19 Ways To Save at Walmart

Whether you stop in only to pick up a few family items or to do your weekly grocery shop, you ’ ll typically find a Walmart near your dwelling or agency .
At Clark.com, we want you to save american samoa much money as you can when you shop. Walmart can be a great topographic point to do just that .
In this article, I ’ ll picture you how to shop at Walmart for less. I ’ ve besides tapped the cognition of money expert Clark Howard ’ s Facebook fans to get their personal savings tips .
I have the Walmart app downloaded on my telephone, so I get a bunch of notifications on the latest sales, which help me save money.

How Can I Get a Walmart Discount?

The Bentonville, Arkansas-based retailer prides itself on beating the prices of its competitors. so shopping at Walmart is decidedly a room to keep more money in your air pocket .
But it ’ sulfur prison term to talk scheme. Let ’ s dig into some ways you can save even more while shopping at Walmart .

1. Use Walmart Coupons

One of the easiest ways to save money at Walmart is to use a coupon for a dismiss. Walmart.com ’ s coupon page shows what ’ randomness on sale at your local store .
If you click on an token, it ’ ll show how a lot you can save .
Walmart coupon discountScreenshot via Walmart.com

2. Use Cash Back Apps

You can save money at Walmart by using cash back apps. One of Team Clark ’ second favorites is Ibotta, which helps you turn grocery store receipts into cash .
Rakuten is an option to Ibotta to save more at Walmart. ad

3. Download the Walmart App

I downloaded the Walmart App ( available for Android and io ) a while back and have used it to find items on sale. here are some features of the app that can save you money :


Rollbacks are items that have temporarily dropped in price. You can find them by searching Walmart.com or inside of the app. As you can see from the screenshot below, you can find rollbacks in any category or department .
Walmart rollbacksScreenshot via Walmart app

Savings Spotlight

The Savings Spotlight segment in the app highlights high-profile items for sale and products that are labeled as Rollbacks, which are selected goods that have been reduced to an earlier price .
Walmart app's Savings SpotlightScreenshot Via Walmart app

4. Scan the Weekly Ad

Walmart Weekly AdScreenshot Via Walmart.com
Walmart.com ’ s Weekly Ad is fair what it sounds like : It highlights items that will be on especial in the adjacent seven days, and you can customize it to see what ’ south on sale at the Walmart closest to you .

5. Get Free 2-Day Shipping

Walmart offers free two-day embark on orders of more than $ 35. The scheme here is to orderliness respective items at a time to meet the $ 35 threshold. ( note that not all items are eligible. )

6. Flash Picks

Walmart Flash PicksScreenshot via Walmart app
flash Picks is an app and web site class that shows items on sale by 50 % or more. A late look at Flash Picks online found a Moosoo lightweight vacuum cleaner for $ 29.99 — 50 % off. I besides found some acrobatic boys T-shirts regularly priced at $ 14.88 on sale for just $ 3.70 .

7. Use Walmart Pickup

With Walmart Pickup, you can arrange groceries and other items on-line and pick them up in front of the store. That surely can save time, but it might save you money as well : If you stay in your car, it ’ s a fortune harder to fall prey to impulse bribe .
You can besides get your detail delivered to you via UPS or FedEx .

8. Know the Price Match Policy

grok shoppers can get the lowest price by comparison shopping Walmart ’ s in-store prices against Walmart.com. For items in-store, Walmart says it will match cheaper prices found on its web site ( but it doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate ferment the early way around ) .

9. Get $4 Prescriptions

Walmart is one of many retailers that offer $ 4 prescriptions. Walmart ’ s pharmacy doesn ’ triiodothyronine have a wide variety show of medications for that low price, but if you need one of the drugs included, it ’ randomness hard to beat $ 4 ! ad

See Walmart ’ s $ 4 prescription list .

10. Buy Refurbished Electronics

You can save bad money on laptops, TVs and other electronics by buying from Walmart ’ second refurbished collection .
The good thing is that these products come with a 90-day minimum guarantee. Check out Walmart ’ s Certified Refurbished Electronics .

11. Subscribe to Walmart+

Walmart+ is the retailer ’ s Amazon Prime-like subscription service. Subscribers can get fuel discounts, inexhaustible rescue and more .
Walmart+ membership costs $ 98 a year or $ 12.95 a calendar month, and there is a 15-day unblock trial. Learn more about Walmart+ .

12. Shop the Great Value Brand

Walmart's Great Value brand
Walmart ’ s store mark is called “ Great Value, ” and it ’ s not just a name. Great Value items are traditionally priced lower than many name-brand items .
For example, this 40 oz jar of Jiffy Creamy Peanut Butter is $ 5.88 at Walmart.com and around that like price at alike retailers. The Great Value interpretation of the same product is $ 3.64 as of January 2022 .

13. Know When To Shop

Deciding when to shop is about more than just beating the crowd. To take advantage of huge sales at Walmart, clock time your denounce around the Christmas holidays or similar times of the year .
Amazon Prime Day is another big day for sales at Walmart .

14. Use the Walmart Rewards Card

Reward credit cards continue to pay dividends hanker after you ’ ve left the store. The Capital One Walmart Rewards Card offers 5 % cash back on on-line purchases at the storehouse. here ’ s what you need to know. ad

15. Visit ClarkDeals.com

Walmart might be known for low prices, but not everything there is the best softwood you can find. Our team at Clark Deals searches the web for the very best discounts and sales at Walmart so you know when you ’ re getting a deal .
Go here to see the best Walmart deals from Team Clark and sign up for the ClarkDeals newsletter to get capital bargains in your inbox every day .

16. Select Markdown Items

Christopher, one of Clark ’ south fans on Facebook, says : “ Shopping for fresh food markdown items ( Meat, Produce, Bakery, Deli ), be there early. company policy is all yellow rag, going out of date, markdowns are to be completed by 8:00 am. Their CVP Customer Value Program markdowns are normally about 30 % lower than the original monetary value. If it is already a Rollback item you get a super good hand. ”

17. Check In-Store vs. Online Prices

Pamela from Facebook says : “ Check Walmart ’ s on-line price before an in-store purchase. … Saved $ 7 on a toaster doing that. ”
Team Clark member Chelsea says an easy way to check Walmart in-store vs. on-line prices is to use the cake code scanner in the Walmart app.

18. Comparison Shop

Susan from Facebook says : “ When you ’ re ordering a non-food detail on-line, take the time to look at several pages. They often have the lapp item being sold through different sellers at very different prices. ”

19. Scan the Clearance Items

Craig from Facebook says : “ Scan all the clearance items in the Walmart app, they are normally drastically lower than the already clearance price. ”

Final Thoughts

From all the ways to save listed here, it ’ mho clear that shopping at Walmart can help you keep a little more of your dollars in your pocket. If you practice these savings tips for an run period, you could save quite a piece of cash .

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