How to Use Apple Cash

If you use apple Pay on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, you can pay for things at physical stores, from on-line retailers, and within supported apps. Apple Cash expands that capability as a peer-to-peer requital service that allows you to send and receive money as well as you might send a text message. Rolled out in 2018, Apple Cash can be linked to a citation calling card ( for a 3 % fee ) or debit calling card. Since Apple Pay allows you to add more than one wag, you can set up a credit poster for regular transactions and a debit batting order for Apple Cash to dodge the transaction fee. You can then use any money received via Apple Cash to purchase items or use it in junction with the Apple Card to pay the libra or use cashback rewards. When an Apple Cash request is received, it is added to the Apple Wallet in the phase of an Apple Cash virtual wag that can be used to purchase items through Apple Pay or transferred directly to a bank report. To send and receive money using Apple Cash, you must be 18 years old and bouncy in the US, have an Apple device that is compatible with Apple Cash, and enable two-factor authentication ( 2FA ) for your Apple report. here ’ s how to set up and use the service .

Send Money Through Messages

You can send money through Apple Cash using the Messages app or by talking to Siri. To send money via Messages, open the app and start a new conversation or open an existing one with the person who will receive the cash. You can send person money without typing an actual text, but you may want to remind the person why you ‘re sending money. Tap the app icon on the impart and tap the Apple Pay picture. Tap the plus or minus key until you see the amount you wish to send. To enter a particular total alternatively, tap the Show Keypad button and then type the sum. At the computer keyboard, you can tap the Pay button to initiate the payment or you can swipe polish to close the computer keyboard sieve, return to your message, and then tap Pay .

Confirm Payment

If you haven ’ thymine already set up Apple Cash, you ’ ll be prompted to do so at the next riddle. You ‘re then prompted to add a debit card, if you do n’t already have one set up, to avoid incurring the bank fees charged with a credit rating menu. Add your debit tease if necessity, then return to your text message and tap Pay. Tap the Send clitoris in the message to send the payment. You can then use Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode to confirm the requital. Troubleshooting tip : If the Apple Cash requital didn ’ thyroxine go through, you may need to turn off the feature, then turn it back on again. To do this, go to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay. Turn off the option for Apple Cash, then turn it back on. You ‘re asked to type your Apple ID password. Apple Cash then takes you through the setup summons once more .

Send Money Through Siri

You can use Siri to send person money via Apple Cash by saying something along the lines of “ Hey Siri, Apple Pay 25 dollars to Stephen for dinner ” or “ Hey Siri, send 25 dollars to Stephen. ”

Send Money From Apple Watch

To send money via Apple Cash on an Apple Watch, set up a debit card for Apple Pay for your watch if you have n’t already done then. When you set up a debit calling card for Apple Pay on your iPhone, you should be asked if you want to use the lapp card on your pair watch. open Messages and start a fresh conversation or resume an existing one. Swipe down and tap the picture for Apple Pay. You can choose an come by tapping the plus or minus button, turning the Digital Crown, or tapping the dollar measure and then turning the Digital Crown to select a specific number. Tap the Pay button, then double-tap the slope button to pay .

Refill Apple Cash Balance

By default, your Apple Cash payments take the necessity funds directly from your linked debit batting order, but you can besides preemptively fill your balance. Go to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay, then tap Apple Cash under the Cards header. At the Apple Cash screen, tap Add Money, enter the amount you wish to deposit, then tap Add. The minimal sum is $ 10. Authenticate the transfer with Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode. You ‘ll then see the measure listed as your Apple Cash balance .

Spend Apple Cash Balance

When you receive money via Apple Cash, it is added to your account balance, which can then be spent through Apple Pay or transfered to your bank bill. You can check this poise by opening the Wallet app on your iPhone and looking for the Apple Cash card among the other cards displayed. The card shows you the balance available for purchases. Tap the wag to see your latest transactions. When you want to pay for an item from a retailer that accepts Apple Pay, tap the Apple Cash card so it appears in full. You then authenticate the transaction using Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode.

Request a Payment

You can besides request money from person else. Open a conversation in Messages. Tap the app icon and Apple Cash if it ‘s not already selected. Choose an sum and tap the Request push button. Add a gloss to the message and tap the button to send it. On the early end, your recipient receives the request as a textbook and fair taps the Pay clitoris to pay it .

Manually Accept Payments

By default, payments via Apple Cash are automatically accepted. however, you can change this to manual, which means you must actively accept the payment within seven days. return to the Apple Cash card screen under Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay. Under the section for Accepting Payments, change the option to “ Manually Accept Payments. ” At this same filmdom, you can besides tap the Transactions check to see all your Apple Cash transactions. At the penetrate of the Transactions screen, tap Request Statement to receive an electronic mail of your transactions .

Transfer Money

To transfer money from Apple Cash to your bank bill, render to the Apple Cash circuit board filmdom under Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay. Under the department for Accepting Payments, tap Bank Account > Add Bank Account, then enter your bank ‘s rout number and account total. back at the independent screen for Apple Cash, tap Transfer to Bank. Enter the sum of money you want to transfer, then tap Transfer. Confirm the transaction via Face ID, Touch ID, or your PIN. The money typically takes one to three business days to end up in your report .

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