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Order Promo and Giant Cheques in Canada

  • Authentic and real looking novelty cheques
  • Giant cheques are highly durable and can be reused
  • Customize a big cheque with multiple logos or personalized text

Order a realistic giant cheque from Cheque Print for a big contribution ceremony, consequence or giving. For our customers that live near our Calgary position, we offer presentation cheques that look authentic and are merely a realistic as normal cheques. You can even get numbers and history details on the elephantine cheque .
For customers across Canada, our rollable giant star cheques can be shipped directly to your home or position. The typical size is 22 ” by 44 ”, and the name and come can be added with a dry-erase marker. Like all our big cheques, the rollable format is fully customizable .
Please Note: Oversized promotional cheques can not be ordered on-line. Please contact our office during regular clientele hours to speak directly with our team .

How to Order a Big Cheque

Contact Cheque Print to speak to our team about ordering outsize presentation cheques.

Solid oversized and big cheques must be picked up at our office, but rollable colossus cheques can be shipped. Our helpful team is glad to assist you in ordering a freshness check .

  1. Call us or send a message to talk to our team about the details of your big cheque.
  2. If you don’t have a design prepared, our professional designers can customize a giant cheque with your words, images and details.
  3. When your order is ready, you can pick up your oversized cheque from our Calgary office (1215 Lake Sylvan Dr SE #11). Rollable cheques will be shipped to your office or home.

presentation cheques can be ready in vitamin a little as one workweek. Since our solid bangle cheques are besides boastfully to ship economically ( as they are up to six feet in length ), they must be picked up in person. We recommend a rollable elephantine check if you are ineffective to pick up your check in Calgary.

Customize a Giant Cheque

You can get a promotional or large cheque customized with any logos, images, custom text fields, extra partner or patron logos, background designs and colours. Add account details to make your giant check look like a regular smaller check, or add your branding or any graphics. There are no restrictions on prototype details ( since they don ’ thymine very need to clear with a bank ) – that means you can put about anything you want on a big check .

Presentation Cheques from Cheque Print

Your big check will be printed, laminated and mounted on a foam core fixed circuit board. We besides have rollable giant cheques that are easier to pack and store. reclaimable presentation cheques are besides available and can be personalized with a dry erase marker.

Big Cheque Size

Our largest bangle cheque is six feet in duration, and every big cheque is printed in wide color and can be completely customized .

  • 22″ x 44″ – Rollable – Full Colour Big Cheque = $110.00 + tax
  • 36″ x 72″ – Rigid – Full Colour Big Cheque = $216.00 + tax (must be picked up in Calgary)

**Please note, there is a design tip of $ 55. No plan fee if you provide a print-ready PDF .

Big Cheque Formats

If you need a giant check that is easier to transport, we offer high-quality rollable cheques. We besides have presentation cheques that can be reused by writing in the name and sum with a dry-erase marker .

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