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What’s an overdraft and what are overdraft fees?

An overdraft occurs when you don ’ t have enough money in your account to cover a purchase, check or payment. Based on your report history, the deposits you make and the amount of the transaction, we may cover it for you and charge a $ 34 Insufficient Funds Fee. If we don ’ t cover the detail and returned it unpaid, we won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate charge a fee .
For more data on overdrafts, how we handle them and the fees we charge, read our Standard Overdraft Practice .

What are your overdraft services?

overdraft Protection is a service that lets you link your Chase spare report to your checking report. If there isn ’ thyroxine enough money in your checking explanation to cover a leverage, but you have enough in savings, we ’ ll transfer the claim sum you need to checking. To set it up or for more information, go to our Overdraft Protection page .
We besides offer Debit Card Coverage so you can choose how we treat casual debit menu transactions, such as for groceries, gasoline or dining out. If you ’ ve chosen “ No ” and a transaction causes your account proportion to go below zero, it ‘ll be declined and you won ’ thymine be charged a tip. If you ’ ve chosen “ Yes, ” we may cover it and apply our standard overdraft practices. If we cover this transaction, it ‘ll be based on your bill history, the deposits you make and the sum of the transaction. For more data, read about Chase Debit Card Coverage.

besides, if you ‘re looking for an account that can help prevent overdrafts by only letting you spend the money you have available, check out Chase Secure Banking .

What’s the difference between Overdraft Protection and Chase Debit Card Coverage?

If you ’ re enrolled in Overdraft Protection, we ‘ll transfer your money from savings to cover an overdraft. But if you ’ re enrolled in Chase Debit Card Coverage, we may cover everyday debit card transactions and charge a fee .
just so you know, even if you ’ re enrolled in Chase Debit Card Coverage, it won ’ triiodothyronine affect how we treat recurring debit wag purchases, such as movie subscriptions or gymnasium memberships. These transactions are covered by our Standard Overdraft Practice, which is based on your account history, the deposits you make and the measure of the transaction. You can learn more about these services and see examples of how they work by going to the “ Chase Overdraft Services ” section of our Additional Banking Services and Fees .

If I overdraw my account, how long do I have to deposit more money to avoid being charged a fee?

You can avoid overdrawing your explanation by depositing or transferring funds into the account to cover the overdraft before the business day ends and we start our nightly process. If you deposit a check, this assumes the check is n’t returned or we don ’ thyroxine place a accommodate on the funds.

here are the cutoff times for making a deposition or transferring funds from another Chase report :

  • At a branch, before it closes
  • At an ATM, before 11 PM Eastern time. (8 PM Pacific time)
  • On chase.com, the Chase Mobile® app or using Zelle®

    , when transferring money before 11 PM Eastern time (8 PM Pacific time)

Additional cutoff times apply to other transfers, including those from non-Chase accounts .

Can I withdraw cash at an ATM if I don’t have enough money in my account?

No. If you do n’t have enough money in your checking account or a Chase save report that ‘s linked for Overdraft Protection, your ATM transaction will be declined. cash withdrawals are n’t covered by Chase Debit Card Coverage .

Can I get an alert when my balance is low or overdrawn?

Yes, you can sign up to receive report alerts by electronic mail, textbook message, or press telling when your balance falls below a restrict that you can set—or if it ’ randomness already been overdrawn. You can besides sign up for alerts to stay up to date on your transactions and payments, learn about our alerts here .

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