7 Ways to Find Your Car Insurance Policy Number

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What is Car Insurance Policy Number?

A car insurance policy count is a singular number granted to every policyholder to identify his/ her indemnity policy. It is used as a character number to recognise your car indemnity policy and its coverage .
As a car owner, it is authoritative for you to remember your four-wheel policy policy count as you may need it under certain circumstances. Besides, you must always keep a hard copy of your policy document in your car and its cushy transcript in your chain mail so that you can access it in any position .

When Do You Need Your Car Insurance Policy Number?

A centrifugal policy policy act may be required in a diverseness of scenarios. Take a look at the diverse situations where you may have to provide your four-wheeler indemnity policy numeral :

Car Insurance Policy Renewal

At the time of renewing your drive policy, you will be required to provide your previous policy number. The policy numeral is crucial to find your plan details and ensure that the like policy is being renewed .
even when you plan to change your insurance company and buy a policy from another cable car insurance company, you will still need to provide your previous policy number. It is besides authoritative to ensure that your No Claim Bonus ( NCB ) is transferred from your previous policy to your new policy .

After a Car Accident

If unfortunately, your car meets with an accident, you will need to provide your policy total to file a claim with your insurance company. In the case of third-party damages, you may be required to file a first Information Report ( FIR ) with the patrol where you may be asked for your four-wheel indemnity policy number. furthermore, if you have caused accidental damages to person else ’ sulfur car, you may be required to provide your motive indemnity details, including the policy count, to the third party for them to raise a claim .
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During Police Check

While driving your car, you may have frequently seen police check posts where a few vehicles are stopped. These everyday checks are conducted for safety purposes and to verify the possession of important documents with the cable car driver, including cable car policy. In case your car is stopped at a patrol hindrance military post, the police official may ask for your policy document or your policy number. You may besides need to provide your policy number to the concern authorities if you are traveling out of station .

Applying for Duplicate Policy Document

In lawsuit you have lost your indemnity policy document and need to apply for a double replicate with your drive insurance company, you will have to provide your policy number. Your car policy numeral will be the first information that your insurance company will ask for. not flush the best car policy companies will provide you with a duplicate policy document if you don ’ triiodothyronine provide them with your policy number .

Updating Your Car Insurance Policy Details

sometimes, you may find the incorrect information mentioned in your motor indemnity policy document. Or you may have changed your address or call total and would want to update the details in your policy text file. To do so, you will have to request your motor indemnity provider to update the information. Your insurance company will not update policy details unless you provide your policy number .

Selling Your Car

If you are selling your car, the buyer may want to check the cogency of the policy policy covering the car. In such a site, he/she may ask you for your cable car policy number. furthermore, you may besides need to provide your policy number to get your NCB transferred from the sold car to your new car .

How to Find a Vehicle Insurance Policy Number?

here are seven ways through which you can find your motor indemnity policy number :

1. Policy Document

The easiest means to find your car policy number is by checking your policy document. Be it comprehensive or third party insurance, your policy number will be mentioned in your policy document. If you purchased your policy on-line, you may have a soft copy of your policy document in your mail, which you can go through to know your policy act .

2. Insurer’s Website/ Mobile App

In character you had purchased your four-wheel policy policy online on your insurance company ’ second web site, you can log in to your score on the web site to know your policy number. To retrieve your report, you will be required to provide a few details, such as your cable car ’ randomness registration number, your name, phone number, etc .
Some of the best insurance companies besides have mobile applications where you can access details of your four wheelwright insurance policy. Just enter the requested details to log in to your account and get your policy policy number .

3. By Vehicle Number

You can besides find your policy number with the help oneself of your vehicle count. All you need to do is visit the e-Vaahan portal site and provide your vehicle registration issue to know all the details about your car policy, including your car policy number .

4. Via Insurance Agent

If you had bought your car policy with the help of an insurance agent, you must contact him/her to know your policy total. policy agents normally keep a copy of the policy details of their clients and thus, may help you to find your centrifugal policy issue .

5. Telephonic Assistance

All those people who did not buy four-wheel insurance on-line or through an agentive role can know their policy count by getting in refer with their centrifugal insurance company over the telephone. Every insurance company has a customer care team to help solve your problems and doubts. You can call on your insurance company ’ sulfur customer serve number and know your policy issue. All you need to do is provide the requested details to the customer administrator and he/she will tell you your policy count. You can besides find the customer worry contact number on the insurance company ’ s web site .

6. Visit Nearest Branch of the Insurance Provider

To know your policy number, you can besides visit the nearest arm of your centrifugal indemnity supplier. The outgrowth executive may ask for a few details for confirmation. Post verification, they will tell you your car indemnity policy number .

7. Insurance Information Bureau (IIB)

Another way to know your drive policy number is to visit the web site of the Insurance Information Bureau ( IIB ). The IIB maintains the details of all motor policy policies in India in digital format. You can enter the want details and know your policy count. The web site is highly helpful if you want to know the policy issue of the car that damaged your vehicle in an accident .

In a Nutshell

A cable car policy policy issue is the identification number of the policy policy. Without this count, you can not avail the benefits of your four-wheeler indemnity policy. frankincense, you must always remember your policy number regardless of whether you have comprehensive or third gear party policy. But if you don ’ thyroxine, you can use one of these seven methods to find your policy number .

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