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Scrapping cable is a popular way to save money, but cutting the cord doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate mean giving up television receiver cold turkey — angstrom long as you have internet access. You can still watch television receiver shows online for loose with a little ingenuity ( and possibly a generous neighbor ). here are seven ways to catch the big crippled, or the hottest newfangled serial, without shelling out for cable.

1. Leverage free trials

Most major cyclosis services offer absolve trials to first-time users. For example, Netflix and Hulu are unblock for one month, and HBO now, Sling television and DirecTV now are free for seven days. indisputable, a test period is a temp fix, but it ’ s a fresh room to find out which services you like in case you decide to replace your cable box with an alternate subscription. Remember to cancel your account at the end of the trial period to avoid any charges.

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2. Use a free TV streaming site or app

If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to bother with a fleeting trial and aren ’ t fix to commit to a paid subscription, you however have options. Websites like PlutoTV and Sony Crackle provide libraries of blue-ribbon television capacity for exempt. Be prepared to sit through ads, though. Network sites and apps, including NBC and Fox, let you view free episodes of current and popular shows on that net. however, to watch entire seasons or live television, you ’ ll typically have to log in to an existing report with a cable provider. Make sure an app or web site is dependable before you stream. Read user reviews in the app storehouse and search for guarantee URLs that start with “ https ” rather than “ hypertext transfer protocol. ”

3. Look for offers from cell phone carriers

television and cell phones have become increasingly intertwine, so it ’ mho unsurprising that some of the major mobile carriers now throw in streaming services as a bonus for customers. Verizon is presently offering a year of Disney+ for free with its inexhaustible plans, for example. T-Mobile includes a standard Netflix subscription with choose plans and AT & T customers get an HBO subscription with choice unlimited plans.

4. Invest in a digital antenna

A digital antenna can ease the pain of a cable break-up by giving you access to live television receiver, including sports and local news, without an internet connection. You can snag a top-rated high-definition antenna for less than $ 20. The channels you can access deviate by where you live, but many antennas pick up major networks like ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX, equally well as a handful of other channels. One downside of a digital antenna : bespeak can be spotty, specially if you live in a dense urban region where buildings and other obstacles intervene with your visualize choice.

5. Borrow with your library card

You don ’ t have to trek to your local anesthetic library branch to put your library card to use. Public, campus and other library systems in many areas, including Dallas and Miami, have partnered with streaming services that let patrons borrow television shows and movies online at no price .

Many libraries have partnered with streaming services that let patrons borrow TV shows and movies online at no cost.

Hoopla Digital and Kanopy offer by and large educational and family-friendly entertainment via world wide web browser or app. You can sign up for a rid bill with your e-mail address and library card. Ask a librarian or visit the aforesaid sites to find out if your library participates.

6. Share a friend’s or relative’s account

A generous parent or roommate with a streaming subscription can be your ticket to complimentary television. Most services have plans that let users view content on multiple devices simultaneously. If you and an Amazon Prime report holder live at the like address, you can create an Amazon Household to parcel benefits, including Prime Video, the market ’ randomness streaming service.

Hulu members can add up to five excess profiles on their accounts, and HBO immediately subscribers can partake accounts with their family members. If a friend or relative is will to let you get in on the military action, make sure to work out the details respectfully.

7. Check your app store for free downloads

Digital stores like iTunes and Google Play feature absolve television receiver sections that are worth investigating. You can browse and download full-length episodes of choose shows on your earphone, tablet or calculator. But don ’ triiodothyronine expect a robust assortment. Collections much are limited to pilots and episodes from older or more confuse series .

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