How to Make Money Watching Videos

There ’ s a dependable opportunity you already watch videos in your detached time — thus why not earn money when doing then. There are companies that will pay you for watching video recording ads, movie trailers, and app trailers. The future meter you ’ re watching television receiver or browsing your call, hera are some options for turning it into a profitable side hustle.

How Much Can You Expect to Earn Watching Videos?

Getting paid to watch videos can provide some extra cash each calendar month. But it ’ s not normally a full-time income. If you watch ads systematically, you may bring in about $ 100 or more per month, or you can take substantial surveys for money to make even more. however, many who get paid to watch video recording equitable bring in a few extra dollars per week. normally, these sites offer points that can then be exchanged for detached endow cards or loaded onto a postpaid debit circuit board. The hourly rate may fall around $ 5, depending on which sites you use .

12 Companies that Pay You to Watch Videos Online and In Apps

If you ’ re ready to earn cash while you watch ads online, you first need to find sites that pay a well as making certain they are legit money-making apps. here are some options for those ready to make money and watch videos online .

1. MyPoints

MyPoints lets users earn rewards for watching television on-line or via mobile apps. It ’ s actually more of a shopping rewards web site. But you can earn excess money by watching videos and filling out market research surveys about them. Points can be cashed in for giving cards, travel miles, or PayPal cash. And they offer a $ 10 give menu as a signup bonus .

2. Netflix

Netflix relies on distant employees to watch movies and television shows to tag them for search results. This is more of an actual job opportunity. So you can spend your days making money on a side job that can be done in your spare time. But you may need to wait for opportunities to be posted to their web site before you can spend all day watching videos and earn free money .

3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks lets you earn points that you can redeem for endowment cards. Their site features playlists full of entertaining videos like movie trailers. So you can choose the types of video recording that most appeal to you, then earn points once you ’ ve watched several videos. Or you can browse coupons, workshop on-line, play games, and take on-line surveys for excess points. There ’ s besides a mobile app so you can get paid to watch video on the go.

4. Nielsen

Media research company Nielsen runs a calculator and mobile panel to monitor consumer activity. This international relations and security network ’ t merely about watching video. But it is one activity that can earn you cash on your devices. Participants can enroll laptops, tablets, and smartphones. then you can earn up to $ 50 in points for gift cards or enter a monthly contest for $ 10,000 .

5. GrabPoints

GrabPoints offers free gift cards and PayPal cash for assorted on-line activities, including watching videos, completing surveys, and downloading apps. Advertisers pay for the betrothal. So there are an array of ads and video recording subjects to choose from. Payouts begin at $ 5 and go up to $ 200 or more .

6. InboxDollars

InboxDollars offers points for watching television, taking surveys, and shopping on-line with points. Brands pay the web site for customer remark. So all the activities are aimed at helping with market research. And you get actual cash in substitution, rather of points or endowment cards. Payouts occur via PayPal. Or you can opt for gift cards rather. There ’ sulfur besides a $ 5 signup bonus .

7. KashKick

KashKick is a free account that pays consumers for assorted activities. You can earn money by watching videos, finding deals, answering surveys, and just browsing on-line. KashKick deposits your earnings directly into your PayPal report. And they have some of the lowest payout limits around ; you entirely need to earn $ 10 to get paid.

8. Earnably

Earnably offers clamant rewards for versatile on-line activities. For example, users can watch videos and then arrant surveys about assorted promotions or offers. In exchange, you can sign up to receive giving cards, cash, or discounts. And the company specifies precisely how long each undertaking should take. additionally, you can earn extra points to redeem by inviting friends to the platform .

9. iRazoo

iRazoo is an on-line survey platform that besides pays for activities like video recording watch, downloading apps, and playing games online. It ’ second barren to sign up. And the company has paid users more than $ 145 million in endowment cards and cash. Every natural process you choose earn points. So you can gain a few dollars at a time and then cash out right away.

10. CreationsRewards

CreationsRewards offers cash and discounts for an array of consumer activities. These include watching video ads, taking surveys, visiting websites, shopping on-line, completing special offers, and referring friends and syndicate. Your points can be redeemed for gift cards. Or you can get cash back for denounce on-line .

11. AdWallet

AdWallet offers real cash for watching ads. Each interaction is deserving between $ 0.50 and $ 3.00 and takes just a few minutes. once you earn $ 10, you can cash out to get paid to watch video. The web site besides offers sign up bonuses and $ 1 for each acquaintance you refer who signs up.

12. Fusion Cash

fusion Cash offers money, discounts, and gifts for things like videos and surveys. The popular rewards locate besides offers promotions from diverse companies. then you can sign up for special offers with a recognition card and get paid in exchange. There are besides signup and referral bonuses.

How to Maximize Your Earnings from Watching Videos Online

once you ’ ve decided to earn money watching video content, there are a few ways to make the most of these opportunities. hera are some tips :

  • Take advantage of signup bonuses: Sign up for multiple services, especially those that offer a welcome bonus.
  • Multitask: Watch videos on a laptop or phone while waiting in lines or watching TV at home.
  • Refer friends: Many sites offer bonuses for referring friends, so see if you know anyone who wants to earn money watching videos.
  • Take on paid surveys and extra tasks: Many of the services above offer extra points for other tasks like completing surveys, playing games, and signing up for rewards or question and answer surveys.

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