How to Travel to Los Cabos, Mexico

When you need a break dance from your regular routine, Mexico ‘s Baja Peninsula offers endless stretches of beach and a laid-back, cheery atmosphere. The towns of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo make up the sphere nicknamed “ Los Cabos, ” a democratic tourist address in Mexico. Since so many tourists have been there before you, rest assured that planning a vacation to the area is not a unmanageable thing to do.

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Get your recommendation in arrange. If you plan to fly to Los Cabos, you will need a valid recommendation to enter Mexico and return to the United States. While Mexico used to be accessible to U.S. citizens without a recommendation, that ‘s not the case anymore. If you need to get a recommendation or renew one that will expire in less than six months, visit the U.S. Department of State ‘s “ Passports ” page.

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Get a feel for the area by checking out some guide books on the area. Purchase a lead book such as Frommer ‘s “ Los Cabos and Baja California ” from a local bookshop, or use on-line resources such as or to see what ‘s available in the area.

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arrange for tune locomotion. The easiest way for people to travel to Los Cabos from the United States is to fly into Los Cabos International Airport, located just outside the cities of San Jose and Cabo San Lucas. Book your flight through an on-line travel agent such as Expedia or Orbitz, using the airport code “ SJD ” as your finish city. many U.S. airlines have service to Los Cabos, so you can besides book your flight immediately through the person airlines by visiting their websites. Service to the area is provided by American, Delta, Frontier, Continental, Northwest, Sun Country, United and US Airways, adenine well as several Mexican airlines. When your reservation is complete, write down any ratification codes provided for the booking, as you ‘ll probable need them when you check in at the airport.

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Book your accommodations. While hotel rooms abound in Los Cabos, you ‘ll besides find a number of condominium and timeshare rentals. Use on-line resources such as or to track down hotels or vacation rentals that may be attractive to you, and then record on-line or call the company and provide your desire dates, personal information and citation calling card phone number to hold the reservation. You can besides use more generic booking agents such as Orbitz or Expedia to record hotels, but they may not have the choice that more locally based guides do. As you did with your flight, write down any ratification codes provided and have them handy upon check-in.

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Check with your hotel about any dress codes and throng accordingly. While most of the sphere allows for casual dress, some hotels have a dinner dress code that includes farseeing pants and covered shoes for men. While you ‘ll have plenty of manipulation for flip-flops, swimsuits and tank car tops in Los Cabos, that type of attire is typically not acceptable to the locals for dining in a dainty restaurant. If you want to blend in and stay in line with local customs, bring along some lightweight, breathable invest with the proper sum of coverage for your arms and legs.

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arrange for grate fare when you arrive. Taxi service is available curbside at the Los Cabos airport terminal, but many people opt to book department of transportation ahead of time through companies such as Cabos Express or Gray Line Los Cabos. Visit one of the company ‘s websites, record in your arrival date and provide recognition tease data to make the booking. As earlier, keep your confirmation numbers to provide to the driver when requested. When you arrive at the Los Cabos airport, expression for signs for the ship’s company you are using ; if you ‘ve selected private servicing, look for the driver at the terminal, where he will likely be holding a sign with your name on it.


  • As an alternative to booking your flights and hotels individually, most on-line book agents will offer you box deals that much provide lower rates when you bundle the hotels and flights together. Some packages besides throw in a rental car, which can be handy if you ‘re planning to do a fortune of traveling around the area .
  • many cab drivers, endow shops and restaurants will accept U.S. currency, but it ‘s constantly good to have some Mexican dominican peso on hand. ATMs in Mexico are typically available for use by U.S. cardholders and can be the plaza to get the best rates. Before you leave the Los Cabos airport, use an ATM or go to a currency substitute booth to get some local currency .

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