How to Find Out How Much I Paid in Real Estate Taxes

How to Find Out How Much I Paid in Real Estate Taxes

If you ’ ra uncertain how much you paid in real estate taxes, you can cursorily obtain the information from your county tax assessor, or through tax documents you receive from your mortgage lender. You ’ ll need this information to claim tax deductions for the property taxes you pay, or to facilitate certain transactions for selling or refinancing your home. Tax payments for the current year are posted on most county tax assessor websites and are in the public commemorate, which means you can access the information without registering for an on-line history. Most counties recommend accessing your property tax information on-line, but other methods may be available, depending on your local tax assessor ‘s preferences.

Online Access


1 Visit the web site of the county tax assessor to which you pay place taxes.


2 Locate the place search link. Each county ’ s web site varies, but coarse link titles to look for admit “ Search Property Records, ” “ Property Search ” or “ Real Property Tax Records. ” Some websites may list this type of search in the on-line services menu ; others display a connect on the home plate page.


3 Select a search method. In most cases, you can choose to search by your diagnose or the address of your home. Enter appropriate data into the search field based on your choice.


4 View property tax payment history. You can view real estate tax assessments and payments for the current class. Some websites may besides provide historical payment information.

Form 1098 Tax Document


1 obtain kind 1098 from your mortgage lender. This tax document lists the mortgage interest you pay during the year and besides lists any real estate of the realm taxes your lender paid on your behalf through an escrow account. Your lender is authorized to pay only the actual amount of your property tax judgment through an escrow account, so in general, tax amounts shown are correct.


2 Examine Box 4 on shape 1098. Your lender uses this cosmopolitan information box to report information other than your mortgage sake to you. Any amounts shown should include a description, such as “ Taxes ” or “ property tax. ”


3 Compare Box 4 amounts with early sources. Your end-of-the-year mortgage affirmation may itemize taxes and other items paid through your escrow account. Compare any tax payments shown on this statement with the amount in Box 4. You may besides contact your county tax assessor for confirmation of Box 4 amounts. References

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  • Your county assessor’s office may also be able to provide your real estate tax payment information over the phone or in person. Contact your county assessor for details.
  • Your annual property tax bill may show payments received since the last assessment. Payments shown may include those you personally made or paid through escrow.
  • You may also contact your mortgage lender for real estate tax payment information if you paid your taxes through escrow. However, if you’re using the information to claim a tax deduction, get your payment information in writing rather than by phone. If the lender’s agent gives you the wrong amount or you write down the wrong amount, you may have to amend your taxes later.

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