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credible Operations, Inc. NMLS # 1681276, is referred to here as “ credible. ” With the distinctive graduate having up to 12 different union and individual scholar loans, it can be unmanageable to keep track of them all. But finding out precisely how much you owe is essential for managing — and paying off — your debt .
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Find out how much you owe in student loans

When you took out your student loans, you agreed to borrow a set measure and to repay it with matter to. Your pastime rate can cause your lend balance to grow over time, so you could end up owing thousands more than you originally borrowed .
To make things even more confusing, your loans can sometimes change hands. Some lenders will sell your loans or transfer them to other loanword servicers, so who you in the first place had as a loan servicer may nobelium long be the right one. Your loanword servicer is who you make payments to and go to for questions, so it ’ south crucial to figure out who your current servicer is to repay your debt .

How to find your federal student loan balance

If you have union scholar loans, there are a couple of different ways to track down your poise .

1. Use the National Student Loan Data System

To find your current federal scholar lend proportion, you can use the National Student Loan Data System ( NSLDS ), a database run by the Department of Education .
When you enroll into a college or university, the school ’ south presidency will send your loanword information to the NSLDS. The database besides pulls information from lend servicers and government agencies, so it ’ s a comprehensive outline of all federal student aid you ’ ve received .
To find your federal student loan balance on NSLDS:

  1. Create an account with a Federal Student Aid ID and sign in
  2. Check the list of all of the federal student loans under your name, including the original amount, current balance, interest rate, payment status, and loan servicer
  3. Visit your loan servicer’s website to create an account, make payments online, and ask any questions you may have

While the NSLDS is useful, there are some limitations:

  • Not always up to date: Information on the NSLDS can be as much as 120 days old, so it may not be the most up to date view of your loans.
  • Not all loans are listed: The NSLDS only contains information about Title-IV eligible loans and grants, so if you took out other federal loans — such as loans for medical or nursing school programs — they won’t show up on the NSLDS. Private student loans also won’t be listed.

2. Contact your school’s financial aid office

If you have federal loans that don ’ metric ton show up on the NSLDS, another choice is to contact your school ’ s fiscal aid office. The staff there can look up your by lend information, including what you originally borrowed and who the loan servicer was. With that data, you can contact the servicer to get your current loanword counterweight .

Find out your loan score

If you ’ re wondering how competitive your loanword is, the lend score tool below can help. Just figure your APR, credit mark, monthly payment, and remaining balance ( estimates are finely ) to see how your lend stacks up .
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How to find your private student loan balance

Because the NSLDS is only for federal loans, your individual student loans won ’ thyroxine show up in the database. If you refinanced any federal loans, those won ’ metric ton show up either because once you refinance your student loans, they become secret loans .
To find any private student loan balances (or check who your lender is):

  1. Get your credit report from each of the three credit reporting agencies — Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion — at (you can do this once a year for free)
  2. Check your credit report to see a list all of your current obligations, including student loans. It will list how much you borrowed and who the loan servicer is.
  3. Contact the loan servicer to start making payments or start the student loan refinancing process

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Managing your student loans

While it may sound complex, learning how to answer “ How a lot do I have in scholar loans ? ” is an significant first measure in managing your debt. Once you know how much you owe and who your lend servicers are, you can come up with a refund design that works for you .
Tip: If you want to pay off your debt as quickly as possible so you can save money, check out these strategies that can help you If you want to pay off your debt a cursorily as possible so you can save money, check out these strategies that can help you pay off your student loans faster If you ’ re wondering how long it ’ ll take to pay off your scholar loans, embark your current loanword data into the calculator below to find out. Use the slider to see how increasing your payments can change the bribe date .
Enter loanword data
Loan remainder


Enter the remaining balance of your loans


interest rate


Enter the average annual interest rate of your loans


lend term


Enter the amount of time left to repay your loan


What if you increased your monthly payment ?




sum Payment $

entire Interest $

monthly Payment $

If you increase your payments by $ monthly on your $ lend at %, you will pay $ a calendar month and pay off your loanword by .
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