How to Stop a Garnishment in Arkansas

No one likes to feel out of control, at the mercy of person or something else through engage garnishment. unfortunately, for thousands of workers in the United States, that is the reality of their fiscal position. Through an encroaching process known as “ engage garnishment, ” a unmarried creditor may take a boastfully share of a person ’ second paid wages. What ’ s more, garnishments are not limited to one creditor per person – multiple creditors may latch on to a single wage earner and sap separate percentages of that person ’ mho wages. No person likes it when a creditor gets a engage garnishment order and is prepared to garnish your wages .
engage garnishment is far more coarse than most people realize. ADP, one of the largest payroll administration companies in the area, found that 7.2 % of workers using their services had their wages garnished. That number rose to 10.5 %, more than one in ten workers, in the population of 35-44 year-olds. ( beginning : hypertext transfer protocol : // )

How much of my wages can be garnished in Arkansas?

While there is a federal engage garnishment jurisprudence that limits the utmost share that can be garnished from a person ’ s wages. so, union police controls in Arkansas ( with one exception, see below ) : If your disposable earnings are 30 times minimal wage or less, your wages can ’ thyroxine be garnished. If your disposable earnings are more than 30 times the union minimal engage, your creditor can only take that total over minimum engage or 25 % of your disposable earnings, whichever is less. ( 15 U.S.C. § 1673 ) .

Example of Federal Wage Garnishment Law

The stream federal minimum hourly engage is $ 7.25 per hour ( as of January 2021 ). If you make $ 500 per workweek after your ask deductions, then 25 % of your disposable income is $ 125. Thirty times the union minimum wage is $ 217.50. The total that your income exceeds that is $ 282.50 ( $ 500 – 217.50 ). Because $ 282.50 is more than $ 150 your ages can be garnished at $ 150 per workweek.

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Arkansas Garnishment Exception

If you are a laborer or automobile mechanic, you get more protection from garnishment in Arkansas : 60 days of your wages are exempt if your total exemption doesn ’ metric ton exceed the measure exempt under the state fundamental law. then, the first $ 25 per week of your internet wages is exempt. ( Ark. Code Ann. §16-66-208 ) .

Bank Garnishment

Garnishment is not limited to wages – trust accounts are besides vulnerable to garnishment and are far less protected than wages. “ Bank levies, ” as they are called, give up creditors to tap directly into the depository financial institution accounts of the people that owe them money with much less oversight by the government .
wage garnishment is a huge exit in the United States, where many people are living paycheck to paycheck. ( generator : hypertext transfer protocol : // ). individual creditors who obtain garnishments typically do not care that taking a large share of a person ’ s paycheck will frequently take away their ability to make end converge. In fact, while federal law will keep a proletarian with alone one garnishment from being fired from his/her problem, it will not prevent the same from happening to a actor with more than one garnishment .

How Does Wage Garnishment Work in Arkansas ?

Wage garnishment typically happens when a creditor has sued a worker and gotten a judgment against the worker for a debt he/she owed. following, the creditor has to get a second court order allowing for a engage garnishment. last, the sheriff normally has to serve the garnishment order on the worker ’ south employer, who then withholds part of the proletarian ’ s check for the creditor.

If money is owed for federal taxes, a court order is not required to garnish wages. In these cases, the Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ) sends the debtor a Notice of Demand for Payment, followed by a Final Notice, giving the debtor 30 days to make restitution. If the payment, much called a levy, does not happen soon, the IRS will contact the actor ’ south employer and begin garnishment .
once started, the garnishment will continue until the total amount owed to the creditor is paid off .

How do I find out who is garnishing my wages?

here are some ideas for finding out who is garnishing your yield :

  1. Look for “Other” or “Miscellaneous” deductions if your pay is lower than usual and you think wage garnishment is occurring. They’re most likely collecting the money owing if you’ve recently been involved in a debt-collection case, or if you owe the IRS cash.
  2. You should inquire with your employer’s payroll department if your wages are being garnished. If they’re withdrawing money from your pay, they must provide you with a copy of the papers. Arkansas employers are required to provide you with a copy of the garnishment paperwork.
  3. Check back through any prior negotiations with creditors. You could discover a reference to wage garnishment in previous correspondence that you missed.
  4. Also, as soon as possible, request a credit report from each credit reporting agency.
  5. Contact the IRS to determine whether your earnings are being garnished. They should have mailed you a garnishment notice.


Seeking legal advice is the best course of military action because engage garnishment is itself a individual issue. While there is a general process, you can see that it ’ second multi-step, detailed, and can be complicated with extra file deadlines and paperwork .
however, equitable because the odds are stacked against workers to stop garnishments from being placed on their wages, that does not mean that they are powerless to stop it. If you ’ re having trouble paying your bills or making ends meet because of a engage garnishment, we can help. The first measure to getting your creditors off your back, and stopping your wages from getting garnished, is giving us a call. If you need help, please don ’ t hesitate to text or call us for your rid no-risk consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer .

wh Law, is a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy protection under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

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