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What you need to know

  • How to run a car insurance check will differ depending on the state or territory where you live.
  • You can see if your car has insurance, specifically compulsory third party (CTP) insurance, on the check registration page of your state or territory.
  • In most cases, for third party insurance and comprehensive insurance, you will need to find the expiry date on your certificate of insurance.

How can I check if my car is insured?

If your car is registered in NSW, you can look up the CTP insurance company for your fomite by using Service NSW to check registration. For all other states and territories, CTP insurance ( besides known as ‘Green Slip insurance ‘ ) is included with your registration. You can still check your car ‘s CTP with your state or territory ‘s car registration locate. Regardless of which country or territory you live, you must buy CTP policy when you register your vehicle. It is a legal prerequisite .

How do you check who you’re insured with?

To check who your car is insured with, you can use the ‘check registration ‘ web site of the state or territory your car is registered in. registration checks are dislodge and they include :

  • Your registration expiry date
  • Whether the registration of the vehicle is cancelled or suspended
  • Any registration restrictions or concessions (for example, charges that might apply when the vehicle is transferred to a new owner)
  • The CTP insurer you are with and the policy expiry date
  • the make, model, year and colour of your vehicle.

If you do n’t have CTP indemnity or it is up for refilling in the next three months, you can use the Green Slip Check in NSW to get a CTP Green Slip quote comparison from all insurers. You ‘ll need your driver ‘s license phone number or placard act and the vehicle ‘s plate total to receive quotes.

a couple looking at the laptop You can check your CTP car policy termination go steady with your state or territory ‘s assay adjustment site. once you ‘ve entered your rego details, you will be told if you have CTP insurance, who it is with and when your policy will expire. If you want to check when your third party property, Third party, fire & larceny or comprehensive examination insurance expires, you can find this on your certificate of insurance. This is issued to you when you purchase a policy as confirmation and includes when your policy starts and ends. It besides contains the type of policy you have and how much you paid for it. If you do n’t have your certificate of indemnity ( you should have received a digital copy via e-mail and a physical copy ), you can contact your insurance company and find out when your policy expires. It ‘s likely you may have an on-line account with your car insurance company that includes your policy ‘s details and renewal dates .

How to check your car registration

To check if a car is registered, all you need to do is go to the check registration locate of your department of state or territory : In most cases, you can besides call if you ca n’t check your car registration on-line .

Frequently asked questions

  • typically, no – CTP policy is a legal prerequisite to drive in Australia. That said, there are some ( very ) limited situations when you may drive without this cover. For example, the drive of tractors or other agrarian machines in some cases. But it ‘s very important to check your submit or district ‘s web site for more details on these exceptions .

  • You can find your termination ( or, ‘renewal ‘ ) date in your insurance documents. If you know the name of your insurance company, you can give them a call. If you do n’t, you could check your bank or recognition wag statements and emails to hunt down the supplier ‘s name .

  • Put merely, you ‘re breaking the law and you can be hit with a boastfully very well if your vehicle is uninsured and/or unregistered. besides, keep in mind that should you be involved in an accident and you do n’t have CTP insurance, you could be sued for any injuries to other road users .

  • You can use the free ‘check registration ‘ locate of the state or territory your car ‘s registered in .

  • No. But you can as part of the rego check. You can besides use the VIN number if your car was made after 1989 .

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