How to Wire Money

electrify transfers offer a way to send money electronically from one person or entity to another. It ’ s possible to wire money between banks in the U.S. arsenic well as international fiscal institutions and non-bank money transfer providers .

A wire transfer may be preferable for situations in which you need to move larger amounts of money or are on the receiving end of a large requital. You may pay a fee to send or receive a wire transfer, and the amount of time it takes for a money cable to serve can vary .

Key Takeaways

  • Wire transfers can be performed through banks or non-bank money transfer providers.
  • You can use wire transfers to send or receive money between people or organizations. 
  • Fees may apply when sending or receiving domestic or international wire transfers. 
  • Wire transfers can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to process and complete. 

What Is a Money Wire Transfer ?

A wire transfer is an electronic transaction that you can initiate through your depository financial institution or a non-bank transfer supplier, such as Western Union. When you wire money, you ‘re authorizing the deposit or transfer provider to move funds from your account to person else ’ south using an electronic payment network .

No physical currency changes hands when wiring money to an individual or a business. A wire transfer can be a fast and commodious way to move money or receive it. Depending on the fiscal initiation, wire transfers may be completed in a count of hours, though it can sometimes take a few days for them to process .

wire transfers are much used for situations in which large amounts of money necessitate to be moved. For case, if you ’ re buy a home, your closing lawyer may ask you to wire your down payment and close cost funds to their account. If you ’ re selling a home, the proceeds of the sale may be released to you through a wire transfer. You can besides use wire transfers to move smaller amounts of money if needed .

A wire transfer is different from an Automated Clearing House ( ACH ) remove, which you can use to move money between accounts at different banks that have been linked or to pay bills.

How to Wire Money

The process for wiring money is reasonably aboveboard. The most authoritative things to consider when transferring money by telegram are :

  • Limits on how much money you can transfer, if any
  • Transaction limits on the number of transfers you can send per day
  • Wire transfer processing times
  • Wire transfer fees

Banks and non-bank money telegram providers can charge fees to send and receive telegram transfers. typically, international wire transmit fees are higher than domestic electrify transfers. additionally, banks may limit the number of wire transfers you can make in a sealed time human body or the amount of money you can send per transfer .

here are the four independent steps of a wire transfer .

1. Choose a Wire Transfer Provider

The first step in how to wire money is deciding which service you want to use for this process. Your bank might be an obvious choice if you already have a check account, savings account, or other accounts at a specific fiscal institution. Depending on the bank ’ s policies for electrify transfers, you may be able to initiate a transfer on-line, or you could do then in person by visiting a branch .

The early option is to use a non-bank transfer supplier, such as Western Union or MoneyGram. These companies allow you to send money via wire transfer to a bank account, but the person you ’ re sending money to may besides have the option of picking it up as cash or having it sent to a mobile payment app .

With a non-bank wire transfer provider, you may be able to wire money using your debit card, depository financial institution account, or credit wag .

2. Provide the transfer Details

When transferring money, there is certain information the savings bank or transfer supplier will need to complete the transaction. These include :

  • A copy of your government-issued ID
  • Your funding source (i.e., debit card, credit card, or bank account—or cash if you’re transferring money in person at a non-bank provider)
  • Transfer recipient’s name and address
  • Transfer recipient’s bank name and address (if transferring money to a bank account)
  • Bank account number and routing number for the recipient (again, if transferring money to a bank account)
  • Recipient’s mobile number if you’re wiring money to a mobile wallet app

If you ’ re wiring money to another bank, you may besides need to provide a society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication ( SWIFT ) code. This is a unique code number that ’ mho assigned to banks, and it may be required to complete bank-to-bank domestic and/or external telegram transfers .

Take time to double-check wire transfer information carefully before sending the money to make sure it ’ s going to the right invest .

3. review Terms and Conditions and Pay the Wire Transfer Fee

As mentioned previously, you ’ ll most likely pay a tip to wire money, careless of whether you ’ rhenium doing it through a bank or a non-bank supplier .

When transferring money from a bank account, the tip is automatically deducted from your balance, along with the funds that are being transferred. If you ’ re using a non-bank transfer service, this tip may be charged to your bank account, debit poster, or citation circuit board, depending on how you pay .

If you ’ rhenium diffident of what a wire transfer will cost, ask for a schedule of fees up front. You may want to compare fees between your bank and a non-bank transmit provider to see which one costs less. You should besides review any other fine print regarding the transfer before signing off on it to make certain you in full understand the agreement .

4. expect for the Transfer to Process

When you ’ ve submitted a wire transfer, you may have to wait a few hours or days for it to process and send the funds to the recipient. The timing can depend on where you ’ re sending the money and in what amount .

It ’ s a good estimate to get a confirmation number from your savings bank or the company with which you ’ re transferring money. That way if you have a problem, you have a way to reference the transaction late .

Can a Wire transplant Be Canceled ?

broadly, when you initiate a wire transfer, the action of moving the money from your account to the recipient ’ randomness begins immediately. That ’ south assuming the transfer takes stead during normal clientele hours .

If the transfer is still showing in the bank ’ randomness action system as “ scheduled, ” however, it may be potential to cancel the transaction. You may be able to do this through your on-line deposit access or by calling a branch .

With international wire transfers, you might have a slightly longer clock time frame for canceling. For example, you could have up to 30 minutes after initiating the transfer to ask your depository financial institution to cancel it. however, this policy can vary from bank to bank, so it ’ mho crucial to check with your fiscal initiation to see how cancellations are handled .

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