Finance and support for your business

  • Accelerating Thermal Energy Technology Adoption (ATETA)
    Support broadcast offering technical avail to develop sustainable energy-related products and processes that enable growth .

  • Access to finance – Greater Manchester and Lancashire
    Access to finance is a scheme for businesses who need help raising finance for growth .

  • AD:VENTURE – Leeds City Region
    Provides free clientele development corroborate and guidance .

  • Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative Recycled Fund – England
    Loan store for SMEs in the fabrication provision chain who are looking for investment to grow and support job universe.

  • Advanced Manufacturing Technologies to Create, Activate & Automate (AMTECAA)
    subscribe to explore how advance manufacture technologies can help businesses be more productive or improve their competitive edge .

  • Advanced Materials Characterisation & Simulation Hub (AMCASH)
    corroborate project to help businesses to solve materials challenges, improve efficiency, and support modern product development .

  • Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas) – UK
    advice on good practice in employment and employment relations .

  • ALPHAS Project – South East Midlands
    Grants, workshops and academic expertness to enable productivity improvements and increase .

  • Alternative Raw Materials with Low Impact (ARLI)
    Support course of study offering technical aid to develop advanced products and sustainable alternatives to traditional materials .

  • ART Business Loans – West Midlands
    Loans for new and existing little businesses to create and safeguard jobs in the West Midlands

  • Arts University Bournemouth Innovation Vouchers
    Vouchers to access external expertness, facilities and equipment to help your occupation introduce and grow .

  • Barking Enterprise Centres – London
    barren hold, help to access low-cost compromising workspace for newly and existing little or medium businesses in Barking and Dagenham .

  • BCRS Business Loans
    Loans to help little and medium-sized businesses develop and grow .

  • Be inspired at Staffordshire University
    Offers free support and guidance for graduates of any university in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to start a occupation in Staffordshire .

  • Be the Business – UK
    Mentoring and on-line digest to help SME commercial enterprise leaders improve the performance of their businesses .

  • Better Business Finance – UK
    free, quick and easy access to a directory of approved finance suppliers for UK businesses .

  • Big Issue Invest – UK
    big topic Invest helps social enterprises and charities by providing loans and investments .

  • Biorenewables Development Centre (BDC) – Yorkshire
    support for scientists and occupation specialists to solve a work, material, or product development challenge .

  • Buckinghamshire Business Growth Programme
    free commercial enterprise documentation and advice tailored to your business needs .

  • Built Environment Climate Change Innovations – West Midlands
    release support for small and medium-sized businesses in the development of products and services that reduce carbon custom .

  • Business advice and support – South East England
    barren advice, planning and ongoing corroborate for commercial enterprise start-ups .

  • Business advice and training – East of England and London
    Advice, workshops and loans for those looking to start a business and businesses trading less than 2 years in Norfolk, Suffolk and London .

  • Business advice, training and support services – North Somerset
    information, advice, trail and support for businesses based in North Somerset

  • Business and Intellectual Property Centre – British Library London
    Advice, databases, publications and workshops for occupation owners, innovators and entrepreneurs who want to grow .

  • Business Assist – The Midlands
    one-to-one advisory sessions and specialised workshops available for businesses in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Greater Lincolnshire.

  • Business Boost Grants – Elmbridge
    Grants for projects that help the Elmbridge economy .

  • Business Continuity Forum – Manchester
    Increases awareness of business continuity management in Manchester ‘s occupation and voluntary sector .

  • Business Development Grant Scheme – Scarborough
    Grants to help new start-up and established SMEs looking to grow or relocate to the Borough of Scarborough .

  • Business Energy Efficiency Anglia
    Grants and support for businesses in Norfolk and Suffolk to cut their carbon emissions and save energy .

  • Business Energy Efficiency Programme – West Midlands
    Energy reviews and grants to help businesses in the West Midlands pull off and reduce energy costs .

  • Business Enterprise fund – North East England
    fiscal support for modest and medium-sized businesses ( SMEs ) in yorkshire and the North East .

  • Business growth – Calderdale
    Supports West yorkshire businesses that are aspiring to grow, become more competitive or develop new products and services .

  • Business Growth Grant – Leicestershire
    Grants from £2,000 to £25,000 for capital projects .

  • Business Growth Grant Scheme – Mansfield
    Grants for established businesses in Mansfield that can produce a growth plan leading to job creation .

  • Business Growth Loans – Sussex, Kent, Surrey, Essex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Norfolk
    clientele loans for companies that ca n’t get fund from banks and early mainstream providers .

  • Business Growth Programme
    capital grants to support expansion projects that create jobs in the Leeds City Region area .

  • Business Growth Programme 2 – The Marches
    accord confirm for individuals and businesses looking to start, grow and expand in the Marches LEP sphere .

  • Business loan scheme (CWRT) – Coventry and Warwickshire
    Loans for companies in Coventry and Warwickshire that can ’ t get finance from mainstream lenders

  • Business loans, grants and funding – Scotland
    finder to help businesses based in Scotland find fund from secret and public organisations .

  • Business Northumberland
    coaching, one-to-one advice and classes to help businesses with growth likely attract investment and increase sales .

  • Business Solutions – South West England
    A range of business growth programmes to help businesses start, succeed and grow .

  • Business start-up grant scheme – Mansfield
    concede to fund new businesses in the Mansfield area .

  • Business start-up support – North Tyneside
    free start-up and ongoing defend for businesses in North Tyneside

  • Business support – West Berkshire
    plan, selling scheme, investment and general guidance for businesses in or looking to relocate to West Berkshire .

  • Business Support Programme – Coventry and Warwickshire
    compromising support service for start-ups and established businesses in Coventry and Warwickshire

  • CDC Enterprise Agency – Durham
    advice and support for new and established businesses.

  • Centre for Research into Environmental Science and Technology (CREST) – Shropshire and Telford and Wrekin
    free research support to SMEs who want to reduce their environmental affect or introduce and develop new products or services .

  • CompeteFor contract service – UK
    free support to help businesses compete for major populace and individual sector contracts

  • Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) grants scheme – England
    accompaniment and fund to help businesses increase their competitiveness in the construction sector

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