How to Start Your Own Family Day Care

Do You Like Caring for Children, but Want to Work From Home?

Start your own family day care business and do both !
Child care is nowadays one of Australia ’ sulfur biggest and most important industries, with more than 1.3 million children attending child concern services. That ’ s a 1.6% increase in attendance since 2018 !
There has been rapid growth in the number of child care services to meet the growing demand from parents. The cost of quality early on childhood education and digest services has besides increased significantly .
Despite the growing number of places and increases in price, many centre-based child care services distillery have hanker waiting lists.

Setting up your o wn business in Family Day Care can be a way to offer parents home-based care as an option to centre-based manage. At the same time, you can operate your own business, from base, working with children .
If you ’ re exquisite to know how to set up your own home sidereal day care scheme, then you need to know about family sidereal day care requirements, the proper kin sidereal day care set up, and how to start a class day manage schema .

Step 1: Get Qualified!

education and care service classroom

first, make sure that you ’ re qualified to become family day care educators .
The minimum qualification required to operate and work in your own family day concern business is the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care or any equivalent qualification .
You don ’ thymine actually need to complete your education before you get started. You just need to be enrolled and actively working towards your qualification. Of path, it is hush best to complete your training a soon as potential !
You can besides continue your trail with diploma-level qualifications like the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Car e. This will help you develop extra skills like establishing a safe environment for children and how to facilitate your day care’s compliance with Australian regulations.
It is not essential to run your own kin day concern serve, but it will allow you to pursue jobs such as Family Day Care Coordinator in the future. family Day Care Coordinators monitor, support and train other in-home care providers .
First aid is another skill that an early childhood educator and evening assistants in family day care must have. You will complete the first aid unit HLTAID004 – Provide an emergency first help reply in an education and manage setting as depart of your Certificate III or Diploma qualification, but you also need additional training in anaphylaxis and emergency asthma management. These courses can be taken through any RTO in Australia like Australia Wide First Aid .
All these qualifications are sought after by the entire child care diligence, not just in kin daycare. This means that you will have the flexibility to work and start your own family day care services OR shape in a centre-based child caution serve and become a competent and qualified family day care educator.
finally, you can even become a Family Day Care Coordinator or Child Care Centre Manager once you gain experience and earn your diploma-level qualification .

Step 2: Understand the Family Day Care Requirements and Regulations

day care worker attending to children and acquiring experience to learn how to start a family day care

When you start a Family Day Care business, you will be teaching and caring for children in your own home. Therefore your family home needs to be an approved child wish setting. It must be checked for child protection and suitability every year. Some examples of the resources and regulations your facility should have or follow are :

  • Indoor rooms that are well ventilated with natural easy and a safe temperature
  • Outdoor areas enclosed with a barrier to keep children from leaving unsupervised
  • Glassed areas must be glazed or blocked to prevent wound from shattering
  • A first help kit accessible to adults show
  • A telephone or any other immediate communication method acting to contact parents and emergency services
  • extra precautions must be taken to remove potential hazards to children
  • Everyone 18 years or older who lives at your home must be suit and proper to be around children

While starting your own family day care services, you must make sure that:

  • You only care for a maximum of 7 children at a meter, with a maximum of 4 children preschool age or under in the group
  • Children have adequate supervision and are not left alone with visitors or leave your home without an empower person
  • Children are not exposed to tobacco, illicit drugs, or alcohol and have access to alimentary food and safe drinking urine
  • corporal punishment or early unreasonable discipline methods are not used
  • You follow strait health and hygiene practices

Your family day care set up must have policies, procedures, and records, including:

  • elimination and checkup emergency procedures
  • Records of each child ’ second registration, attendance, and medicine
  • documentation of child assessments under your educational program
  • Log of all visitors to your home and any incidents, illnesses, or injuries that happen

A list of these requirements, named the education and Care Services National Law and Regulations can be found on-line at the australian Children ’ s education and Care Quality Authority ( ACECQA ) web site. You can check if you have everything you need by downloading the official regulative requirements for family day care.

Step 3: Apply for a License to Offer Approved Child Care Services

happy woman in early childhood education showing a thumbs up

To get government blessing to open and manage your own family day caution service, you will need to apply for approval from your state regulator. Each country and territory may have its own set of requirements and criteria, but applications are all done on-line through ACECQA ’ s NQA IT System .
View the locally-specific requirements for your area by visiting your state childhood education and care regulator below :

How Much is the Salary of Family Day Care Operators?

Based on the latest politics reports, the medial monetary value of having a child serve family daycare for 50 hours a week is $ 375. That works out to between $ 7 and $ 8 per hour per child. actual rates may vary from $ 6 to $ 10 depending on your location. This means if you have a utmost of 7 children in your worry for 50 hours per week you can gross approximately $ 2625 in salaries per workweek .
however, there are expenses to consider :

  • presidency costs
  • Bookkeeping & account fees
  • Cleaning & laundry
  • care
  • Electricity & gas
  • home inspections by Family Day Care Coordinators
  • insurance policies
  • Alterations of your dwelling required to provide a safe environment for children
  • alimentary food & beverage
  • Nappies for babies and young children
  • Play equipment and other stimulate activities
  • Pest control
  • Rent ( if you rent and a specific share of your property is set aside for family day care activities )
  • Telephone & internet
  • Wages for respite educators
  • Professional growth activities like workshops, conferences and seminars
  • Don ’ metric ton forget, you need to pay yourself old-age pension and divisor in your ill days and holidays !

Plus, there are many other factors to think about. For exemplar, some parents may require less than 50 hours per week of concern. You may not feel comfortable caring for 7 children and choose to work with a smaller group. You may choose to only provide care on a half-time footing to enjoy a better work-life poise .
however, starting your own family day worry business is a great way to work from home, have more control over your work and hours, support families, and provide care the manner you want to ( within regulations ) and placid earn a comfortable income !

Where can I Learn More About Becoming a Child Care Provider?

If you do not have a nationally accredited childcare qualification, investigate here on the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care page to get complete naturally information or to speak with an Enrolment Coordinator .
Inspire Education offers premium train and digest to help you get the best educational outcomes so you are train to deliver safe, choice care services to children in your family daycare service .
You can visit the australian Children ’ s education and Care Quality Authority to learn more about how you can be an approve provider .
If you need help setting up and running your own syndicate day care service, check out Family Day Care Australia and ask anything about child care serve or becoming a syndicate day care supplier.


family day worry is frequently the choose choice for parents who are looking for less expensive care with more flexible hours. This means you can start your own class daycare and provide essential care services from your own family alternatively of working in a centre-based service .
To do this, you need an early childhood qualification, an allow venue and proper systems to take of children. These will be used to approve your adjustment .
Australia needs a handwriting in educating young minds and pushing early childhood development forward. This is one manner you can help while besides enjoying the benefits of running your own home occupation .

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