Who Owns My Student Loans? Here’s How to Find Out

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You ’ ve graduated, and now it ’ sulfur time to get on top of your scholar loans. not playfulness — and possibly not your cup of tea. But that ’ s the least of your worries compared to the heavy weight unit of paying your debt.

The first thing you need to figure out is : “ Who owns my scholar loans ? ” It ’ s a coarse question, and fortunately, finding an answer international relations and security network ’ thyroxine american samoa hard as you might think. here ’ s your template on how to find out who owns your scholar loans .

How to find out who owns your scholar loans

There are two types of student loans : federal and private. The more common kind is distributed by the U.S. Department of Education. individual loans come from private fiscal institutions .
If you ’ re wonder, “ How do I find my student loans ? ”, here are the steps to take to locate both your federal and individual loans .

Who owns your federal student loans?

Although the federal government technically owns your scholar loans, it doesn ’ t do them. That would be army for the liberation of rwanda besides big of a job. rather, the Department of Education has lend servicers who help manage payments for its borrowers .
Loan servicers act as a jobber between the borrower and the Department of Education by managing the student loan refund action. They manage all types of loans held by the federal government, including direct Loans and PLUS Loans taken out for undergraduate, calibrate and professional degrees .
federal lend servicers besides service Direct Consolidation Loans, Federal Family Education Loans ( FFEL ) and Federal Perkins Loans. however, some FFEL Program Loans and Perkins Loans aren ’ t held by the Department of Education, so this can add to the confusion of figuring out each of your new servicers .
federal loan servicers include FedLoan Servicing ( PHEAA ), Higher education Services Corporation ( HESC ) ( besides known as EdFinancial ), Navient and more .
If you ’ re wonder, “ Who is my scholar loanword servicer ? ”, the best topographic point to start is the Studentaid.gov web site. In the past, you could access your federal scholar loans using the National Student Loan Data System ( NSLDS ). But this database has been merged to streamline managing scholar loans .
once you ’ re on the Studentaid.gov home page, you ’ ll be prompted to log in with your Federal scholar Aid ( FSA ) ID. If you don ’ thyroxine have an FSA ID, you ’ ll have the choice to create a login, including a username and password .
After putting in your login data, you ’ ll accept a privacy poster and then be directed to the page with your lend data .
You ’ ll be able to review your lend amounts, dates, spending and statuses of your loans. You can besides entree detail information about your loanword servicer, including its contact information and web site. This information is significant when making payments because you typically need to create an account with your loan servicer first base .
once you have an account, you can make payments, manage your student loans and take advantage of any perks — like signing up for autopay to receive a 0.25 % matter to rate reduction .

Who owns your individual scholar loans ?

If you have individual scholar loans, you might wonder “ How do I find my scholar loans ? ”, since they ’ ra not under the hub of the Department of Education. This type of loanword is from a secret fiscal institution or lender. For example, coarse private loanword lenders are Discover, Wells Fargo and Sallie Mae .
To find out who your private loan lender is, check your credit report. Your credit report is a drawn-out text file that contains your credit information, including how much you ’ ve borrowed and who owns the scholar loans .
start by going to AnnualCreditReport.com, where you ’ ll be able to access all three of your credit reports from each of the credit agency .
At the bottomland of the home page, cluck on “ request your unblock credit reports ” :
You ’ ll take these three steps : 1 ) Fill out the request imprint, 2 ) choose which reports you ’ d like to receive and 3 ) answer a few questions to verify your identity .
once you ’ ve verified your information, you ’ ll be able to get your credit report. Look under the accounts section and then check “ Account Name. ” You should be able to see your versatile lenders and identify who owns your private loans .
When you have your private loan lender information, contact the lender to create an bill so you can start receiving notifications and making payments .

other types of loans

If you took out medical student loans, check mark with the Health Resources and Services Administration ( HRSA ). It might have administered some of your loans and could have the data you need .
additionally, some lenders send statements each month, so you can find your other student loanword lenders this means .

Why knowing who your loanword servicer is significant

“ Who owns my student loans ? ” is a common interview after graduation. It ’ south crucial to find out who is servicing your loans, so you can make your monthly requital come on time and to the allow place. If you don ’ metric ton know who is servicing your lend, you could miss a student lend payment, which could lead to delinquency. If not dealt with for a longer period of time, you could end up in default option .
once you know who your loan servicers or lenders are — as you might have respective, depending on your loans — you can create on-line accounts at each site to manage your repayment plans. Doing sol can keep you on track with your scholar lend payments — and keep you in effective stand .
Need any help with your scholar loans ? Get in touch with us !

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Who Owns My Student Loans? Here’s How to Find Out
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