Liable Person Is Insured

In the majority of states, the basal method acting of finding out whether the liable person is insured is to just ask him for a copy of the “ declarations page ” of his homeowners or renters insurance policy. The “ declarations ” are the specific information about a policy, such as the policy number, mention of insured, address of see, and amounts of coverage .
This requires the victim ( or victim ‘s family ) to communicate with the chase owner, which can be difficult in many cases. When the dog owner is a supporter, neighbor or syndicate member, some cad bite victims prefer to leave this inquiry to their lawyer. ( In this section, the term “ dog owner ” is used to refer to owners, harborers, keepers, custodians and anyone else who might be liable for the bite. )
If the pawl owner does not have homeowner or tenant policy, one should ask whether he has any of the early indemnity policies listed in Who actually pays the damages.

If the specify of the policy seems inadequate, one should besides find out if the dog owner has an “ umbrella policy ” or “ excess policy. ” These are auxiliary policies. Some dog owners have them as part of the motive vehicle insurance, so one should ask them to check their vehicular policy and even to talk to their indemnity agent or agent about this .
A unplayful trouble for frank owners is the ejection or limitation for animal-inflicted injuries. The policy industry is getting away with selling policy that excludes cad bite coverage or limits the coverage to a little sum of money. If this andiron owner has that kind of indemnity and does n’t have an umbrella or overindulgence policy to supplement it, then he might not have insurance. ( An umbrella policy might provide chase sting coverage even if the underlie policy does n’t. )

These kind of uncertainties lead to confusion. many cad owners do n’t know that their homeowner indemnity covers dog bites ( as does renters indemnity and the early types mentioned above ). Furthermore, some cad owners say that they do n’t have insurance when they do n’t know one direction or another — and even when they know that they have it. People do this in the hope that a victim will simply “ lick his wounds ” and disappear. needle to say, you ca n’t accept that if your injuries are serious.

There are few states that require a person to disclose their policy in pawl bite cases and other non-vehicular accidents. For exercise, see Georgia State Code, Title 33, chapter 3, section 28 ( GSC 33-3-28 ), which requires the chase owner or other liable person to disclose the identity of every insurance company within 30 days, and requires the insurance company ( s ) to provide a imitate of the see person ‘s announcement foliate or else a statement giving accomplished information about all known indemnity including but not restrict to overindulgence and umbrella coverage. See besides Florida legislative act 627.4137 .
If you can not get details of the insurance policy, or the frump owner denies having any, the only way to know whether indemnity exists is to serve the owner with a lawsuit. You then will find out because his lawyer will let you know during “ discovery ” and “ disclosure ” — two processes that take home in lawsuits. For this, the chase bite victim must retain a lawyer. For more information about the decision to retain an lawyer, visualize Should Parents Get a Lawyer for Their Injured Child ? ( if the victim is a child ) or Does an Adult Need a Lawyer for a Dog Bite Claim ?
Remember that lawyers who represent consumers normally offer spare consultations. That ‘s one of the many services that “ trial attorneys ” give to the populace. They besides will enter into a contract that says that they will not be paid anything until the identical end of the font, when money is available. Furthermore, in most states they besides agree to advance all of the costs of the litigation. so if it looks like there might not be indemnity, but the injuries are serious, you may have to see a lawyer plainly to find out whether the frump owner is insured — but the effective news is that it wo n’t cost you anything unless you win your encase.

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